Thursday, November 29, 2012

Who's awesome? You're Awesome!

A couple of months ago, my new boss put up some boxes as a wall preventing us from seeing or speaking to each other while at our desks.  When I called out this behavior, he graced me with a large picture of Gary Busey:

Kelly blacked out one of the teeth which helped a little bit - but overall, I just tried to ignore it. Last week, another co-worker Kevin, came over asking for tape.  As I handed him the tape I asked what he was up to.  He told me he was fixing a problem and then replaced the image of Gary with this one (my hero!):

Tuesday night we cleared out furniture for Thanksgiving and Wednesday I cooked a bit for Turkey Day, and then Wednesday night I rewarded myself with an evening of dinner and games at Casa Loo (AKA: Laina's house.)  Her sister Sonya and husband Steve are back in the states after living in Ireland for a while.  Sonya handed me a coaster along with my wine glass.  Feeling like I shouldn't leave it around, when I got up, I took the coaster and glass with me.  Sonya saw this and told me that I reminded her of a delightful story about when she was in Champagne touring the vineyards, she was given a flute holder that wrapped around her neck and help the glass.  She said she thought it was silly, but after walking around a lot, it was nice to not have to hold her glass the whole time.  Essentially, it was ridiculous but functional.  I smiled and said, "So what you're saying is that I look ridiculous without a reason, function or being told to?"

As I said, we haven't had the pleasure of Sonya and Steve's company - in fact Dr. Rach's friend Gin had just met the couple.  Which made it all the more humorous when Steve dropped the serving tongs (after dropping his fork earlier) and said, "That is SO Steve."

Laina's bo Mo was keeping things going in the kitchen while we ate.  At one point he bent over to get something out of the stove and knocked into my lower back.
Mo: Sorry about my butt in your face.
Me: That's okay.  That's actually not where my face is.
The last part was said quietly under my breath, so only Rach could hear it.  When she started laughing, I started laughing, but neither of us felt like we could laugh out loud and I started crying from trying to contain my merriment.  That happens a lot around that girl. 

Jin:  Before I had my daughter, we were talking about names.  Laina told me, without a doubt, I should name her Eunice.
Laina: How is little Eunice?  (I don't even know her real name.)

We played Things and Cards Against Humanity and giggled a lot.  Then I took Percy home and got approximately 3 hours of sleep before it was time to watch the Macy's Day Parade, Cook, watch Miracle on 34th street, do a bunch of crafts and feed 45 people. Here's what it looked like before anyone had a chance to ruin it. :P

During the parade:
Me: None of these Santa's look right.  I want one that enjoys Coca-Cola.
Nate: Right, Coca-Cola's best salesman.* 
Lucas: Santa doesn't sell Coca-Cola.  He gives you a Coca-Cola and then he has one himself and then you share a moment together that you'll remember forever.

*I'm actually not sure if that's exactly what he said. 

While watching the Dog Show:
Lucas: What?! The Casper dog was being abused!?
Nate: He was getting groomed.
Lucas: Oh, same thing.

On Friday, I brought Nala and Percy to Pam's for his first night away from home.  We had to pack a thing or two in preparation:

We needed a sitter because we all went down to experience Great Wolf Lodge.  We had two 6 year old twins with us who were appropriately and enchantingly excited about everything.  Despite the fact that I was super sleepy, I managed to rally in order go on every water slide approximately 5 times.  Thought about going shopping, but the hotel store didn't have any Black Friday specials.  Weird.

At dinner Lucas announced loudly, "This place has terrible service!" as the waitress looked over at us, very concerned, he explained, "I meant my phone!" 
Dawne: I let the boys listen to whatever they want for 11 months out of the year, but as soon as Thanksgiving is over its all Christmas music, all the time. 
Nate:  That's great for Lucas who loves listening to music.  Zach and I have don't care.  And since we never listen to music, it was just us being forced to listen to music for the month of December. 

