Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Update 9/8 - 9/14

My week started out with horrendous pain in my foot so that's fun.  I'm pretty sure it's because I was hiking in new shoes, but I don't really know.  Erika cheered me right up with an update on my Goddaughter, Daphne.  I sent her a Minnie Mouse outfit, along with the 25th anniversary of Sesame Street (soooo good.)  I wasn't sure how it was going to go over, so I was pleasantly surprised when Erika told me that Daphne spent 15 minutes giggling at herself in the mirror.  :)

I have had this steady pattern of Zach coming over on Tuesday's to watch Doctor Who, Wednesday Family Dinner and Thursday Trivia night.  In fact I might cut and paste this into the next update.  You'll like that as much as I will, right?

Work was a little crazy with getting one project started and finished in its entirety in 4 days.  It kind of reminded me of when we finished Oshi in a week.  Same amount of crazy, and same amount of wonder and accomplishment when it was all done. 

Friday, I went out with Becky, Jared and Percy to find the Northern Lights.  There was a rumor that we might be able to see them, and I figured I went to Iceland looking for this beautiful phenomenon, I could take a gander in WA.  I drove through Marymoor to the meeting spot with B & J, and Percy flipped out thinking he was going to get to go to the park.  Naturally, I had to stop because I love him, hence why we were a couple of minutes late to meet with J & B.  Once again, I found myself outside in the middle of the night looking for something pretty that would never come.  I did download some fun star gazing apps though, so not a total loss.

On Saturday, Kelly and I went to a BBQ at Seth's.  He had invited a bunch of people from WizKids who I hadn't seen in a really long time.  Like, so long, some of them had multiple kids that I had never met.  Mostly, I sat on the grass with Percy, Sharon and Kelly drinking our new favorite adult beverage Shofferhofer. 

I did see a baby pee on one of the guests while he was holding her, and heard the mom say, "I brought a change for her but not for you!" Clearly a mom that isn't prepared for every eventuality. :P

Saturday morning I was up early to pick up Becky and SBUX before we Walked for Wishes.  I understand that with a hurt foot, this probably wasn't my BEST idea, but it was for the kids.  Side note, I met my new boss this week and when I asked him if he was walking with the company for the event he said he wasn't.  Without thinking, I replied, "So I guess you don't care about kids with cancer."  Ha ha! At least, I thought so.  But he has brought it up EVERY time I've seen him since.  Super.   When we started the walk, Percy wanted to be picked up because of all the people around.  I looked down and said, "You need to MAN UP!" to which everyone looked back at me for with appalled expressions.  Whatevs, he was fine.  There were about 5 different Cheer Sections along the trail.  At every one of them, there was a Yorkie sitting or being held, "cheering."  I finally said, "Um, My Yorkie wants to know why your Yorkie doesn't want to walk for wishes."  They said they were cheering, but Percy and I knew, they were just lazy pups who didn't care. :P

Becky: I realize I feel the same way about getting a dog as I do about adopting.  It should like a great idea, but then I think about the work and responsibility and think I better wait a couple of years.

Later that day, even though Percy looked a little sleepy, I made him go in the pool and play fetch for another hour.  There was a bunch of family over, and I knew if I didn't go then, I was never going.  We swam until I thought he might exhaust himself, and then we took a glorious nap. Doesn't get better than that. 

More soon.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Reverse Week

Update: 9/1-9/7

Saturday through Wednesday is kind of a blur of me doing absolutely nothing, because I could.  It was glorious.  As such, some of the finer details of the when things happened elude me, so please bear with me.  Tuesday, I woke up determined to wash my car, so I packed up Percy and we took Stella through the drive through.  This might have been my only real accomplishment, but then I didn't wake up until 12:30.  I did find a double shot in the fridge, which I totally drank and it was glorious.  Usually, I reserve the double shot for right before a "Night on the Town."  But it also works just fine for a girl who just had 12 hours of sleep.  Then I met up with Becky and Jared for some cinematic greatness, AKA Expendables 3.  Amazingly, I hadn't seen Expendables 1 or 2, and was able to jump right in!

Zach came over to watch the second episode of Doctor Who.  Jordan's friend Sean came over to stay for the night.  We were all waiting for Jordan to come home so he could put the steaks on the grill.  When he walked in, it was pouring rain.  That's when Dawne told Jordan that he still had to grill.  Apologies for not taking a great picture...

On Jordan teaching at USC
Sean: You getting the same advice for free!
Zach: Only they get a guaranteed hour every two weeks.

Sean: My daughter changed her major because she had an epiphany that maybe Folk Lore wasn't a money maker.  She has one parent that is a writer, and one parent that works in science so basically, her majoring in business is her way of rebelling.

