Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Country Chic

Zach needed to do a documentary about breakfast for class last week.  Our suggestion was to do a documentary talking about how we prepare food just so for Percy etc and then later reveal that all of this care and effort was actually for a dog.  This is the documentary that eventually was submitted for and A.  Sadly, this is what happens every single day in our house.  I can hear my parent's making fun of me from here.

Co-worker to me: I'm using all of my mind reading abilities for my pregnant wife so you're going to just have to tell me what's wrong. 

For the month of October, Microsoft raises money for Make-A-Wish.  Our studio decided to have its own mini-fund raiser in which anyone could pay money ($25 dollars for two pies at a distance or $100 for a direct shot) to throw a pie in anyone’s face, especially the management team.   I chose to throw one at the GM and a co-worker who didn’t put the tape measurer back in the right place.   With the company matching etc… we raised around $24,000 in about an hour – not too shabby. 

Friday night, for the Sabbath, we played a racing game (I was not a fan) but at least we were all together. 

On Saturday, I found a tick on Percy so I ran him over to the Vet.
Receptionist 1: Our first appointment is at 4 – do you want to leave him here until then?
Me: Um… not really.
Receptionist 2: Is that Percy?  Just give him to me.
We were out of there in less than ten minutes. J 

Then we went to the dog park followed by the carving of pumpkins.

And then Luke and I went out to dinner and then watched the Sound City documentary.  On Sunday, we got all dolled up for Jamie and Patrick’s wedding.  The nuptials were to take place in Poulsbo, WA so I decided to leave my curlers in, with a babushka, in the car and onto the ferry.  This seemed like a brilliant idea, despite the fact that Dawne felt the need to take a picture of me, with my curlers + dress + cowboy boots + grandma’s fur cloak.  (How else I was I going to accomplish Country Chic?)  I forgot that all of my friends would be on the same ferry with me.  At least they were able to spot me from a distance. 

Shana officiated the ceremony like a pro.  The boys were ad-or-ab-le.  Things that I loved at this wedding:

--Jamie & Patrick (obvi).
--Their wedding log was on actual logs (which I may have signed on the bottom of the third empty log so that they would have keep all three forever.)
--Their shoes.

--That they did a “Boozy Box” during the ceremony in which they put two love letters and a bottle of wine and a bottle of vodka.  They sealed the box with some nails (after hammering his nail in, Jamie announced, “Nailed it!”).  The box will be opened on their 5th anniversary – or whenever they see dark times and need a stiff drink and a reminder of their love for each other.
--Watching Liz and Maddy’s daughter eat the tomato soup in a manner that had more soup on her than in her mouth. 
--After Jamie shoved cake into Patrick’s face, and Patrick retaliated with wiping the blade of the frosting covered knife on Jamie’s head, Jamie exclaimed, “It’s good for the skin!”

--Jamie lip syncing “At Last” to Patrick during their first dance, and with a shocked expression, dramatically raising Patrick’s hand when it got too low on his back. 

What I didn’t love was on ferry ride back, I overheard this: “…hurt his hand and there was blood everywhere and he used my brand new dish towel to soak up the blood and I that was a real waste.”

Monday, October 21, 2013

Look at that Old Thing

Update 10/7 – 10/14

I came home from work the other day and Dawne said we were meeting Jordan and the boys at Crossroads for dinner.  When we got there, it turned out that we were actually meeting Jordan, the boys, and a bunch of game designers and a reporter from Previews.   We sat down for dinner, and one of the guys started talking to Lucas.  Lucas responded, and then looked at me and said, "He talks to me like I'm a baby. I turn 18 next week."

Another big thing that has been happening in the house for the last month, and culminated last weekend, was a Kickstarter for Golem Arcana.  It was hard fought campaign to be sure, and by the end of the weekend Jordan was seriously exhausted.  He was also elated to find that Golem Arcana was funded before the time ran out.  If you're interested on joining the bandwagon, there's still time:

On Wednesday, Sean was in town and we went to Von Trapps - which I've always wanted to go to because it has indoor bocce.  We were a little sleepy, so we didn't actually get a chance to play, but it was still a cool place.  Sean entertained us with a lot of fun stories, because he's hilarious.  He had a meeting the following day which he had expected to chat with 10 -12 people.  Only when he arrived, they told him it was time to "Mic up" and he ended up speaking to 800 people on the fly without anything prepared.  Aren't surprises fun!?

