Sunday, March 29, 2015


Update 3/9 - 3/15

Monday, I went to a fancier restaurant with some ladies.  It was the second time I had been to this place, and the second time that I was really not impressed.  The company was lovely though, even though I feel like I ruined the conversation by talking about serious stuff.  I'll get a handle on this whole "being social" thing one of these days!

Ryan and I went to pick up a cake for Kelly's birthday, and while I was waiting for them to write a little something, a lot of other people we're also waiting.
Me: I'll get out of the way.
Wise Stranger: You are the way.

We dropped the cake off at Kelly's door even though Ryan wasn't so sure it was wise.
Me: Are you worried that it's going to get stolen in the "ghetto" of Kirkland?
Ryan: No... I'm worried about ANTS!

Luckily, ants don't know how to hold forks yet, so it was fine.  Actually, this sounds like we left it uncovered.  That was not the case; it was in a box, covered in a bag, under and an awning.  Plus, Kelly loves sharing. 

Kelly was excited about Zach's birthday party invite.  I haven't been invited to many of Zach's parties, but what I do know is that they tend to be messy, cue this aftermath from 2 years ago:

I got a chance to chat with Erika a bit, and she had a delightful story about her son Toby.  I guess he came out of the bathroom very proud of himself.  He was snap, snap, snapping his fingers, a feat he was previously unable to do.  "Look, Mom! I figured out how to snap! All I needed was a little wax from my ears!"  I thought he was ingenious, but his mother was a little grossed out - imagine that.

Random thing that I had to share immediately with my sister and sister in law:

On Friday, Kelly and I opted to spend the evening vegged out on the couch working (Kelly) and writing Monday emails (Me.)  We watched Tomb Raider and decided that it was very wise of us to watch this after going to Cambodia.  For one, Angkor Thom, did not need an entire village working together to knock down the door -- it didn't even have walls! And the lake that Angelina rows up to a village outside side of Angkor Wat? Yeah, it's basically a puddle surrounded by a moat.  We also watched a good number of ridiculous Paul Rudd movies, none of which we had any historical or geographical issues with.

On Saturday, Kelly and I decided to go to the ProClub for mani pedis.  That's when Sean texted me to ask me how I was celebrating St. Patrick's day.  I told him what I was doing, but I don't think he believed me because shortly after, he facetimed me.  To quote Stacey, during this very brief facetime call, "awkward."  Feeling a little guilty by the lack of Irish (three days before St. Patrick's day, mind you) I blasted some pub music and kept it going all throughout Zach's birthday party. Then, periodically, having to explain to all of his guests why we were listing to "jig" music. 

Zach had a big plan for his party that involved purchasing $250 worth of sheet cake.  As a birthday present, because I knew that he only planning on picking up cake, I got drinks and food for people to actually eat.  And at the last minute, because I can't handle ill prepared parties, I panic called Kelly to bring decorations for the cake decorating contest.  One basket full of sugar please!

Zach: Okay, what is something that has happened spontaneously at a party that was awesome.
Me: I'm sorry, you have me confused with someone else.  I plan every moment of a party, and then proceed to be so bossy that nothing spontaneous ever happens. 

Zach had planned an assassination type game for us, that included bonus points for doing, or getting someone else, to do the extra activity on your card.  And because I love to brag, you don't mind saying that I won. 

The bigger activity of the party was a cake decorating contest.  Matty, Hannah, Kelly and I teamed up an created Angkor Wat, complete with Angelina Jolie.  Yeah, buddy.

Here are two of the other three cakes, b/c the third was in appropriate for me to share.

And yeah, our mini Cambodian replica totally won.  Zach allowed everyone to have a piece of cake, and then it was time for the main event - a food fight.

Zach: I don't understand, when I did this before, everyone wanted to participate.  We must be getting old.
Me: Um, I don't if you notice, but it's the old people that are participating.  I think it's because to threatened everyone with a hose after the fight - you don't warn people, you just do it. 
Zach: Lesson Learned.

When Kelly sent this picture out the next morning, she got a colorful response from Matty:

A powerful and thought provoking photo, Kelly. The subject's fetal position symbolizes birth. The juxtaposition of cake and cowering is a statement to the absurdity of simultaneously fearing and celebrating our own aging.
Happy Birthday Zach!!😜

After the fight, we played some games.  Tristan came in from the hot tub with a towel around his waist.  Which is when Paul yelled across the party, "Dude! Put your abs away!"

We were playing Catchphrase.
Hannah: It's a boy band...
--- we didn't get it, but the answer was Beach Boys ---
Tim: They aren't a boy band! They are genre defining band!

Clue: Wolf Down Food
Guess: New Asian Restaurant!

The next day, we all kind of slept in.  When I finally did, I asked Nater and Zach if they wanted to go out for Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner.  Nater, "So what you mean is meal."

Nater: I was going to help you clean up this morning but you weren't there.
Zach: Yeah I went home last night. 
Nater: Later we can have a movie night.  You can come in when you're done shoveling but we'll watch "Holes" so you feel like we're helping.
Nater: Yeah, so few people will help you shovel the next day.
Zach: Next party won't be such a big mess.
Nater: You said you wanted to have a tie dye water gun party next!

