Monday, January 26, 2009

T O'B...1984

From what I have been reading on (my sole source of news) this super bowl game sounds like a real eye roller.  I mean I thought that the Cardinals were a baseball team..  not that I'm an expert or anything... but still... I am really hoping for some good commercials to make the whole event worth the calories I will inevitably inhale while watching the game. 
My day so far:  I was stuck in traffic on the taconic for 45 minutes... bringing my commute up to a nice 2 hours and 15 minutes.  Which isn't so bad, but then I got coffee... and one of the lids wasn't sealed properly so it leaked through the bag and then fell through the bottom... seriously uncool... and then the Internet was down at work for the first hour and a half of my day... I literally didn't know what to do with myself.  It's those moments when the Internet is down, or I forget to bring my phone some where, that I realize how deeply rooted my addiction for the Internet is.  This morning I passed by a poster that I see every day for "Oswald Cobblepot for Mayor" and I started to panic b/c I couldn't google who Oswald Cobblepot was when I got back to my desk.  The moment the Internet returned, my interest in this character from an unknown comic book ceased to exist.  Weird. 
I went skiing this weekend with Sean's family... and I learned two things.  One, if you fall down and then take your ski's off, its way easy to get back up (even if you are entangled in an orange fence) the second was that you can actually be younger than thirty and still complain of hip pain... which I have been even since I woke up yesterday.   The two moments of drama on the trip were when I got a sliver of the plastic rental ski in the form of a splinter in my finger before we even started (yea for my handy first aid kit!) and the second was when a 10 year old girl fell off the ski lift.  We were on the ground at the time, and when we asked her if she was okay... I think she was too embarrassed and shocked to speak coherently.  But seriously... how many times have you raised the bar on the ski lift before you get off and wonder/calculate/fear slipping off the seat?  Especially if you are in the center with nothing to hold on to.  Well... this little girl found out the hard way...and while that was scary, the imprint 3 inches deep into the snow of where her body hit the ground was kinda amusing.  Oh and Sean reminded me that the trip up to CataMount was significantly shorter than my commute to work.  So helpful!
Yesterday I was sifting through old pictures looking for a good image of our old yellow volkswagon camper... and my parents were very amused by how adorable I thought all of my baby pictures were.  I don't know why they were giving me a hard time... the pictures really speak for themselves.  Although I did notice that my brother spent 1/2 his life carrying me around... to which I am very thankful.  In addition, Maureen told my parents last night at dinner that the best toy they ever got her was me. :) Rock on!  Too bad for her I had go and grow up... but it was good while it lasted.  Oh wait? Did you want to see some of the awesome adorablness that was Tiffany?  Okay!

Now... if I could just get that hair color back... I think I could relly make something of my life.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What's this about a new President?

We all went into a conference room to watch the big event this afternoon.  Now I know that the majority of the country is very excited about our new president and the hopeful for the future.  And I am also swept up in the satisfaction of having my candidate take the office of POTUS.  And yet, I actually was getting very uncomfortably irritated by the commentary of my co-workers as they berated both President Bush's to the point of yelling at the screen with nasty, unsavory and not in the least bit humorous barbs. (as you know, most everything is forgiven in the pursuit of humor).  Maybe its just me, but when something as momentous and as beautiful as the historic and peaceful change of power is unfolding, is it really classy or approriate to kick the men, who for better or worse, dedicated years of their life to our country?  I suppose its our right as citizens to speak freely, but I still don't have to be proud of the people sitting around me. 
I found myself sending this someecard out today... an oldie but goodie :

in response to receiving a communique from WB that there would be staff reductions in the near future.  How hilarious would it be if I got laid off twice in 4 months?  Okay, not the greatest of news, but I cannot fail to find humor in the irony of the events. 
I am sure that there are about 20 really excellent stories about my weekend in Seattle, Luke's Bar Mitzvah, and lolly gagging with the folks on the West Coast.... but I am so incredibly sleepy that I am surprised my head has stayed in this email this long.. so they will have to wait for yet another day.  :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Old Man Was Snoring..

Today, I woke up up an hour late, on purpose, hoping that all of the ice would just magically disappear by 7 am.  This was not the case.  I would appreciate the coolness of a car flawlessly covered in a layer of pretty ice if I didn't have to smash through it in order to open the door.  When I got out of grand central I saw all the prepared professionals whip out their umbrella's to attack the weather, and I also saw vendors selling these fancy water repelling devices, but I said to myself, what's a little rain?  5 blocks and 3 avenues into my walk I started to re-evaluate.  While I went 5 years in Seattle without an umbrella, one rainy day in NY and I'm convinced that I need to invest.  Just last week I was flaunting the opinion that umbrella's were wet and messy, and who wants to carry one of those around... but now... as I am flaunting soaking wet trousers... I'm willing to take a different kind of plunge.  On that same note, I think clothing stores should open at 8... so that when you have a real fashion emergency... you have some where to go.  I even went so far as to wonder if there was a service that would deliver pants to your office if you needed them-- I mean if they can deliver booze... why not new dungarees? 
One of my co-workers told me that he once came in on a Saturday after standing in line for an hour in the pouring rain waiting for tickets to Shakespeare in the Park.  Thinking that no one was in, he took off his pants to dry and laid them on one of his extra chairs... all was good until one of the executives happened by to say hello... luckily he didn't inquire further to find out if he was indeed having a no-pants work day.  I decided, upon hearing this story, I'd keep my pants on and take my chances. 
Speaking of rain... I think I need to talk about these Watchmen posters.  They are all over the place.  I'm not talking about on the streets of NY, I'm talking about every single office on my floor has a watchmen poster in their office or on their door (including me.)  It releases 03.06.09 BTW, and the guy is standing in the rain on a city street... theres a variant poster that has a smiley face that looks like its been shot in the head... really uplifting... and honestly, I'm afaid I might have to look up what its about... naw... maybe not.  I mean who's honestly going to walk into my office and go... hmmm what's this "Watchmen" movie all about?