Monday, December 29, 2008

A Farewell to 2008

I thought this was funny...

Until I realized I didn't even have someone I could jokingly pencil in for the evening.  *sigh* Maybe I'll put it on my new years resolution list:
1. Find a man to pencil in for next year.
2. Include my wonderful and amazing big brother into more of my emails.
3. Start actually writing people instead of taking the easy someecard route.
4. Actually... Lent will be here for I know it, I don't want to go overboard.

To be honest, what I really want to do is find a service that will come, pick up my laundry from work, clean it, and bring it back to work so that I can easily have clean clothes for the gym without hauling it back and forth... oh... and to actually join a gym.  Wait, now I remember!

I'm not directing that to anyone in particular, b/c I don't hate any of you enough, but man I wish I did. :)
In case you were wondering, officially, I am not doing anything for New Years Eve, though I am taking a trip down to MD on the 2nd and 3rd b/c I like buck tradition.

Now, this morning, instead of waking up at 5:30, I woke up accidentally at 7... and when I got to the office no one was here to notice that I got in here nearly 2 hours later than usual.  I'm not sure how I feel about that, except now I realize, should this happen to me again, I have the time to stop at Starbucks instead of the local "europa cafe" downstairs.

Okay--that's enough for one Monday, I don't want you to get sick of me from miles away. :)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Ants 2

Oddly enough, I now have close to two hours to read a day, and I'm still downloading TV to my ipod... lets be honest, books can be heavy, ipods are light--in both weight and intellect.

From experience, I can tell you that living with MY parents at least, is delightful.  It's too bad they only had three kids, though any more than that and I surely would not have as much attention as I so obviously need.

Seriously, when was the last time that Hanukkah was at the same time a Christmas?  That really adds new dimensions to terms like Christmakkah and Hanukkah Bush.

Finally, it was so cold this morning that even after getting up at 5, and taking the train in, I got to Grand Central and actually glanced at the train schedule to go back home immediately so I could avoid walking outside.  I've been in the office for over an hour and I'm still cold.  And remind me to record the sound this building makes when it doesn't like the weather.  It is an eerie and creepy creaking that sounds remarkably like the building might blow over.  Just in case..

Happy Holidays
I love you.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Ants

I seriously need to buy more sweaters.  Not because of the carbs, but b/c I think winter coats are just so uncool that I would rather wear a pretty sweater under my leather jacket.  And, maybe when I get over the concept of wanting to rush through my commute, trying every possible way to cut down the time, I'll stop by one of the fabulous shopping opportunities and get appropriate attire for the chilly NY weather.

According to my records, I haven't sent a single  thing to you people since the beginning of Nov.  NO, I do not have time to recap my lovely, but clearly not long enough, spout of unemployment.  Just imagine fabulous trips to foreign countries with lovely people, enjoying friends, family and fun mixed in with a healthy dollop of denial and you'll get an idea of what I left out.

Which brings me to last weekend, when, after a tearful good-bye in Seattle, I was welcomed home by not only my parents, sister and nephews, but also Roy Boy and my cousins from IL.  We went down and saw the tree and what not, then saw Hair Spray.  Day 2, Christmas Party, Sarah arrived to entertain us followed by a surprise visit by the 22 hour driving, only got 4 hours of sleep on the side of the road, but still stayed up until 2am, Kristy Kreme Bardwell.  I thought it was one of the better parties that we've had, and not just b/c of the floor length prom dress I was wearing.

DC Comics.. and work life.  It's an hour and forty-five minute commute.  I think I might have shaved off a couple minutes this morning, but it's unclear until I test the route on the way back.  I got a free HP DVD just for sitting through the Warner Brothers new-employee orientation.  My office was newly painted, on Monday, so I couldn't occupy it until Tuesday.  That's right, I have an office.  It has a view of the David Letterman show.  Before you get all green with envy please let me note that having an office is dreadful.  My office isn't even on  the DC Direct floor, its on the DC Comics Licensing and Bus. Dev. floor (although every time I walk up the two flights of stairs I see a beautiful depiction of Tom Welling from Smallville.) Having an office is sad and lonely, and the fact that no one understands even the small bits of my humor that I have used to test the waters, does not help.

Other than that, I have my first "screening" of Four Christmases today, and the first weeks stack of comic books is like 5 inches thick.  I think I might have found something that will eventually take up more space than WK product.