Because I wasn't shoveling, later, Zach would say I was "relaxing" but I assure, I was not.  I finished the evening by buying a slow cooker and making Diana and Jason some corned beef!

Saturday, March 14, 2015


Update 3/2 – 3/8

Hung out at Zach’s to watch Elementary early in the week.  He was well on his way to making cheese fondue when I arrived.  Tristan told me a story about how he grew up in a trailer, and because his mom liked to make a lot of fondue, he assumed that fondue was considered a “Trailer Trash” kind of thing.  I thought his story was very amusing. 

Tristan: What?
Me: Why do you say “what” every time I laugh at something you say?
Tristan: I figure if you tell me why I was funny, I’ll be able to figure out how to replicate it.
Me: If only it were that simple.

Tristan declared Zach’s fondue, “Cheese wine.” I was surprised Zach liked it, with his aversion to all things alcoholic, but Zach just explained, “I guess I would rather eat wine than drink it.”

I was walking up on the Mezzanine, looking down at the Magic and Warhammer(?) players.
Me: Look at those Nerds
Darren: Right, how many LAN parties have you had again?
Me: Just the one – you know that, you were there. 

We had a fun little baby shower for Christy in which we used our licensing powers for good.

I’m going to miss that lady!

On Thursday, I came home and saw this critter swimming along in a lazy fashion on Lake Sammamish.

On Saturday, Kelly got me up early to do a little Barre3 – a combo of Pilates, Yoga and Ballet.  I totally made it through the class, for which Kelly rewarded me with coffee.  I felt alright the next day, but on Monday, man did everything hurt.  Later that day, I met Dr. Rach & Jen for a walk around Green Lake.  I thought that Percy would be tuckered out when we got back from our nearly 3 mile walk, but nope, not so much.   I, on the other hand, was exhausted and treated myself with a nap.  Just like these turtles that we saw on the lake:

Meanwhile, my west coast fam was hamming it up at Disney for Jordan’s birthday weekend!

On Saturday, I met up with Kelly and her parents at the dog park.  I explained to them that I am trying to re-teach myself how to sneeze.  The thing is, when I sneeze, I feel like my head is going to explode and my eyes might fall out of the socket.  I told my mom this, and she was most unsympathetic.  Lucas told me I need to stop putting my tongue on the roof of my mouth and instead say, A-CHOO!  Sound simple, but I only sneeze once a day and so it’s really hard to remember before it’s too late!

After the park, I ran a bunch of much needed errands and finished up just in time to pick Kelly up for a photo session at the Arboretum.  Here are some awesome shots, and also how Kelly became the Percy’s official photographer!

Now, if I could just remember to bring him treats next time, maybe he won’t be so huffy about being bossed about. J

I hope you have an amazing week!

Friday, March 13, 2015

You're the Dumbo

Update: 2/23 - 3/1

Christy, my co-worker, had some technical difficulties at work.  IT sent a company wide email having us update our systems so that we could have access to what we needed.  Seemed simple enough, only half way through trying to do this update, I got so frustrated I put a google case on my iphone.  About a week later, Christy was going through the same process, 6 weeks before she was leaving to have a baby.
Christy: That's it.  I'm just going to quit early.
Me: OR you could email IT.

Her email basically consisted of telling IT that she considered just quitting, but I had forced to her to at least try to fix it.  Her threat must of worked because I got an email a couple of hours later that read, "Bummer.  Got the connection fixed so I won’t be quitting early…….  :P"

I went to Trivia with Dr Rach and Anders, which was enjoyable as always.  I answered one question correctly, so yay me.  One part of trivia was having 5 minutes to identify as many US flags as possible.  We nailed 8 of them - yeah buddy!  
Rach: Ask Tiffany, she should know what LAN stands for.
Me: Why would I know that?
Rach: Didn't you have a LAN party?
Me: Oh, yes, I did do that. 

On our way back from lunch, Christy and I spotted a cop driving on their cell:

Got up early and walked with Becky on one of the coldest mornings we've had.  In fact, I think I called my mom and complained about how I had to put a sweatshirt on this week, and I'm still surprised that she didn't hang up on me.  I was just as surprised that Becky showed up with a frozen beverage.

My co-worker James was telling me that he went to the movies the other day and in walks in 4 people with many bags, and they start chatting away and eating from their bags of grub.  In fact one finished an entire bag of chips, then flipping it inside out and sucking on the inside of the bag.
James: I mean, I get it, salt's great, but come on - not in public.

Then, on Friday, Kelly and I went to Los Angeles.  When we were in the airport, we grabbed some food and adult beverages.  Halfway through my meal, I realized it was Friday in Lent and I had consumed chicken. 
Me:  Sorry God, but I did order a quesadilla

Here's a pic of Percy, holding his own bottle of water like a pro:

We arrived safely at 11, and proceeded to wait nearly two hours for a rental car.  We did make some fun new friends in line, new friends who were on their way to vegas, and had pot leaves decorating their outfits from socks to shirts. But I saved them 100 dollars on insurance, so they loved us.  While we were waiting in line, I of course checked us into Dollar-Rent-A-Car.

