Monday, September 27, 2010

Huddersfield Ben

I took one of those tests that tell you what professions would be good for you and it recommended that I become a Funeral Director.  I looked up some positions.  The job description says “at all times, exhibit indisputable integrity, the highest degree of tact and sensitivity…. And be able to lift 75 pounds.”  As Arda would say, “Seems hard, Lucas, I don’t think I want to do that.  That’s why I play Guitar.” 

Apparently, local Yorktown Police were called in when a Coyote was spotted at Ben Franklin Elementary School (my alma mater). Here is the full official story  When Evivova asked Maureen if it was true she said, “yeahh - Kevin was upset that they had to go in and said that he thought the kid that said he saw it, just said that because the kid didn't want to stay outside and then they all had to pay for it and go inside. He's not happy with that kid. :)”

I asked Jen if she would be willing to donate blood with us.  She said, “I’m only giving blood if Vampire Bill sucks it directly from my thigh.  You should tell Jordan the last time I gave blood was at WizKids.”   When I told Jordan, he wondered if she was implying that he was a bloodsucker (and not the good kind.) 

I had lunch with grizzled veteran game designer Mike Mulvihill and he was telling me that his youngest daughter Vivian (soon to be 7) was watching TV with him the other day on the couch.  As he kept nudging her trying to knock her on to the floor she finally rolled off and turned to him saying “Will you stop being related to me already?” 

I’m a bit of a failure.  As I was attempting to teach Nala (the puppy) a few key things (like bringing me a toy so that I will play with her without getting my fingers nipped and not peeing on the floor) I realized that I was not so good at this training bit.  When, exactly, did I figure this out?  Well I had been explaining (yes Momela, Mo, et al. I was explaining… that always works) that peeing on the floor was bad and I kept putting her on her potty pad in the circle cage when she made a mistake.  I had gone to the dog park, Nala totally had fun. Tiffany met some nice people. We came back. We played.  Then I had to get back to work and Nala looked at the cage, walked past the entrance and potty pad, looked at me, peed, and then walked back into her cage.  Basically, she gets the part where she has to go back into the cage after she has an accident—or not so accident—but she also knows that she gets my attention.  Perfect. 

(On a side note, my “explanations” are quite common with children as well, which, I am told, might not be the best way to communicate.  I also would like it known that I’m the cool fun Aunt… not the mom (with the children and with baby girl Nala.)  I like to indulge and then return with little to no yelling, enforcing of rules or really saying no if I can help it.  It might be the only thing that I’ve “explained” and that they have all really understood.) 

I overheard Lucas and his friends talking the other day about various hair products.  When I told him later that I thought that that was amusing he said, “Why? We talk about hair a lot.  And Jeans.  Levi’s mostly.  I’d say that takes up the majority of our every day conversation.”   I had no idea.  I wonder what would happen if 14 year old girls knew that 14 year old boys had so much in common with them?   I hope I didn’t just cause a major rift in the world as we know it.   That would be awkward. 

My friend Seth had a bit of a “Scotchtober” on Saturday.  I might have accidently ruined it by bringing homemade Bailey’s as he was trying to unload his over-abundance of Scotch in the house.  Whoops.  There were some old friends there that I don’t get to see very often and it’s a damn shame b/c they are hilarious.  There were many stories… but I’ll just tell you 1 so that I have something to say to you if and when we ever hang out again.  I don’t remember how it got started but everyone was telling funny stories that incorporated complaining about their mother’s in some way.  (Don’t worry Momela, I don’t have any complaints about you to share.)  But we were going around the room, one-by-one, topping each other with more hilarious acts that our mom’s had done when there was an ever so slight pause and Mike Mulvihill jumped in and said “Ya well, My mom is dead.”  Oh and how I laughed. 

Sunday morning Luke and I woke up (go us!) and by 9 am we had already made homemade vanilla wafers (breakfast of champions!)  The directions said to roll the dough into the size of chocolate chips (and that it made 382 cookies…approximately.)  I, not one to follow directions very well, made mine the size of Nilla wafers.  I segregated our cookies by size, labeled each plate with our names (and one Post-It with a “Nilla®” on the Nilla wafer box b/c I’m a brat) and then asked people to tell us which tasted better.  Currently Luke’s plate is empty and mine is not.  I like to think its b/c I didn’t shove my face with cookies, but I don’t even think that’s true. 

Oh… so Luke looked up whom the first Yorkie was.  His name was Huddersfield Ben who was run over by a carriage at age 6 and died.  This is sad but also crazy to know that someone gave such a long and impressive name to such a teeny tiny dog.

I asked Luke what his plans were after our trip to Guitar Center.  I almost swerved the car when I heard him say “sit ups” b/c I know that he’s never done one of those before.  So we tried a lil Ab Ripper X—I emphasize “lil” b/c instead of the required 349 sit-ups I think Luke did around 10 –maybe—and then said that’s more exercise than I have done in my whole life and begged me to shut it off.  Meanwhile, as I was doing the exercises Nala thought it would be a good idea to grab onto the bottom of my pants so at any given time I had an extra two pounds to lift.  She also decided to run under me if I lifted my back off the ground to which Luke took a break from moaning to say “whoa that was almost a “Huddersfield Ben”.  We think it might be the new "hip"catch-phrase.

