Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What's this about a new President?

We all went into a conference room to watch the big event this afternoon.  Now I know that the majority of the country is very excited about our new president and the hopeful for the future.  And I am also swept up in the satisfaction of having my candidate take the office of POTUS.  And yet, I actually was getting very uncomfortably irritated by the commentary of my co-workers as they berated both President Bush's to the point of yelling at the screen with nasty, unsavory and not in the least bit humorous barbs. (as you know, most everything is forgiven in the pursuit of humor).  Maybe its just me, but when something as momentous and as beautiful as the historic and peaceful change of power is unfolding, is it really classy or approriate to kick the men, who for better or worse, dedicated years of their life to our country?  I suppose its our right as citizens to speak freely, but I still don't have to be proud of the people sitting around me. 
I found myself sending this someecard out today... an oldie but goodie :

in response to receiving a communique from WB that there would be staff reductions in the near future.  How hilarious would it be if I got laid off twice in 4 months?  Okay, not the greatest of news, but I cannot fail to find humor in the irony of the events. 
I am sure that there are about 20 really excellent stories about my weekend in Seattle, Luke's Bar Mitzvah, and lolly gagging with the folks on the West Coast.... but I am so incredibly sleepy that I am surprised my head has stayed in this email this long.. so they will have to wait for yet another day.  :)

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