I thought this was going to be mildly humorous,  but they might be sucking that out of me.  :)
Missing you all dearly, and drop me a note when you get a chance!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Ghost of a Gallbladder

Day 8. Today I was supposed to go to my last Gen Con and would have probably been touching ground right about now in Indianapolis gearing up to heft boxes and slap on a smiling face.  This was not to be. 

I am writing first to sincerely thank you for all of the lovely flowers, phone calls and general good wishes over the last week.  I apologize also for not always picking up the phone, and apologize even more for those poor individuals who actually got in contact with me only to hear a sad, soft and sometimes whimpering voice that simply said "I didn't know how much pain there was going to be, so much pain." Now that I have gotten a half a bowl of oatmeal down I think I have enough energy to move on to phase two, where I tell you all about my last week.

The morning before my surgery my uncle told me don't worry--the cuts will be so small they will be like mosquito bites.  The nurse told me that after she had the same surgery she went home and made dinner for her sister. She also made me put my hand under scalding water until it was red and raw, informed Dr. Rach that physical therapists were unjustly over paid, and then I swear she advised that I eat meat and potato's when I got home.  I admit that I made some jokes and Rachel and I were kidding around as we waited for my doctor to swagger in 30 minutes late drinking a bottle of Sunny D... but I did not appreciate the nurse who asked us what were on before she checked my medical chart to try and confirm her suspicions.  She checked my chart people.  I know I've had people want to check drug/alcohol usage before, but no one has ever actually done it. 

Tiffany Chronicles Part II

So got the gallbladder out, and after the nurse refused to let me stop by the bouncy house on my way back home, and a minor vomiting incident, Rach and I were on our way back home.  Yes I did step on the scale at this point just to find out that I had gained 7 pounds! ugh! My nose was incredibly ichy but you know over all things were just achey.. and after some sleep and a couple hours of smallville...two more near faints and vomiting --nothing says sexy like willfully lying down on the floor of the kitchen and just hoping you don't actually pass out)  things were cool.  Now mind you over the next 24 hours several things happened, the pain medicine would actually only afford me about an hour and half of pain free sleep until I woke up itching and in pain... then after I couldn't stand the itchiness that even benedryl didn't help, I switched to another pain medication that made me so sick that I went from eating a packet of jello and some pudding to absolutely after a day of being terribly weak and sick I dropped all medication and as my Uncle Ray said "chose to be miserable." 

That day was really bad, the next day was less, and then the day after that I showered! 
Dawne told me today that at one point she just ran down to Rachel in a panicked surrender signaling Rachel that it was in fact her turn to try to make it all better.  While, today this is indeed amusing, at the time I remember feeling so bad--that if I could manage to grin and bear it I would--just so I wouldn't upset them--but I am a weak baby who just could not. 

Rachel, goddess of all that is good, changed my bandages (Mosquito Bites My Ass BTW.)  I haven't actually looked yet.  I think it was one day in when Uncle Ray said that one of his buddies told him he got his gallbladder removed through his belly button...this was when I looked down to see while there were 4 bandages there was a larger one over my bellybutton.  I didn't need to know this information.  SERIOUSLY.  Could they have found a less expedient route to get this thing out?  I firmly believe that I have phantom gallbladder pain and will until my body fully adjusts to the loss of the brave soldier that got amputated to save the rest of his fellow organs.  I have kept his son? Gallstone--which isn't as pretty as they said it would be--so Briana I don't think I'll need that necklace you so graciously offered to make me. 

I thought I would have time for job hunting, reading books, getting some correspondence done--but what I really did was watched Smallville 24/7 with a Zach and a gaggle of cousins and friends until at least one of us was dreaming of Kryptonite (okay okay it was me.)  I still can't laugh, although I swear I hurt myself talking to Maureen one day... to the point that I decided all funny people were off limits until I could talk to them without doubling over in pain..and as I think I am just so funny... I might have to stop talking until it's all healed too.  :)  

And finally, after a week of not eating I stepped on the scale and was 2 pounds below my goal weight.  While I opted not to see the dietitian today ( I haven't exactly been meal tracking), I hope to get back on a regular diet soon... and with that my flash of glory might disappear...but still it was a nice pick me up!