Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Candied Pestilence

Late again!  I think it’s fair to say I’ve been busy, but I already said that the last couple of weeks so I won’t say it this time, so instead:

I had a dream about my Nana on Monday night.  She was in my parents’ bed, and asked me to grab her makeup bag out of her suit case.  Odd request, I thought, given that I don’t remember her ever wearing makeup, but I went on a search, because she wasn’t getting out of bed without her face on.  I opened the valise to find no less than 40 smaller cosmetic sized bags.  To her frustration, I did not locate the one filled with makeup on the first, second or even fifth try.  Finally, I handed her the correct bag.  Then, I said, “Oh man, Nana, this is awkward.  I didn’t send you an Easter card.  I’m so sorry – but to be honest, I kinda thought you were dead.”  To which Nana replied, “Yeah, I’ve been getting a lot of that lately.”  (PS: She passed away in ’93) 

On Tuesday, I went to see Cirque du Soleil.  I'm pretty sure I've been to too many of these when I leave and everyone I'm with is all, "I've seen better." 

Dawne: Anyone else think that Juggler was far too muscular to just be throwing tiny red balls in the air?
Lucas:  I'm pretty sure he was Harley Quinn's first boyfriend. 

Becky had a hankering to go back to Ireland last week so naturally she went online and entered a bunch of contests to win a trip to Ireland... including one that required her to name a goat.  Naturally. 

Lucas:  If taught English as a second language, every time a student spoke a sentence to me I would say, "Nice.  Now add 4 more like and end it with a though and you've NAILED IT!"

I noticed that Lucas had started cooking his breakfast and then walked away and was at the kitchen computer. 
Me:  How do you make sure that you don't burn the Panini?
Lucas: Uh, I have faith.
5 minutes later, lifting the handle up and seeing a perfect Panini
Lucas: See?  Faith. 

Friday night we went to see Jordan’s niece in “The Music Man” at the 5th.  Rosie was fantastic but I don’t think the Music man is my favorite – even the title font bothered me.  Up side? Got to hang out with Laina loo. J  Meanwhile, Zach had a paint war birthday party inside the house.  This was the aftermath – 4 days later.

Had breakfast with Becky last week and she was telling me about a co-workers friend who lives in Japan.  I guess it is a cultural expectation for preschoolers in Japan to have Bento Boxes for lunch (see below).  Parents create little characters out of the food every single day.  Well the mom in Japan was complaining to Becky's coworker about how she just couldn't make the lunches every day.  Becky's co-worker mentioned that there was an Indian school that served curry every day at lunch... so the mom switched her kid into the Indian school.  She said her kid comes home smelling like curry every day, but it's totally worth it. 

Speaking of cultural foods, for Passover, my cousins were assigned a vegetable to bring for dinner... so of course they opted for Bacon and Brussels sprouts.  On Saturday, we went to Pike Place Market to get candy plagues for the Monday Passover dinner.  Typical weekend, I looking for "Pestilence" in a candy store. 

We took the pups to the park on Saturday.  I looked up into the beautiful blue sky and overhead was giant bald eagle circling.  It was close enough that I could see the talons.  I immediately picked up Percy and wouldn't you know... the eagle flew away.  Simultaneously, I heard someone behind me say, "Percy!" not Tiffany - Percy.  On his second trip to the park, he was recognized, by my boss.  :)

On Sunday, we went back to the park with Dr. Rach.  As Percy went running straight for a patch of high grass she spoke for him by saying, "Oh wait.  You're not a dog, you're a bush."

Finally on Monday:
Tiffany: So... Percy went to the groomer today
Rebecca: Hello!!!:D
Tiffany: they did a terrible job
Rebecca: Oh no!
Tiffany: anyway he's at work being awesome, but I have needed to pee for an hour now and I have a headache and could use some aspirin but I don't want to wake him.
Rebecca:  LoL, that's so sad... You get him a terrible haircut and he's being an angel for you. Oh man! This is where I wish I lived in a move and could be all like, "aw, that sucks" and then 2 seconds later walk up behind your desk and drop off aspirin and a pee bottle in person.

Alas, it is not a movie - and I was forced to wake him. 