Monday, September 20, 2010


It’s Monday morning, and of course my first stop is to, the greatest website of all time, (You have MSNBC and Good Morning America, I have  And what to my wonderous eyes did appear?  But this lovely someecard… and the article that accompanies it, in case you, too wanted a lil more information.

Saturday was of course Sausagefest, or as we have affectionately started calling it, LineFest 2010.  To be fair it was Redhook’s first try, it was a gorgeous day, and they didn’t know that I had nothing better to do than be their unofficial grass roots marketing team.  On a personal note, I tried wearing heels instead of the boot and it was both a wildly successful and yet tragic experiment.  Successful b/c my injury didn’t hurt, tragic b/c my pretty pink boots were sacrificed to the mud field.   I felt really bad that Sausagefest coincided with Yom Kippur, and even more terrible that I teased Jordan with the event.  Yet insanely happy he took one of the later shifts so that I was entertained the entire day—yay!  Thank you also to Dawne, Nala, Marc, Lynn, Matty, Ashley, Diana, Jason, Jamie, Michael, Laina and Becky for playing with me!

And what better segue into a commentary on Lady Gaga than Fashion Week and Food?   I have to say that I pretty much love that this chick wore a meat dress—my only question is did she donate it to a soup kitchen so the sensational actually became practical?

In other news, my friend Marisa came to visit this week—b/c if you’re having a mental breakdown, who better than yours truly to put you back on track?  Okay fine, that’s going a lil too far—how about cheer you up with wine and fried cookie dough?  We hit up the Columbia Winery, Redhook, the Puyallup Fair (with Michael), Library (so cool!), Archie McPhees, Sweet Iron (yummy yummy waffles), dog park, Chace’s  and I dragged her around to the grocery store and delivery of soup and cupcakes and what not.  I’ll tell you what you’ll find mildly amusing.  I have been singing Disney songs for quite some time (at the top of my lungs of course) and I realized that I don’t actually know the words.  This was painfully obvious when Michael was in the car with me and we were singing Aladdin’s One Jump Ahead I thought the ladies were saying “I think he’s ravadaisy” (Ravedaisy being their version of “super hot”) and they are really saying “I think he’s rather tasty.”  Luke suggested I add “ravedaisy” to urban dictionary… maybe it will catch on. 

Diana’s wedding dress came in last week.  In the bridal place they have this running video of models in wedding gowns coming down a runway.  Every single one of them has the cool as a cucumber expression on their face.  As I was watching the real live brides I realized that their marketing strategy was all wrong.  No one in their right mind would ever buy a wedding dress if they put it on and looked like those models.  The reason why you try on so many dresses is because you are waiting for that one dress that plasters a gigantic silly grin on your face that you couldn’t smack off if you wanted to—just like Diana and the other ladies in the shop.  I could do wonders for that industry—plus its one of those industries in which one has no repercussions for their actions b/c everything is (hopefully) a one-time deal.  I love not having any consequences for me job performance—don’t you?

I have had a terrible headache since Friday which has actually made me ill (or maybe it’s the other way around… who knows.)  The beer at Sausagefest actually made me want to drill a hole in my head (dead like me reference… ooh I watched a lot of dead like me at some point too!  Why am I always 5 years late on these things?)  When I made it home I took a nap, during which Jordan called to ask me if he should pick up a ticket for me which I, in my half asleep state said “yes, please” and hung up.  Then I immediately realized that I was going to have to get up in 15 minutes and make my way to Lincoln Town Center to see Easy A.  Given that I did NOT throw up on my way there, I was glad I did b/c that movie was awesome and is now going on my top favorite movies list. 

Last Monday I went to a new friend’s apartment for dinner.  Boy does she know how to cook.  I wonder if she realizes that I don’t really ever get home cooking so this was a really big treat.  On my way in I started talking to this woman and offered her a cupcake and just was my normal friendly self.  Turns out that the woman I was talking to was the evil landlady who everyone hates.  Sometimes I wonder if I even have an evil-meter.  Although she did keep wanting to know where I was going and I didn’t want to tell her b/c ya know, Momela always told me to never tell strangers where I live and what not.  That made me feel cautious but I battled it with babble and sunshine which I find always works, even if it does sometimes frustrate the inquisitor. 

I called a friend to see if he needed anything b/c a lil birdie told me that he was feeling like death.  He told me he was too manly to be brought soup and oj.  He then, instead of heading back to sleep, spent the next couple of hours helping me to set up a blog. So... I hope you like my first official entry!  

T O’B 

Monday, September 13, 2010

Love Your Legs

Hi Friend,
Luke got Uke.  Turns out, I’m not a fan of Heart and Soul unless it’s being played by Tom Hanks on a the floor of FAO Schwartz.

I went to the hospital with my Aunt for her Endoscopy and I realized when I walked in that I had a malfunctioning zipper that fell down constantly and I had to just tug down my shirt and hope for the best.  Not so “Lucky” jeans if I do say so myself.