On Friday evening, the Sabbath got a little more interesting with special guests Matty, Sandy, and 6 small children.  Sadly, I didn't get to stick around for the chaos, but I heard things got loud - real loud.  I, instead, took my pup and headed to Nueva York.  When I got on the plane, I sat down next to a big strong gentleman. 

Gent: What's in your bag?
Me: A small dog.
Gent: A cat?
Me: No, a small dog.  Here let me show you.
Percy popped his head out of the bag.
Gent (terrified): Nononono put it back in the bag.  I'm afraid of animals.
Me: Okay. (putting Percy back in the bag) that's going to be a problem.

The stewardess was able to figure out a good switch.  When the woman sat down next to me.
Me: Thank you so much.  I have a dog and I he was afraid of pets.
Lady: Oh, actually this is a relief.  I was sitting next to someone with the worst BO. 
Me: I'm glad it worked out. 
After a 5 hour flight with Percy on my lap or on the tray in front of me the whole time.
Lady: Oh! You don't just have a dog, you actually have a dog. 
Me: Yup. :)
Lady: He's so well behaved I didn't even notice him. 

Way to go little buddy!

Oh yeah! It was Percy’s 1st birthday last week.  He’s gotten so big!

Momela and Frita picked us up from the airport and then I ended up taking a long nap.  When I got up, we sat outside with Bella, Maureen's Lab/Rottweiler pup tied outside.  Percy proceeded to run around teasing Bella.  Later, we let Bella off the lead, and Maureen found out just how fast Percy is.  At some point, Bella caught up with him and just kinda rolled him so she could lick him a bit.  He also figured out that he could get her all tangled up with her lead and then get away - until she figure out that she could put a paw on his long hair and then he wasn't going anywhere.  Cousins. 

The whole fam came over on Saturday to celebrate Stacey and Pat's birthday's.  

Bailey: Whoa.  Doreen has two siblings?  Did anyone else know about this?

Bailey: I get my braces off this week.
Momela: That's great, do you get to keep them?
Sean: Oh yeah, we need those for Jackie.
Jackie: I'm good actually, but I'm pretty sure Morgan's kids are going to need them.

Jackie: Wanna know what I want to be when I grow up?
Maureen: Just like me?
Jackie: A defense attorney, and you, but if I can't be that, because I love legally blonde.

Maureen was telling us how Patrick had gotten a sombrero that he wanted to wear to school.  She explained to him all the ways that kids were going to make fun of him, and after outlining all the scenarios he said he was cool with that. 
Maureen: Tell them what happened, Patrick.
Patrick: I left it on the bus. 

Dinner was fantastic.  My mom always puts little chocolates next to everyone's plate, and being the polite kids that they are, my nieces and nephews ask before they eat theirs.

Jackie: Mom, can I have my chocolate?
Stacey: Sure.
Bailey (quickly snatching Jackie's candy): What do you mean? You don't have any chocolate. 

Bailey is in this three year, highly intense, science program at school.  During one of the interviews, one of the scientists asked Bailey how she felt about dissection and cutting into brains.  Bailey said she wasn't very comfortable with the idea of killing living things.  Later, the scientist asked if she was okay with touching tissues, to which Bailey replied, "Of course! I touch tissues all the time!" Not realizing that they were not talking about Puffs Plus. 

On Sunday, Eva called about going apple picking.  I thought it was a great idea, but I'm pretty sure that Maureen will never go apple picking with us again because we didn't so much go apple picking as we held the bags of apples and chatted while I adored Eva's baby.   On our way to the apple farm, we were stopped at an intersection.

Maureen: Look at that old thing.
(This is when I looked up and saw an old man crossing the street.)
Maureen: I don't mean the old guy.
Me: I was going to say, "What the hell?" but I didn't want to judge. 