Kelly: I can't believe I have to give them one star.  They deserve no stars.  Look at these reviews - they all start with "terrible, terrible."

When we got through the line finally, and were walking to the car, I tried to cheer Kelly up.
Me: Kelly, you go and pick out any car you want.
That's when we got to our section and found a sea of all white Chevy Sparks. 
Me: You can choose the license plate?

That's when we got into the car, saw our friends pull out in their Chevy spark, then come back to switch to Nevada license plates.  And that, is when they noticed that we had a dog with us. 

Percy got up wicked early, and shortly after (and probably because we were already up) his mom and uncle got up.  We took the pups for a walk right before Dawne got a puppy sandwich.

While the fam was getting ready, Dawne and I drove the pups off at daycare so we could go to DISNEYLAND!! Don't worry, I brought my fisheye lens.

Kelly: Should I bring a coat?
Me: I don't need a coat, I have money - are you bringing a coat?
Dawne: No, I'll just buy something if we get cold.
Me: 1% lifestyle. 

As soon we entered the park
Lucas: Can we get food? I feel like my energy level is low.
Kelly: I just gave you two mentos.

After lunch, we went on the Haunted Mansion.
Kelly: Are you eating chips?
Lucas: Yup.  You want some?

Next stop was Pirates of the Caribbean.
Lucas: Trench coat, yeah.
Me: I don't think it's a good idea around this many kids, though.

Kelly: Dumbo ride is my favorite.
Lucas: You're the dumbo
Jordan: What did you say to her?
Lucas: I said she was a dumbo... In that she's a lovely character.
Me: You gotta really want it.

Dawne: Ooh! Look an Olaf balloon!
Me: Kelly, you run over there and steal that balloon for Dawne before the kid who belongs to that stroller returns from the ride.
Jordan: Yeah, it's our job to make this visit to Disney memorable, and stealing his balloon will make it one he'll never forget.

As we were staring the ride...
Me: Did you bring the Bug spray?
Jordan: Shhhh
Water spraying on us...
Lucas: Ah, the sweet taste of mold and chlorine.
Me: Good thing the chips were closed.

After those two rides, we hit up Kelly's fav's: Dumbo, Tea Cups and the Carousel.

The less popular dumbo butt:

Then we went to California Adventures and had a pretty great time. Played the Ellen game, went on the Tower of Terror, Cars, and Ariel rides - I was so laid back you wouldn't have recognized me.  It only started to sprinkle towards the end of the night.  Oh and for those keeping track at home, we left at 7pm - at least two hours before the fire happened. 

The next morning, the pups were up early again, so Dawne and I took them down the street for a walk.  I was pleased to find that, although I hadn't brought my phone with me, I did have a 20 in my pocket - so we got some coffee at a café.    We got back 3 hours later, and made a lot of noise so everyone would get up to play with us.  We met Shane and Cathy in Santa Monica at a little mall area to grab lunch.  I got to meet Baby Stella, and Fynn showed us his table hockey moves. 

After we parked:
Me: Don't let Percy out.
(Percy jumps out of the car.)
Lucas: Oh! I thought you said let him out!

This store is called "It's Sugar."

Lucas: Damn you FX.
Me: What?
Lucas: I just really want to watch the Simpsons.

We took some steg shots:

I had brought my "rain coat" that I had gotten at Disney, and Kelly picked one up at Levi.  After we had been shopping some, we got stuck in Super Dry, when it started to downpour.  Oh the irony!   There was literally a flash flood, but because I'm impatient, we decided to go make a run down the two blocks to the car.

Kelly: My jacket isn't waterproof.
Me: Me neither!
Lucas: More like a waterFAIL jacket. 

Me: Let's go!  Just run through it!
Lucas: But the river!!

Then we went to Melrose so that Lucas could go to record store, and I managed to catch a 15 min nap.  Then we stopped by the coffee beanery off of rodeo drive.  We tried to meet up with Fred and Jay - but apparently they aren't available on the weekend at the drop of a hat.  Weird.  We meant to go back to Dawne's after that, except, we had heard so much about In and Out burgers, we decided to check it out.  When we arrived, there was a long line at the drive thru, so Kelly ran out to take picture of planes at sunset.

I was not impressed by the In and Out, sorry California.  All that rodeo drive and LA gave us a hankering for some Pretty Woman.  We were really hoping Lucas could stay and watch it with us, but for some reason, his plea of "Can we stay and watch pretty woman?" didn't go over well when Dawne had 3 hours in the car ahead of her to get Lucas back to school.  Weird. 

While we were watching Pretty Woman, and drinking very large glasses of wine we picked up at CVS, I noticed a post from BDug, with a note of "Investment."

I told him how much we were giggling over the post when he replied: Many a home was foreclosed on when the bubble popped and the bottom dropped out of the Beanie Baby market....

Heh, Ex took all my beanie babies, heh, still funny.