My boss had asked me to bring him to work after the groomer.  I didn't have anything with me to entertain him so my boss put on the floor a pigeon stuffed animal that was covered in fake blood and was bigger than Percy.  Shockingly, he felt the need to bark his displeasure.  Later that day, I received office wide email about security and visitors of at the office.  Boss: She's talking about your guest today.
Me: Sorry H.  I had a talk with my guest – he won’t share any of the pictures he took.  You can feel free to share this one of him though if you want.  :)
H: He is sooo cute. You can bring him in and hide him under my desk any day. I’ll have him put a paw print on an NDA.

I just might!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Sticky Fingers

Let's be honest, nothing outside of work really happened for the better part of last week.  However, that's boring adults always say when you ask about what's going on in their life, and I keep wishing and hoping that I am better than that.  Oh!  I did have to drive back to Kells to get my credit card that I left there LAST weekend - but I think my expectations were slightly higher than that.  Let's see what I can come up with.

Friday, I worked from home and I accomplished so much I wanted to pat myself on the back, and then give myself seven “gold stars”, and ask to work from home at least one day a week.  It was also Zach's birthday and he wanted fondue at home.  I'm all for fondue - love it actually.  I am also extremely uptight.  So the whole, throwing together a quick fondue dinner party was extremely distressing to me.  Ultimately, though, it was a pretty lovely weekend and it was nice seeing everyone.  Even Mila showed up from Chicago with her new baby Lukian.  Here's Luke holding Luke on Saturday morning: 

Mila: You don't happen to have a pacifier lying around here do you? 
Me: As a matter of fact... 

Casper was immediately lovey and protective of the baby, while Percy perked up and came running every time that someone said, "ADORABLE!"

Dawne, Jordan and I had a very dog-centric day actually, with a visit to an indoor puppy gym where Percy was able to run through his first obstacle course - which he did perfectly, right away.

This is Percy running after a lab - he can really get some air!

Then we hit up our favorite dog friendly restaurant, Norm's because the pups had worked up an appetite. 

Saturday, evening I attended a "Try New Things Club" meeting at a Moroccan place in Belltown - complete with belly dancers.   I ate the whole meat with my hands - including the couscous. Here is the second course.  In case you can't see it from the picture - you've got a pastry covered with powdered sugar that contained hot ground up chicken within.  YUM.  :)

 Andy:  See, I'm picking it up with my fingers, then dropping it into my palm, and eating the food from there so I don't put my fingers in my mouth and then go for seconds. 

10 minutes later:

Andy: There is a ton of beef in my shoe.
Mike: I thought it was chicken.
Andy: Oh, well, then it’s okay.

After dinner I went over to Laina's house where Shana had put alcohol into everyone's wine apparently.  I was a little bit behind, but played "Loaded Question's" anyway.  During the game, everyone kept confusing my answer with Anders, I can only assume that they were confused because we are both terribly witty.   

Oh, I also got Laina a shirt - I think she liked it. 

Shana brought out Paleo tarts for dessert to which Rach said, "Who is doing paleo?  (Putting a bite of tart in her mouth) Why am I doing this?  I feel like I'm being punished." And then handed the rest of the tart to her fiancĂ© Anders. 

Meanwhile, Percy was mad that I left him at home and peed on Dawne's pillow and couch and had to sit by his lonesome in punishment. 

Here's a bunch things you thought were true, but aren't, and now all of your anecdotes will have to be updated. 

On Sunday, we had a bunch of house guests over to do crafts, watch movies, and play with camera's.   Then, bundled up in winter coats and blankets, we took the boat out.  It was Percy's very first boat ride - and I think he liked it a lot. 

This St. Patrick's Day, I really wanted to have a PLAN.  Christy came up with one for me.  A bunch of us got tickets to see the Paperboys at Tractor Tavern - and I had a blast.  I actually like the opening band (the Renegade Stringband) better than the Paperboys - but both were super fun.  Bonus! When we got back to the car, Becky was very relieved that the 100 dollars' worth of Girl Scout Cookies had not been stolen (proof of how powerfully pathetic girl scouts can look in front of the grocery store.) 