On Saturday, Lucas asked his parents to get a real Christmas Tree, despite the fact that he is very allergic to evergreens.  I hope the beauty of the tree outshines the misery.  Sunday, I made homemade split pea soup while we hunted down decorations to put up around the house.  I didn't take a picture of the soup, it was green - very tasty and delicious and no one even thought about the exorcist until I just mentioned it. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and are enjoying your week!

Here is the Percy update: 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Carvin' Gator's

I went to see Wicked on Tuesday as a part of the "Try new things club" because Albert had never been to a musical.  I was very pleased with the play and the performance.  When we got out of the play I heard Albert say, "PETA must love that play." (I'd explain this, but I don't want to ruin the play for you if you haven't seen it.)

Wednesday, Nala was attacked at the park and she and Percy spent the night at the vet in case she went into shock.  It was one of those nights that I wish Dawne drank, because she definitely could have used one or four adult beverages.  Nala was back to her normal spunky self the next day, thank goodness. 

 On Thursday, was Shana's second birthday celebration.  It was also the first time I took Percy out on his own (as an added bonus, Nala could get some rest.)  He was a big hit.  Laina took a couple of pictures of him with Shana's phone - Happy Birthday, Birthday Girl!  Here’s what I got Shana for her birthday:

Laina, putting Percy on the dinner table: Is this poor form?
Me: I don't think Percy minds, but the guests about to eat at your dinner party might.

Shana: I didn't know times were so hard you needed to use a Ziploc bag for Lily's book bag.
Jen:  Geneva under a lot of gambling debt. (See to get the joke.)

And then, somehow, Dr. Rach ended up carving all of the chickens. 
Hays: Do you know how to carve a gator? I thought that was just basic Georgia common sense.
Dr. Rach: Oh yeah.  It was always like, Hey Ma! I got another one!

Dr. Rach: What should u do with this [carcass]?
Hays: Give it to the dog.

Laina to her boyfriend Mo at the dinner table: Are you playing footsie with Shana?
Mo: I just touched it accidentally.
Laina: Why don't you just grab her boob while you’re at it?

Laina, seeing Mo eat his spoon with a fork: Do you want a spoon?
Mo: I like it this way.

Talking about going to play Bingo at the senior center:
Laina: Oh! And what about my 89 year old boyfriend?! He's so cute. 
Mo: I wanna check this guy out.
Dr. Rach: Whoa! What are you going to say? "Back off or I'll break your fake hip!"
Me: "I got your teeth!"

There was a moment in which the conversation went from Shana saying, "When do we have to start watching what we say in front of Lily" to "Pulling out is so 2012" so fast and such a dirty way, that I think it's probably best that I can't remember the sequence of events. 

On Saturday, my sister got a new puppy, Bella.  She is a Lab/Rottweiler mix. My nephews soon got worried about Percy coming to visit this Christmas because he isn't neutered and what if he got Bella pregnant.  Not to worry guys - turns out Bella has been spayed.  Jealous of our pets, Lucas was carrying around his fish while the tank was filling up and proclaiming, "See!  Fish can be lap pets too!"

On Saturday night we had Shana's third birthday event - Yacht on the Rocks party.  We all dressed up, Jen made a cake, a good time was had by all. 

On Sunday, we had our final Twilight party.  Dr. Rach came over early and we grabbed some lunch before the first movie.  While we were eating, Rach overheard this sound bite from the table behind us: "No. No dead baby jokes. We're out in public."

Then we watched Eclipse, and then Laina and Mo arrived, and they watched Eclipse.  Half way in, the DVD player paused. When I came up to fix it Laina said, "I'm sorry I ruined your lives, and crammed eleven cookies into the VCR." When we got to the theater, one of the previews was for the show Cougar Town. 

Laina: I love Cougar Town!
Mo (her younger boyfriend): I love Cougars!