Evivova was telling me that her baby, Freddie, goes to day care three times a week, and when she picks him up, they always have a little report card for him.  She and her husband were thinking that these reports were kind of silly until they saw one that said, "Fred painted a pumpkin today."  Then they knew that they being taken for a ride because he can hardly hold his head up on his own.  Naturally, Evivova went in and said, "Let me see this "pumpkin" Fred painted."  I guess they put paint on his feet and let him paint that way.  Adorbs. 

Evivova has been trying to be a laid back mom.  One night, she asked her husband Joe to get a bath ready for Fred.  When she went over to the bath she said, "Wow, how did you get so many bubbles?" To which Joe replied, "Ajax."

This is how Kevin got it done:

After watching Mo and the boys pick apples, we met Briana up at the Stormville Flea Market where my sister found a replacement duck toy for Percy for Christmas (because the one she got last year is his favorite.)  My favorite sound bites were...

Briana: I hope my kid is funny, but with my luck they'll like ballet and books. 

Briana: I'm glad I came out here today so I could see what not to do with my kids.

Caroline (Doreen's youngest): I wish it was like when my mom was young because then you could just sit in the front seat with a baby on your lap.

On Monday, the kiddo's went to the Columbus Day race where Kevin came in first!  I didn't actually go because well, they left really early, AND I wanted to make sure that I was home for when Debina and Matt arrived.  Debina warned me that Matthew was going to be cranky - but he was actually a delight.  :)  Who wasn't a delight was Percy boy who did not appreciate a tiny human who had more toys than he did.   Later, Maureen made some apple crisp, we got Chinese and we played a couple of games of canasta.   All in all, a great trip!

Hope you're all having a great week!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Lost Girl

Update 9/30-10/7

I’ve been watching a lot of Lost Girl with Zach.  At one point, Zach said he wanted to watch something with super powers, so I saw this show on Netflix about a succubus and it was all downhill after that.  We’re well into the second season now, and the brilliant thing about our serial watching is that we hate the main character.  We think she’s selfish, never doesn’t anything right and can’t do anything on her own, but thinks that she’s amazing.  Despite our loathing, we can’t stop watching.  We’re a complicated duo. 

The good news is, Uncle Ray totally finished moving two walls in three days.  The bad news is, the whole house feels like it’s under construction, it doesn’t seem to have an end in sight, and after ten years of having this house, it would appear that no one has ever taken a picture of the brown house so we have no way of showing how it changed.  Oh, and it’s super chilly. 

I don’t know how it happened, but I let the pups out the other day, and Nala managed to rip one of her nails out and needed a stitch.  For a pup who doesn’t like to snuggle, the girl sure knows how to looks so sad and pathetic that you just want to carry her for a week. 

Dawne and Jordan went to Chicago for the weekend and got to meet Nater’s new love interest, and her own adorable pup.   (She’s the one on top.)

Did I mention that I booked a flight to NY and then totally forgot that Janette was coming to visit me? I’m a bonehead.  Obviously, I changed the flight, I seriously can’t believe I messed up on two flights in a row.  Our office was playing musical chairs with our desks so our two buildings were closed on Friday.  I had gone to the doctor on Monday with an ear infection, but had been powering through work for four days.  So, I took the opportunity to sleep on my day off.  Mind you, I ended up moving from the brown house to a space in the yellow house so that I could keep sleeping without the soothing sounds of construction, but it didn’t stop me from sleeping until 3PM.  Then I showered and got ready to hang out with Jan-et-te.  I took her to the dog park (shocking) and then we met up with Neville and Eduardo for dinner and drinks. Honestly, even if I was feeling well, I always think it’s a good idea to rest up before I hang out with Janette because she has always had ten times more energy than I possess.  Either way, always a super good time.  J   

Saturday, I slept all day again, only waking up long enough for “breakfast” at MOD pizza with Luke and Zach.  I even showered, thinking that I would meet up with Janeville at the Rock box, but then, that didn’t happen, so I went to bed on the early side.  Saturday, I woke up hella early and drove an hour up to Everett for Luke’s regatta only to find out that his race got moved to 1.  I couldn’t stay that long unfortunately, so I left Luke and Arda a box of chocolate croissants, and Percy and I got back in the car to drive to brunch at Shana’s (bonus we got to see her new kitchen!) At one point, Percy managed to jump onto a chair that was completely pushed in and grab a piece of bacon off a place that was in between two pieces of paper towels.  I did not let him keep his contraband. 