Jordan: I only shop at Costco and Amazon.
Zach: Nice, you always buy local.

My brother and I Facetimed a bit on Wednesday too.  I told him a little bit about the trip I was planning and he had the following comments.
-I'm not sure those are real places.
-Are you staying one night in Bangkok? (You know, because of the song.)
-Oh yeah! The girls did some "Thai" dye tonight!

I also found out that he had never seen the X-Men.  I tried to tell him he should really see the movies.  To which he replied:
-Yeah, you watch Star Wars first.
-How can I trust you, you just saw Expendables 3?

On Wednesday, I ran some more errands and went to the gym where I finally picked up my membership card.   Later, we had family night, and we got to talk to Lucas on speaker phone.  He's pretty excited about his course load.  When he listed out the courses, it sounded like the they were made for him specifically.  He started a band and club in which they would play shows to raise money for social justice causes.  He started with 4 members, but he needed 14 to make it an official club.  So he set up a table at the campus fair thingy, and got 70 email addresses from interested students.  That kid doesn't waste time. 

Lucas: I was headed to a social justice meeting at the Campus Diversity and Inclusion Center when I accidentally ended up in a pride meeting where I got do tie dye!

I decided to skip trivia this week to avoid all the football fans.  On Friday evening, I had every intention of writing some updates, but I was kind of exhausted from my two day work week.  Then Erika called and I chatted with her for a while, and before I knew it, I was shirking all responsibility.  

Did I mention I've been swimming every day? Percy and I have been doing laps, he's such a fun swimming buddy.  And over the weekend, on top of swimming in the pool, we added lake swimming and hiking.  On Saturday, Kelly, Zach, Tristen, Sarah, Matty and Ivry joined in the activities and on Sunday, Becky, Dawne, Aunt Pat and Uncle Ray joined in.  Each night, we wrapped up with watching super girly movies.  Some were awesome, some not so awesome, but 100% of them Jordan would have been happy to miss.

And that's a wrap, kids!

4 inches I don't need!

Update 8/25 - 8/31

You know when you go to an amusement park and they take a picture of you on a ride, and you look at it at the end but never buy it?  And then you wonder, who DOES buy these things?  I found three people who do.

Speaking of which my sister thinks that maybe they might have gone to too many amusement parks when she brought her son to the doctor and he found out he was 58 inches tall and he yelled, "That's 4 inches I don't need!"

On Wednesday, Matty and I skipped family night to take the pups to see Princess Bride at Marymoor.  Man, that's an awesome movie.  The pups were pretty cray cray, but they did settle down enough when the main theatrical event started.  Overheard: She said she got a job at green peace and I was thinking, I don't know what that is!

Backing up a bit, Matty came over early, but like clockwork, Percy came out when it got close to when I was scheduled to come home.

Work was pretty crazy this week.  We had 30 partners in town and we also had to pack up our desks for another move.  This is also when I cursed working with books, b/c they are super heavy. 

Mo: Kyle wants to know what level you can get to in Halo.  He's arguing heavily on your behalf.  Every sentence is starting with. "My Aunt Tiffany..."
Me: I hate to disappoint him, but I'm really bad.  But I can get to the every level when I have the cheats on.
Mo: I told him, but I left the part out about the cheats.

Kevin: Hi Aunt Tiffany.  I have some questions for you about Halo.
Me: Okay...
Kevin: Do you know what is going to happen in Halo 5
Me: Yes.
Kevin: Can you tell me?
Me: No.

I don't have pictures of my nephews to include, but I do have two of my adorable Goddaughter Daphne. :)

On Thursday I brought Percy boy to the groomers, where they told me that he was the toughest dog big or small that they had ever seen.  Not only does he not complain, but the pad of his paw got cut pretty badly and b/c he hadn't reacted, we didn't find out until they went to get him out from the back and he was covered in blood.  Poor pumpkin.  On Saturday when he was still nursing it, I brought him to the vet.  While we were there, this woman came running in, sobbing, and holding an animal in a towel.  She had found a bunch of baby squirrels, and this was the only one that was alive.  Clearly traumatized, when the vet asked if she wanted her towel back she was like, "No." But what she really meant was, "Are kidding me? Do you think I care about a stupid towel when a precious life is at stake here!?"  So you can imagine how she felt when the vet came back out and said, "Yeah, we're gonna kill it."  Okay, she said it a lot nicer, but I'm positive that is all that the woman (and I) heard.  She then apologized to me for the inconvenience.  But what I heard was, "Sorry I made you wait while I killed that poor woman's last hope to save a life." She then told me a bunch of stuff not related to Percy's paw, that I totally didn't believe, and then gave me some meds.  That's when I put the donut of shame on Percy and we spent the next couple of days in bed watching TV and not much else.  Including watching the 4th season of Lost Girl.  Which totally upset Zach, because of his love of terrible TV.  Sorry, Buddy.  It was truly terrible TV. 