Finally, Percy is getting soooo big, he can even jump out of his whelping box AND he has a tooth!  Here’s a picture for size comparison. J

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Careful Bird

On Monday, I went to the midnight launch event for Halo 4.  The only other midnight events I have ever gone to were for Harry Potter - and there was definitely a lot less adult beverages at those events.  I had a lot of fun, but there is something about staying out until 3am on a Monday that really messes with your week. 


Here's a pick of a friend and mini-chief (a 5 year old son of another co-worker.)

We also closed the RAM that night:

Tuesday, after around 3 hours of sleep, I was up getting ready for the Forward Unto Dawn screening. (soooo good. I totally cried a bit.)  I was hooking up some game stations when Jeremy said we should play some SpartanOps to make sure they were all working.  Lalalala playing a long when I heard someone giggle next to me.  I didn't know I was being watched - and I definitely didn't know she would retell the tale of my ridiculous(ly awful) skills to people later. 

Co-worker: Oh look! You killed someone!
Me: No.  Actually, they killed me.
Co-worker: You're on a killing spree!
Me: They are grunts - and I'm killing them because the only think I know how to do is melee. 
Co-worker: giggling        
Me: Okay! I think it's safe to say it works and we can stop playing now!

Oh… and I guess there was an election too.

On Wednesday, after months of being Facebook friends with a mutual friend of Kelly and Christy, I finally got to meet and hang out with Alicia.  We went to a restaurant that had lot of food I wouldn't normally eat - but it turned out just fine people.  I'm a-okay.  Thanks for asking.  I learned all sorts of helpful life, work and texting suitor lessons.  (If you're really nice, I'll share them privately with you.)  On Thursday & Friday, I'm pretty sure I stayed home cuddling with Percy and watching Sherlock - and if I didn't, that's what I should have done.

Percy has been running around a lot.  Here's a picture that is a little out of focus because every time I get down low to take a picture he comes over to kiss my face.

And a much better one taken by Dawne.

Almost as big as Nala :P

Oh and one of him in a sweater I made for him out of a sock.  :)

During work last week, Kelly received an IM asking if she could help another co-worker Gergo bring a bird that had flown into the third floor window to "Wild Howl" in Lynwood.  I, of course, HAD to see this bird that Gergo had rescued from outside, wrapped in his hoodie, and placed on the balcony because his department mocked him for bringing a wild bird into the office.  He was very upset, as you can imagine - and I couldn't stop giggling.  When we got outside we saw this sign - that could have used some punctuation. :)

Kelly wanted to feed the bird, so she went into the kitchen grabbed whatever snacks were available.  She placed a cookie crumb near Careful Bird.  Immediately, he got up and flew away.  Apparently, he doesn't care for oatmeal raisin cookies - noted.

On Saturday, we cleared out 4 carloads worth of Halloween decorations and costumes to give away. It was an end of an era as we said goodbye to Dead Fred, box of spider webs, another of headstones, bloody limbs, and oh yes our "Halloween head tank" (a tank that you could fill with water/fish etc, then stick your head inside (from say under a table if you wanted.)

Dawne: there is so much sh*t down here
Me: and by sh*t, you mean your children's fondest memories right?

On Sunday, there was even more fall cleaning followed by a Pre-Merry-Birthday for Shana with an evening of Richard Cheese.  Don't know who he is? Neither did I! But I said yes anyway because that's what I do.  Here's a clip of lounge singer talents:

Me: I wasn't sure what kind of Vodka you wanted.
Shana: I'm not what you call choosy or classy.

Richard Cheese easily convinced one young lady bounce every time he said "the".  Then he went on to other things, but she still activated upon voice command. 
Richard Cheese: For a wasted, crazy, pothead, she is on it!

I also found out that, in her spare time, Becky ties helium balloons to her cat's tails and watches them go crazy.  Fun for everyone!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

LAN Party

On Wednesday we went to see The Addams Family at the 5th - hilarious, really well done (she said knowing you won't be able to see it because it took so long for me to write this).  We met at Purple which is always Winerrific.