After a lovely brunch with tons of food, fellowship and fun, Percy and I were off to meet up with Alex, Sarah, baby Zoe and Janeville at the Ballard Market.  We walked a little bit and then settled down for some drinks.  Throughout this sojourn, Percy was perfect and Sarah and Alex mentioned how impressed they were with his behavior.  I just didn’t have the heart to tell them about the little Stitch within.  J   After that, Percy and I picked up Lucas from Pocock boathouse and we then went to taco time.  I think this was my second time to taco time, and seriously, I had no idea how awesome it was.  I’d come back just for their soda fountain selection.  I got back to the house, put some laundry in (that was a necessity because of a gross incident that I had to deal with at 2am Sunday morning).  After that chore was taken care of, I turned around and Michelle and the girls arrived for dinner and boot shopping in Auntie Dawne’s closet. 

Now that I write it down, it feels like I packed all of the activities I missed sleeping on Friday and Saturday into Sunday.  No wonder I was sleepy again Monday morning!

Measuring is for Idiots

Update from 9/23 - 9/29

We were having a conversation on our way home and the only way I know how to summarize it is to say, you know when you see someone getting bullied, and that abuse makes you want to figure out a way to bring pain to that bully?
Lucas: I guess what you could say is I'm a violent non-violent person. 
Jordan: So what you're saying is you're a Passivist and of you don’t believe me I’ll beat the sh*t out of you.
Lucas: You know what's annoying? I think I gave Evron good luck when I punched him.
Jordan: Why did you punch him?
Lucas: He deserved it.

Uncle Ray: The thing about driving you crazy Zach, is it's a short trip.

Lucas: Scoochie Scoochie.
(he said this to Percy who was on the couch.)
Lucas:  I'll turn the TV on while he makes up his mind.
Me: Percy?
Lucas: Tiffany, you should never take the first offer.  He knows that. 

Lucas was telling me about this kid on his crew team that was a super awesome baseball player his whole life, but this is his first year on crew. 
Baseball Kid Dad: It's just rowing a boat!
Baseball Kid: Compared to baseball practice, it's like you row a boat, you throw up. 

Lucas: I want to get a six pack.
Baseball Kid: You don't have a six pack?!?

On Saturday, despite the rain, I went to Oktoberfest in Kirkland with Matty and friends.  It was POURING out – so not the best day for an outside festival – but I guess that’s what tents are for.  I put Percy in three coats – all borrowed from Nala – which is maybe why he was so matchy match with Kelly.

I think I mentioned earlier about how in the process of selling house, some of us have moved down to the brown house and others have good intentions to follow to get the yellow house ready for sale.  Dawne had been thinking about how much she didn't want to live in the brown house on our way to Home Depot. 

Dawne:  Maybe if it had hardwood floors so I could breathe.
Me: Sure, that's a reasonable request. 
Dawne: But that kitchen, what am I going to do about that?
Me: Um, weren't you the one who designed a house once without a kitchen because "it wasn't that important?"
Dawne: Yeah, but I recognize that people like to sit around in the kitchen and drink coffee in the morning.  And sometimes one person likes to cook some eggs every once in a while, and we like watching that happen.  
Me: In that case, couldn't you just build some seating and remove the table all together and we could sit with our coffee and watch Jordan cook until we were ready to move to the next room?
Dawne: Sure... or we could change everything.

When we got back from Home Depot.
Dawne: I want to put hardwood floors in the brown house and figure out what we can do to the kitchen to make it better.
Uncle Ray: That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.  You're not even going to leave there, why you would put any work into it.  Seriously, dumb.
Dawne: Right.  So... Dad? You wanna walk down to the brown house and tell me how to fix it?

Ten minutes later, they walk back upstairs.

