Thursday, July 30, 2009

Too Busy For You

Back when other people used to work in the Brown House, I used to run on home from work so that I could participate in what we affectionately deemed “the buoy swim,” which is basically us swimming from the dock to the no wake zone marker—which is longer than one would think, but not long enough in this heat (if you ask me.)  Today I re-instated said swim.  Not everyone was up for the lengthy jaunt but, by the end of August, they will be—even if I have to have 2 or 3 buoy swims a day (first thing in the morning, lunch time and the 5 pm official swim of course.)  I of course jumped ahead at the last minute and pretended it was a race, which I won—but honestly I think Ethan should have anticipated such an event.
Remember how I was boasting about the mild weather that Seattle has?  Riiiight it is HAWT out here, and I just yelled at Zach and Tim for being outside swimming and having fun instead of sitting in front of a computer monitor.  Seriously.  Ask them.

And the reason I am cranky when it’s this lovely out is b/c I spent 20 hours shooting a “How to Play” video and then got up this morning to catch up on what I missed.  The highlight of the day was when Shana, the lovely angel of caffeine that she is, delivered us another round of Starbucks—because it definitely wasn’t when I had to shave a strangers neck and back hair.  (TRUE STORY)

Monday, July 20, 2009

What do you know about it?

I’ve taken to mixing lemonade and cold brew iced tea, and it is delic.  Feel free to follow suit. 
The beautiful and talented Shane and Cathy brought up a subject on the 4th that has truly haunted me (at least every time I’ve thought about how I should tell you about it, and then I think whoa! I still haven’t looked anything up!  What if something happens to me before I get to the internets!)  The question raised was, If you were sent back in time (you don’t know when) but let’s say the middle ages, what knowledge do have that you could revolutionize the world with?  For example: Do you know how make a steam engine?  Build a plane?  Make a printing press?  Electricity? The denim jeans?  Rach, as a doctor, I am sure could bring all sorts of information (if she didn’t get burned on a stake of course).  I could probably drum up a rough sketch of the world, MacGyver some Velcro, but every earth shattering, revolutionary item I could think of required a trip to the store first.  Now I need to do my homework, just in cases. 
Shocking! But I almost got into a fight with my Uncle Ray this morning.  I told Matty and he asked “Was it politics? Religion? …” “Worse! Harry Potter!”  I don’t know how he manages to get my biscuits to go from cold to burning every time he talks about books.  Partially it is because he thinks any and all novels should be used as fodder for fire, and partially b/c I persist on learning things the hard way. 
I kinda can’t wait until the economy picks up so that employed people everywhere can go back to complaining without guilt.  Oh look this…
…is what they call a “segue”.

We went to Portland over the weekend, and on the three hour tour we got to, in the words of Zach “hear a fat old guy tell us all about his strip club experiences” along with all the other shady bits of Portland that sounded remarkably like Seattle only with less class (if you can imagine.)   The trip down was lovely, we took Dawne’s car b/c uh.. my car failed the emissions test, which is just so sad.  I had to go into various repair shops with my head down in shame to tell them I had FAILED and I needed help.  Quite the humbling experience.   The baby is going in tomorrow am… turns out if you spend $150 in an attempt to fix the problem, they’ll automatically pass you.  So much for the hard core environmentalist of WA. 

Monday, July 13, 2009

Snip Snip Snippy

‘ello folks!

I just searched for a someecard that says “I’m sorry you trusted me to do that thing that I clearly should never be trusted to do.”  Why?  B/c I tried to cut this guy at work’s hair, and after around 45 seconds and 6 cuts of the scissor I placed an emergency call to Dawne and then got the humiliating and remorse filled pleasure of watching Dawne try to repair the irreparable damage.   I hang my head in shame.  Jonathon said that what would have made the experience better would be if it had been the first time we had ever met… “better” being a very loose use of the word.  And when Derek just asked me to cut his hair… I said no.  Not unless I get 7-8 shots of Rum like the last good hair cut I preformed.  See, I’m a good learner. 

