Monday, May 26, 2014

Stall Talk

My week started with a very early ride to the airport.  Kenny and I waited outside of a Starbucks with an old man smoking a cigar in the car next to us, as a street cleaner/truck circled the parking lot in an erratic fashion making Kenny very nervous.  We made it to SBUX and back unscathed, despite all of the morning activity.  The flight also went smoothly, and before I knew it, I was back at the office. 

Later that evening, I watched Leave It to Beaver for the first time.  The entire time I was weirded out that my brother apparently played Wally in another life.  I also laughed so hard I couldn't breathe on several occasions.  Meanwhile, Lucas was appalled by the gender roles and his discomfort only increased when we got to the episode about fighting. 

On Tuesday, I received a text from Debina that said, "So this happened today."

Debina said that she went to the doctor for a checkup.  The doctor told her that she was in labor, so she laughed in his face.  4 hours later, Ryleigh Elizabeth was born! Erika also sent me a text to "prove" to me that tulips really do grow after you cut them. I am not convinced. 

Did I mention that it's duck season?  And by duck season, I mean they are out in full force, teasing my dogs.  They swim closer and closer, knowing that at any time they can fly away.  I'm waiting for Percy to make the leap (when he swims in the water, Casper stops him from going too close.) 

I think I mentioned before that Lucas was born the day his great-grandfather died.  He's always felt very close to him, in a reincarnation kind of way.  So I should not have been surprised that he came up to his mom this week with his great grandfather's suit saying, "We need to go the tailor and get this suit ready so I can wear it for graduation!"  While they were there the tailor said, "You're very lucky that your grandfather had timeless taste.  Yesterday another kids' grandfather's suit in here and it had a gold lemme jacket."   Dawne also took some graduation pictures.  Here's my two favs:

On Thursday, I started getting really excited about a visit from Cristi and Janette.  We were emailing about things we might want to do, which made me really happy, especially this bit from Cristi:

AND I discovered this excited gif that I want to use all day every day. 

Friday evening, I met up with Kelly at the park after work.  I had told Kelly the day before that I ran out of food on Thursday, so I gave the pups some dried turkey and cereal.  Kelly tried to make me feel better by telling me about a vet friend whose wife had fed their dogs corn flakes.  I told her, "When I said cereal, I meant dry dog food, not rice crispy treats, but I do feel a lot better."  Then we went through the yorkie agility area, AKA, the tall grass.  This is when Kelly, No decided it was a good idea to lie in the tall grass.  I supported her, in that I said there probably wasn't any snakes, she would def get dirty, and falling straight back might, actually most likely, hurt.  Then I got the camera out. 

Later, we met Lucas for dinner and some grapefruit flavored beer.  Oh, and Piper accidentally had her first restaurant experience when she ran into the teriyaki place, accidentally.  Side note, Lucas has been serenading me for over an hour on his pignose amp (only a corner of which is shown here.)

Saturday morning, I woke up late (7am) to a couple of text from Cristi showing that she had been up for a couple of hours.  I hurried up with the pups and headed over to the Bacon Mansion.  There, I met her whole family.  Like, they were sitting around a big table having breakfast, and Cristi introduced me to each person, and then she QUIZZED ME.  Which I did not answer.  So there's that.  Midge (her mom) gave me a big hug from my parents, which was lovely.  And then Cristi told me we were going to go get her cousin.   The way she said it made me think we were waking him up by jumping on his bed, so I declined.  Instead, the first time I met Doug, I was singing happy birthday to him with his family.  Sounds like a super way to start the day! First stop: Seattle Art Museum.  Which didn't open until 10.  Which I think I knew, but then forgot in the fog of morning. 

Luckily, we were close to Pike Place Market, so we walked around there for a bit.  By like, 9:30, Cristi's exuberance started to fade, and she needed lunch.  Doug is from Colorado, so maybe that’s why we were talking about skiing?  Either way, I said that I don't ski anymore because, even though I love it, I'm afraid I'll hurt myself.  Cristi said that's how she felt about riding her horse.

Cristi: It's a hobby and I'm the more important parent.  
Cristi: It's true.  Nick knows this.  Which is why I told him if I die, he needs to marry someone immediately.

While we were in the museum, Cristi came up to both of us and said, "Do you see that? That's what I look like when I think a student is texting."

We were seeing the Miro exhibit, Doug admitted that he didn't really understand abstract art. I was happy to interpret for him.  Though, the one time he tried it, he received less than stellar reviews from the art afficianado's sharp stares around us.   He'll get better, I have every confidence.   There was a lot less translation needed for this guy:

By the time we got through the SAM, Cristi needed a nap, so I drop both of them off at the Bacon Mansion, and then picked up Janette and Neville.  Two weekends in a row!  We shared a lovely meal, at the end of which, Janette mentioned to the waitress that she had never brought her the drink she ordered.  The waitress promised to bring the drink, and not charge her for it.