Rach: I'm still getting used to these glasses. 
Me: Look at all of those fake heads!
Rach: I don't see them.  They [glasses] don't work ALL the time.
Me: See, there are fake head up there in the empty seats.  I guess to fool the actors?
Rach: It's a full house!  You guys are doing great!

Halloween was pretty uneventful, though Lucas did buy fish.  Genetically altered fish that glow under black light.  I'm sure they love that. I spent that time in the store with Percy thinking that everything was too big for him.  Maybe one day.  

On Friday, I walked out of the office with Halo 4 in my grubby little hands and immediately thought, "I hope I don't get mugged."  Then I proceeded to pick up the dogs and tried to take them to the park in the rain while I texted Kelly.  The conversation roughly went like this:
Kelly: We should play Halo 4.
Me: We should have a party and have everyone over to play!
Kelly: Like a LAN party?
Me: YES?
Kelly: Are we allowed to play?  What if we get banned for life? 

Eventually, I picked up Lucas and said I was going to set myself up so we could play.  He told me that was going to take all night.  He was wrong.  It only took two hours.  Loaded up with my gamertag, extra bonus stuff and the ability to play with others, Lucas and I played the first mission and then went to bed.  (And by play, I mean in half of it we ran away from the enemies to get to the check points as quickly as possible.)

On Saturday, I went apple picking with Kelly and another co-worker, Albert.  We are all in the "Try New Things Club", and for Albert, picking apples was a new thing.  We get into the car and Albert says, "We're gonna be like locust on these trees. Don't let an Asian near something cheap or free."  Then we grabbed some Starbucks before driving an hour and 40 minutes to our destination.  Kelly asked me to go Apple picking a month in September, and I feel bad because if we had gone in September there might have been some apples.   We saw some apples on the ground so Kelly yelled, "Hey Albert! This is how you make apple sauce!" and proceeded to stomp on the fallen fruit.  I walked off to search for some apples and returned with 7 apples.  Kelly had 4 apples on her.  Albert, had two very full bags.

Me: How are you picking so many apples?
Albert: Asian!

There was one other family walking around. 
Little girl: Am I the only one looking for apples?
Mom: We are going to spend a dollar fifty on apples and fifty-five on gas.

Albert, full of apples: Look at how much of nature's candy there is!! 

Kelly walked over to possibly get a 5th apple, (did I mention it was raining?) when the grandma in the other family said she was going back to the store area. I immediately said, "Me too! I'm going with this stranger! Have fun, Kelly!"  On the way home from the apple farm was when Kelly and I got back to the subject of the LAN party and decided we could totally make this happen.  Kelly was in charge of texting using both of our phones.  And before I knew it, I was running to the dog park so I could get back, clean the house, and figure out how I was going to hook up three Xboxes so we could all play.  When I saw Becky walk in the door I was so excited, I can't even tell you.  It was like sunshine and sanity walked in the door.  Oh and dinner and cupcakes.  In the end, I think people had fun - plus we can add "Had a LAN Party" and "Shredded a Halo 4 disc" to the list of new things we've tried. 

Lucas:  I remember these being super realistic like I thought they were cut from magazines.

Sunday, due to our guest staying until 5 am, caused Zach and I to want to have a pretty chill day.  Around cleaning up, we managed to watch Captain America, Thor and Tommyboy.  Oh! AND Percy, at just under 4 weeks old, had two whole days of no mistakes.  As Lucas commented, he's a Potty gee.   Even last night, he was running around the kitchen, ran back to the potty pad and then went back to running around. 

Momela: You should keep commands to one word.
Frita: If you could get Tiffany down to one word it will be a miracle.  More likely it will go like this, “Now Percy, be prepared for the command that I plan on giving….”

In the words of Rollie, “Where problem?”