After a bit of a miserable day yesterday that included a 4:45 am wake up call (ON A SUNDAY), to work, on a video of some importance/borance (Like Will Shakespeare, I just made that word up), two donuts ( I totally deserved them), and being thoroughly disgruntled that someone would dare interrupt my attempt at a nap by ringing the doorbell at 1:30 in the afternoon (because, as you may know…
nap) I felt like I really needed to get back to working out to increase my energy level (when did I start believing that exercise=happiness?!) so I got up from my bed and text’d Shana and told her to bring her work out clothes to work b/c it was OWWWN.  And then after my traumatic, and sober, hair cutting experience I had to skip out on working out.  Though I would really love to go bike riding every day, if Lucas hadn’t broken my bike (and no I don’t know how to ride my new uni-cycle).  What? Biking Joke? Sure!


Did I mention that not only is someecards still making my life difficult, but sending that email out at 4:05:06 7/08/09 has still caused Y2K on my computer… but then I noticed someecards making fun of themselves which made me feel a lil better:


They really do know me.  And I’m back in like with them.

Lucas ordered Pizza last night…  He was like how do you know me? And the Pizza guy said well you’ve ordered 47 pizza’s in the last 22 days.  And that doesn’t even count domino’s—like that time domino’s showed up at the door last week and I was the only one there so I asked who ordered it.  The Pizza guy didn’t know, and looked really upset by the question.  And you know, his job isn’t the best as it is, so I just paid for the Pizza and must have said “Teenagers—what are ya gonna do?” b/c my Aunt Pat now thinks that’s the answer to 55% of our house hold issues, and somehow thinks that this means I’ve grown… instead of the fact that I’m more worried about the happiness of some strange pizza guy than an Andrew Jackson.   Or, more likely, my “I don’t give a shit as long as I don’t have to do anything” factor has really increased—oh wait, maybe I have grown. 

After working all day yesterday Zach complained that this is why he was getting a higher education, so he wouldn’t have to do any real work for 4 years..and it just so happens I have a card for that.  


Speaking of which… I better get back to that work that has nothing to do with me education… And..MONDAY EMAIL ON MONDAY!!  Patting my own pack while a bow in recognition…

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Uh... Wednesday email


I think we can all go ahead and thank Ethan for teaching me how to thwart those bandwidth hogging, property protecting, folks at someecards who like to take my emotions on roller coaster rides that six flags wish they had. 

I'm so pleased with you Ethan, that I think it’s safe to say that


My love of Pandora Radio (lalala….watching the commercials and it’s almost like paying, courtesy of Shana Dueux: ) will not stop me even after they actually make me pay for it because Pandora is seriously the ultimate compilation… and Shane, Cathy, you know how I love me a good compilation.   Speaking of which…


And speaking of MJ, there are someecards that just need to shared, even though they are a bit delayed, I still think you deserve to see them:


And the other oh so respectful…


Tyler mentioned that Today at 5 mins and 6 seconds after 4:00 it will be 04:05:06: 07/08/09. I wonder if I can manage to send this out before that time… or (!) exactly at that time and be the ultimate in email senders making my ghastly delay in writing a stroke of pure GENIUS.  Right.. or I’ll forget to send this until tomorrow and then I’ll be back to being a tardo.  (PS, after writing this statement my stress level of getting this sent in time rose to a dangerous level and that combined with drinking an entire pot of coffee myself might lead to an early heart attack—a la the king of pop.  I guess Mo and Kevin were right, bad things happen to people who do bad things.)


We had a party for the 4th and there was a guy two doors down that invited us also to his big shin dig.  Immediately after this invite I witnessed him whistle and 5 under age girls came running.  Okay maybe they weren’t under age, but he looked way older than he was and the comparison… I should stop there before someone in the office comes over an smacks me with the hypocrite stick.  So Zach, this chick AJ and I were going to go over and check out the situation but got to the edge of his property and decided we would rather stop in the middle of our party and do kettle bells.  In the words of Ron Weasley, “Mental.” 

This was the second time that I was disappointment, or at least not as outgoing as I am expected to be.  We planned a fun impromptu lego party for Jordan last night… so we had to run to the lego store.. and Nate dared me to go up to the guy working there named Zack and say are you Zack, Zack the lego maniac?  And I refused.  Not that I like being called a disappointment b/c that basically drives me nuts.. but I kinda like doing crazy things that I think up, not make a fool of myself on someone else’s command b/c that just makes me a puppet.  Plus I don’t need a dare to steal someone else’s humor and claim it as my own— that’s what having a louder than usual voice and someecards are for. 

Sean texted me that he was on the same train that we like to have sibling time on together and a) it made me miss him so hard core and b) I realized I have been having people actually walk me to work now.. which is funny and sad at the same time… Ooooh deadline!  Happy 456789 day!