I hope you all had a great weekend too!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Nice Try, Kevin

At work, we have this "Chief of the Week" that is given to exemplary employees.  At least that's what the concept is, though I secretly think it's given to people who look like they are about to quit.  Anyway, I got it last week.  But because it happened last week and not the previous week it wasn't in my update.  Clearly, as I get busier and busier and send updates later and later, this distinction becomes harder and harder.  Anyhoooo I got this email from my bro:

“No mention that you are the Chief of the castle?!!  That's rediculous.

I'm sorry I didn't congratulate you right away.  I meant to, but then I guess I didn't. Thought it though. Does that count a little?”

I got a new boss last week.  He's pretty awesome, though he did use the word funner the other day, so I'm not sure if I can trust him.  On the same day, I went to an Art Walk to see a friends art.   There was a giant "F" in the window of the gallery that was knitted.  Our friend  saw it and said, "Look at that big F!It stands for funner."    Also on the same day I tried spelling "installment" and Word refused to accept the spelling.  I checked on and it said, "in·stall·ment
 [in-stawl-muh].”   See that w?  New Yorkers around the world have been vindicated!  I can stop hiding my accent!  Boo and Yah!

On Friday night, the fam and I went to Maggiano’s to celebrate Jordan’s dyslexic 35’s birthday, followed by seeing Oz at the IMAX and then meeting Kelly at Kells for her birthday.   During dinner, Luke told us about going to the skate park.  This guy, who had gone back to Japan for a while, had returned, albeit injured.  Lucas declared that, “Even with a broken ankle, I had a hard time keeping up with him.” 

We were also talking about an invention that could convert music from major to minor. 
Jordan:  This begs the question, is major always happy  to minor always sad? 
Lucas: Yes.

Saturday, we had a bit of a traffic set back.  On several fronts.  I was planning to meet Kelly, Jay & Rach to pick up sandwiches at 11 before going to Gas Works park.  Dawne convinced Lucas to get out and enjoy the beautifully sunny day, which meant both had get showered up in under 20 min.  Anyway, running a little late, Dawne went a different way than usual (which I thought was longer, but in actuality, she was totally right and any other day it would have been faster) but we got off at the wrong exit.  Did I mention how neurotic I can be when I’m running late?  So Dawne has me, sitting next to her stressed, which in turn stresses her out. By the time we got there, Rach was leaving, Kelly and Jay weren’t there yet, and Lucas was VERY hungry.  So we went somewhere else to get food and then off to the park.  The park was super fun – but then on or way home, I saw that Kells was a “6 minute” drive – and I needed to pick up the credit card I left there the night before.  The 6 minutes ended up to be more like 45 minutes, and Lucas was not pleased.  Then on our way back, the GPS told us to go a different way home – very close to home – which added another 5 minutes to our trip.

Lucas:  This is a nightmare.
Dawne: Oh look! Another dog park!  Should we stop and take the dogs?

When we finally got home, we had to hurry up and get fancified for an Zach’s auction.  (He wasn’t being auctioned, his DECA group had organized an auction and Dawne, Dr. Rach, Becky and I were all attending.)  Here are some of the highlights:

Becky: I have friends who, when they are away, need me to check every day to see if they have packages.  Even if they are coming back in a couple of hours, they will still ask me to run over to their place to check for boxes. 
Rach:  You should send empty boxes to them that are labeled, “1, 2 & 4”

I think I told you about how Evivova was judging a science fair at Stacey and Maureen’s school – and she found out that the head person at the place she wanted to intern at was also judging.  She was very excited, but also worried about “hiding” that she was pregnant. 
Rach: Just tell her that she has her period and is a little bloated.
Dawne: Or hasn’t had her period in 6 months – she’s saving it up. 

Becky:  My friend has this little baby and she keeps making incorrect references.  For example, she’ll be throwing up and she’ll say, “Whoa, we have a little Poltergeist here!” and her husband will whisper to her daughter, “She meant Exorcist.”  

Because if this baby understands the references, the problem is not that she’s being referred to as a horror movie, the problem is she might not understand WHICH horror movie is which. 