I spent some time writing these emails which kept me from doing new interesting things so I could write them in this, actually on time, email. 
My friend Roy called and immediately told me that he always calls my parents house first accidently and then hangs up as soon as my mother answers.  I think he might have been appalled to hear that on the TV pops up the words “Roy Wilkinson Calling” every time he does this.

I think I forgot to tell you this story, so I figure I might as well throw it into this week.  Mo was bringing the kids to Toys R Us and Kyle couldn’t find his wallet.  He started getting pretty upset after searching the house for a while.  Before he started to cry, Kevin reached into his piggy bank and gave his little brother 5 dollars and said, “Okay Kyle.  Now you have money so you don’t have to be upset.”  Patrick, observing this interaction, reached into his own wallet and took out a dollar and handed it to Kyle saying “I would give you more but I’m saving up for a boat.”

The other night Maureen told me that she had told the kids that they were going to go to the gym but got a response of “Nooooooooooo!” and “I dontwanna!”  Then, when on the phone with me she said, “Well I don’t want to either, but now I have to go out of principle.”  Classic “Mom” behavior.

Kevin came back inside crying b/c the neighbor kid told him that the groundhog stole his toy and brought down the his hole with him.  He was crying so badly that Maureen just told him to go inside.  After dinner Maureen said “Are you sane now Kevin?  Animals do not take toys.  They are animals.”  To which Kevin said, “Oh.  Right.  That makes more sense.”

Lucas has decided that he wants to get himself a pair of those white shorts from the 80s and wear them around casually.  He showed me a music video to demonstrate what he wanted, I immediately showed him a picture of my brother wearing these same shorts—and I think Lucas was actually a lil jealous.  I also said “You gotta really love your legs.  Do you love your legs Luke?” and he replied “Arda (his best friend) really loves his legs.  He’s always  like “check out my calves, aren’t they incredible?”

Lucas also told me, if he has one flaw, if mind you, it would be that he can’t sit in chairs.  I might have thought this was funnier at the time b/c it really was having a hard time sitting in his chair.

My mom actually called me early this morning to tell me to get up b/c it was going to be a gorgeous day today.  That’s a bad habit (not the getting up) but getting up b/c it’s a gorgeous day out b/c if that was my standard it’s going to be a really long, but super comfortable 8 months ahead of me.  Either way, I’m looking outside and it’s still gray but hey, now you have a Monday email that is on time, and I’m working on my second load of laundry so over all, pretty productive.

Oooooh I made Brookies even better.  I am thinking I’ll call them CaBrookies and they can only be described as amazing.  Take that Martha Stewart.  Maybe I’ll make them for the next event… just not this next event b/c I’m not sure how well they’ll go with all this meat. I (okay Sean) discovered a must-go event and can only hope that you too, share my joy in discovering that on September 18th, at Red Hook Brewery in Woodinville, there will be an honest-to-goodness SAUSAGEFEST. 

Who's comin' with me? 
Hope to see you there!  Have a good week!
Love Always,

Monday, September 6, 2010

Up-to-date update

Hi Friend,

Last week, Rach and I went to the Doll Museum in Bellevue which was both fascinating and creepy at the same time—basically everything you could ever want in a doll museum.

I also watched Tarzan and Jungle Book for the first time and then watched as Rach viewed Cinderella for the first time.  The snake, Ka, seems to have the same voice as Winnie the Pooh only one is scary and one cuddly and the Wicked Step-Mother seems to share the same voice as Maleficent but isn’t nearly as awesome as Maleficent—Discuss.    Also, the “Dinner and a Movie” nights are some of my favorite of all nights, especially when people come to me and I don’t have to cook—it’s like your social, but don’t have to worry if you spill something on your pajamas.

I played volleyball for a couple hours in the rain on Monday, and if I could have taken a picture of my bruised arms, I totally would have (not because it was pretty, but because I love sympathy.) I was so filthy that I was not fit to enter someone else’s home so I took a quick shower, made cookies and brought games to the second part of the evening.  In case you were wondering why you are friends with me (I don’t kid myself, I know it’s crossed your mind) it’s b/c I’m the kind of girl that smells pretty and clean and bears fresh baked cookies with a side of fun and games.  Now you don’t have to wonder anymore.  I’m fairly certain I lost some potential friends when faced with a decision of what was more “Temperamental” I  choose “Haiku” over “Christian Bale” but I don’t need new friends anyway… I have you. (Please re-read above qualities if you were unsure of this declaration.  Thx.)

This is for Mo b/c she couldn’t remember the Christian Bale incident:

I worked on some games with Jordan (‘cause I don’t have anything better to do.  No really. I really don’t have anything better to do).  One in particular we worked on for quite some time, hours I’m talking about here, until we admitted it just wasn’t a very good concept and we should give up.  I can’t say that that’s the most satisfying of feelings.  I feel like I’m just one step above hunting down all the lost matches in my sock drawer, and then telling you about it.  Remember that one time I went to Europe?
I would end this with a someecard, but someecards just crashed on me.  Better luck next time!
Much Love,