Me: So?
Uncle Ray: I fixed it.
Me: How?
Uncle Ray: We're going to move two walls.
Me: How long is that going to take?
Uncle Ray: Three Days:
Me: So conceivably, we could finish this before Jordan gets back from his trip?
Dawne: It wouldn't be the first time I removed a wall in a kitchen while he was out of town. 

Two days later we were supposed to go to a Regatta, but it got canceled.  Instead, we go to Home Depot and get some tile for my bathroom, come back to the brown house and 15 minutes later, the picture window is removed.

Lucas:  That's great! We're really one with nature now!

And over the course of the day, two external walls were removed.  This is what Jordan came home to:

The next day I was telling my mom that Uncle Ray instructed me on several occasions that day that "Measuring is for Idiots."
Momela: So.... how big of an idiot were you?  

After we took down the two walls, that's when we thought, hmmm maybe we should move some furniture out of the connecting rooms and cover them with some tarp.  As we were moving these items, I said, "I don't know why we're doing this.  It's only going to take three days." 

29 Points for One Tit

Update 9/16 - 9/22

On Tuesday, I went to see X & Blondie at Marymoor.  I had no idea that Debbie Harry was 68 and still rockin' it!  The beauty of this concert was that, I paid 12.50 for the tickets, so as soon as we started getting sleepy, we just left.  Plus, we were only ten minutes from home which meant there were only 15 short minutes between when we decided we were tired, and when we had access to our beds.   I was going to say something about if this was the highlight of the concert then I must be getting old - but those of you who know me, know, this would have made me just as overjoyed at 16. 

Speaking of teenagers, apparently the cool kids at like to yell "Hawk" in the halls, and then everyone will respond with "Sea."  I tried to explain to Lucas that makes no sense, and it should be "Sea" and then "Hawk" but I don't think he has any intentions of passing on my wisdom. 
Lucas: These are the same guys that hump my car.
Me: The hump your car?
Lucas: Yeah, like on my way out of the parking lot, they run up and hump my car.
Me: Teenagers.

I have a tendency to say hello enthusiastically.  It takes remarkably little effort and it makes people happy.  This is a big change from when Matt S. taught me how to greet people with a head nod like a thug.  Anyway, the other day, I'm at work, and I see a co-worker - now, I don't really know this person's name or anything, but I recognize that we are indeed co-workers - and I give him a bright and cheery, "HI!"  Immediately after that, I saw another co-worker, and without thinking I gave another, equally cheery, "HI!" This is when the first co-worker said, "I don't feel very special now."  Which is sad, but unavoidable.

I received a phone call from my mother, and she could hardly speak she was laughing so hard.  What I gathered, through the giggles, was that my mother was playing Words with Friends with my friend Kristy.  Only when my mom plays Words with Friends, she plays under my father's account.  She played the word "TIT" for 29 points and immediately messaged Kristy saying, "If I got 29 points for one tit, imagine if I had two!"  Then she called me to tell me what had happened, and to say that she never clarified who Kristy was playing with, so she probably thought my father sent that message to her.  Classy. 

Jordan: Did you know that the heads on Easter Island go all the way into the ground?
Lucas: I did know that.  I learned all about Easter Island extending into the ground like a PEZ dispenser from Far Side.

Me: Lucas, I don't know if we're going to be able to do your mouse/hot water trick when we move.
Jordan: What trick?
Lucas: You know, is one of Lucia 282 Rules of Life.  It'll start with, first, build your kitchen this way... 

Lucas on Dawson's Creek: This show is amazing! I have not been disappointed yet.
Lucas, on quoting Dawson on his thoughts about Joey:  You don't want her, but you don't want anyone else to have her.  That really is just like a sister!

I can't remember if I mentioned to you that Dawne was trying to empty the storage unit, and when she did, it turned out that the moisture had caused the cardboard to bend.   The bent cardboard then pushed against the door breaking it, and Dawne and the Storage Unit owner had to take a jack to open the door.  Then, Dawne proceeded to crawl into the unit.  Eventually, Dawne and Zach had immediately remove 5,000 edoc shirts and bring them to value village, where you can now find them for a steal.  As sad as this was, I can't say that this ending didn't fall right in line with the rest of edoc's depressing history. 

Hoping to catch up real soon!