In other news, Dawne started a new painting.  Can't wait to see what it ends up being! 

Did I mention that I had a 5 day weekend? That's right, a reverse week.  More about what I did with that in the next update. 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Siri Stalker

Update 8/18 - 8/24

Percy got some nautical items in his barkbox, including this fun “outfit” and a lobster that floats in the pool – which he of course LOVES.

Just to add fodder to my ridiculous reputation, I was up on Tuesday night, unable to sleep, all because I couldn't remember a story I wanted to write into one of these updates.  See, I really do care about you all.  I woke up, still wracking my brain.  I called my parents asking them if they remembered anything significant in our conversation the day before.  We covered Gen Con, and how well the show went for both Jordan and Raymond; Dawne heading down to CA with Lucas, Lucas' camping trip, work stuff, and family night.  None of it was ringing a bell, and my obsessive nature would not let me stop thinking about it.  We were sitting at Trivia Night with Dawne, Jordan, Matty, Anders, Rach and of course the pups.  Feeling pretty good about getting an all-time high score for us, when Dawne started telling a story.  That's when I had a Lucy/Charlie Brown moment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPeFGda8l4I

 The fam was at a bar in Indianapolis playing trivia.  There were ten questions asked and three of them were questions about Jordan... and they only got two of them right.  (Anti-climactic, sure, but I at least I could go back to sleeping at night.)

I discovered last week that Siri is tracking my movements.  It started with checking the weather and noticing that siri had a note for me that it would take 20 minutes to get to Kirkland.  Might have been reasonable if I had an appointment on my calendar.  But then I went to Metro Market for lunch, and it told me it would take me 4 minutes to get back to the shopping center that my office is in.  And then, it told me it would take 22 minutes to get back to my house - and I never told Siri where I live.  I'm not sure if should be freaked out, or AMAZED.  Leaning towards amazed, though. 

Friend 1: I don't divorce, I only marry every 16 months.
Friend 1's husband: to me?

I also was challenged to the ice bucket challenge. Which I then followed up with a warm water challenge for Percy because he totally loves being a part of the group.  (It seems kinda mean now that I look back on it, but then again, he does love water.) And then a week later, Shane decided to show off a bit.


On Friday, Kelly and I went to Seattle Art Museum Mixer where we painted beards after two models.  When Adrian asked where we were I just replied, "BEARDS."  He eventually found us. 

There was an exhibit of old typewriters where you could type a sonnet or letter or whatever.  Adrien and his friend tried for 20 seconds before they walked away, not having any idea how to work it.  Kelly was also confused, but I stepped in, unjammed the keys, fixed the tape and then fed in new paper.  I offered it back to Kelly to type the letter, but two or three letters in she handed it back to me.  I had no idea I was so old.  Also, typewriters are cool.  I wish computers were as satisfying.  Enter and Ding!

I snuck Percy in with me, and he would have been hidden the whole time, if Kelly hadn't insisted he be a part of our photo booth moment.  As soon as I took him out, the ladies behind us said, "Ohh! They have a puppy as a prop!" and then asked if they too, could borrow Percy for their photo.  I handed him over, but I don't think he appreciated the situation.


Totally random FB share, but Jenine posted this picture with the caption: This guy got a little handsy.

On Saturday, we celebrated Jen's birthday with dinner and the ancient art of Karaoke.  On our way over, Becky mentioned that her colleague told her that she didn't have a heart of a dancer.  As soon as she said that, I became immediately outraged.  She told me to chill, because she might not have a dancer’s heart but she has a heart of something.  I don't remember the rest of the story because I my head was filled with giggles and indignation.

Laina's mom had been crocheting some fun things for Laina with orange thread.  When she gave Laina the gifts she said, " Well I keep hearing that orange is the new black."

Half way through the night Laina turned to Jen's friend and said, “Why didn't we meet you earlier, so many wasted years etc. but I don't remember your name." "Carrie." Becky also told us a story about her cats which definitely ended with, “I like Kieske better."

I don't remember who said this, but it still makes me smile: I know you're looking forward to me coming.

Once again, Jen used her moniker, "Big Dan" which is amusing and also nice b/c we're a big fan of Big Dan.  A gentleman serenaded Dr. Rach with a pleasant little ditty that I had never heard before.

And before I put a lid on this one, here's one of my nephew's playing with there's pop's in Ocean City.