There was one particular item that was being auctioned that Dr. Rach simply had to have.  She put a bid down, and a little while later, Kevin put bid down. 

Later, Dr. Rach went back to check things out, and there was a guy inspecting her coveted item.  I told Dawne I would chip in if she went over there and while they were distracted/talking, swoop in and put your name down for the max bid.  And she DID! Annnnd it came with a FREE hangar!

One of Zach’s friends, also in the DECA group, was talking to us at the end and said that he was able to go to the final competition last year because some guy, not knowing that he couldn’t, took all of the bottles of wine from each table at the previous auction, and took them home.  He realized that the wine was not for taking, he brought the bottle back, without opening them. 
Becky:  That’s the worst kind of crime.  He didn’t get to drink the wine!

On Sunday, we were at brunch. 
Me: I’m so excited, it’s Matzoh season!
Lucas: That Matzoh was baked on the back of my people.  That’s why there are holes in it – from the back hairs. 

After brunch, Dr. Rach came over to discuss wedding stuff.  We ran out on a scouting mission and picked up Starbuck on the way back.  Dr. Rach took her first sip and said, “Blech! That's good coffee.”   I’m not sure she understands what “Blech” means. 

I hope you had a good week – and I sure hope I am closer to being on time next week! 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Three Dollar Orange

Tuesday we had our monthly meeting at the UK Embassy, AKA, the British Pantry.  Rollie’s friends who, knew that he was going to lunch at the “girl side” of the Three Lion’s Pub, saw him through the window and decided to stare at him from outside.  He went out to say hello to them.  When he returned he told me that he had a crumb of food on his face when he went out there.  His co-worker and friend, licked his thumb and removed the crumb from Rollie’s face.  Honestly, this right here might exemplify the awesome that is Rollie: No matter where he works, or who he interacts with, eventually adores/feels so comfortable with him, that there are no boundaries. 

We were talking about how Christy is going to be going on a trip to England with her mother in which they will walk from one coast of England to the other. 
Christy:  It’s around 170 miles total. So not too bad.
Rollie: Yeah, if you were on a horse or in a car.

Wednesday was dullsville so I’ll share this video that Momela sent me.  It really is LOVELY:

Thursday and Friday were a blur of work and exhaustion.  This was the kind of week where Dawne and I opted to go to restaurant with adult beverages.    Then we went grocery shopping -  wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Lucas: Do you know what I want to master?
Me (without hesitation): Skateboarding, Guitar, Pin-Ball, Illustrator – and I think you’ve given up on Yo-Yo. 
Lucas: Man.  You really know me. 

Saturday started off with puppy class, followed by lunch at MOD, and a quick stop at Evergreen Urgent care for my cousin’s allergies.  I finally watched Argo, and an engaging debate about organic food in which I was actually agreeing/supporting someone’s idea but ended up fighting about the sanity of a person who is willing to spend 3 dollars on an orange. 

Sean: Can you ask Eva if she would want to be a judge next Saturday for the science fair at Sleepy Hollow HS for behavioral science?
Eva: Sure!  Just lmk when they get there - $50 if he wants Bailey to win this thing. 
Sean: Bailey isn’t in it but I love that she’s so inexpensive. 

Sunday, we took the pups, including Percy for the very first time to Marymoor park (as you would expect, he was perfect.)  At the park, there is this dog wash place that works very much like a Brown Bear Car Wash – where you put your dog in the station, then click to spray water, then spray soap, click back to water, and then take the big blow drier out to dry before the last loving towel dry.  It would be perfect if the blow drier was just slightly warmer (for the Prince and Princess.)   It was shortly after the park that my cousins when to ECCC and I got to work on an Easter project (which will be revealed shortly.)

Things that make me grin, big time:

I went to visit Erika and Janette in December and got to hang out with Erika’s son, Toby.  Months later, he was asking Erika when I was coming back down to visit.  Apparently he isn’t very affectionate and has probably only said “I love you” to Erika 7 time in 5 years.  Last night I called during dinner so Erika let it go to voicemail.

Toby: Who was that?
Erika: Tiffany.
Toby: oooh! I love Tiffany!” 

I hope you’re having an awesome week!