Janette: I hate doing things like this (I actually love doing things like this.)

I would later enjoy that free beverage after emptying the broken washing machine of water, twice.  (I had to make sure it was really broken?) 

We were chatting about a bunch of random things, when I asked if they would know a lot of people at the wedding.  Oh, maybe I should have said: Janette, Neville, Doug and Cristi were all in town for Christi's cousin Stacey's wedding.  Janette was telling me about one the guests, and I was totally enjoying the story.  When I thought it was kind of towards the end, I said, "Okay so X & Y are going."  Janette said, "Yeah, this is the problem.  Since I started working from home, I have completely forgotten how to have goal oriented conversations."

Janette:  Do you ever want to talk to people in the stalls?
Me: I mean, I do talk to people if they talk to me.  There are some particularly social pee-ers at work actually. 
Janette: No, I mean, just random people.  Like just now, there was a Mom and her kid and the little girl was offering to let her mother go first.  And I wanted to comment on how cute and polite she was. 
Me: Yeah, no.  Though, that kind of reminds me of the time that Eva and I went to the Jersey shore.  We both went to the restroom, and a little boy, out of nowhere, slid, on his back into Eva's stall, and from between her legs on the floor, he greeted her with a big, "Hello!"

Saturday evening, I met up with Kelly and Ryan at the dog park.  It was Ryan's first time, but I think he might become quickly as addicted as we all are.  Sunday was more chores, reading, some TV while Lucas worked on his homework.  Probably very similar to what most of America was doing (or at least I hope they were so I don't feel so lame.)

Friday, May 23, 2014

You Got Baptismed

On Monday evening, Dr. Rach came over for some dinner and Ticket to Ride: Europe. 

After Nater moved a point tracker ahead 12 places by jumping rather than tapping on each number.
Lucas (sans sarcasm): Wow! You really are good at math!

A little later, as we have all been “building trains” for an hour:
Lucas: This isn’t real.  Trains aren’t built this way. 

My friends and I have been trying to put together a night to watch Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone after a couple of folks finished reading the book of the same name.  Dr. Rach offered to make a nice healthy dinner for everyone.  A couple of hours before the event…
Jen: I’m totally carb loading before I arrive.

On a similar note, my co-worker borrowed my Monster Book of Monsters for a couple of days and when she returned it, she left a note saying, “Mischief Managed.”

And this note has nothing to do with anything, but I introduced the fam to Smuckers Uncrustables – just in time for Dawne to sprain her ankle horribly.  She was on crutches all week, so the easy bread pouches of pb&j were perfect! Also, on Wednesday, they took pictures of the house and then put it up for sale. Yay!

And, Becky, Jared and Kelly came over with Piper for a swim and bbq.  As you know, Percy is a BIG swimmer.  Well, Piper was very excited to join in, and jumped right on top of him nearly drowning him, twice.  He shook for a LONG time after, and I’m not sure about whether or not he’ll be getting back in the pool.  I’m super happy he’s okay though, and just hope we can teach Piper water safety sooner than later. 

On Friday I asked Erika about what to wear for the Christening. 

Woke up early, flew down to San Fran (first class!) and then took the Bart to meet up with Erika – first stop: Starbucks.  (I accidentally typed that “Startbucks” and that might actually be a more appropriate name.  It was great to see her parents and sister – I don’t think I’ve seen them since Erika and Kenny’s wedding ten years ago.  Toby, Erika’s eldest, totally remembered me, and had LOTS to catch me up on.  When we started talking Penn State, Toby went to his room and brought out a teddy bear saying, “I got this at Penn State.” Annnnnd he was back into the conversation.  J

We all went over to the park and had an adorable 3rd birthday party for Xavi.  Erika made this sweet hot wheels cake and there was a T-Shirt decorating activity for the kids where they painted with the tires of the trucks.  Very cool.  Erika’s sister Stephanie, and her family were also there.  She had bought Xavi sea animals and a giant shark – I thought Xavi might pass out he was so excited.  Despite all the awesome, as things were wrapping up, Xavier said, “I’ve had a good day at the park, but it’s time to go.” He then proceeded to get into the stroller. 
After the party, Neville and Janette did me a solid and drove out to Pleasanton to hang out with me!  Oh, yeah, Pleasanton turned out to be this adorable little town.  I felt like I was on vacation!  I mean, I guess I was on vacation, but this made it more so.   We grabbed dinner at this Mediterranean place where I got caught up on their lives.  Then we took a little walk about town.

Neville: Oooh! Look! They sell children’s wedding dresses!
Janette: I think those are flower girl dresses.

Sunday: More startbucks, plus some grocery shopping.  I played a bit with Xavi, and got christened myself, in a way, when Daphne got comfortable enough with me to throw up on me.  Or, in the Erika-Kenny household, “I got cheesed.”  Perfect timing though, right before I showered.  She really is perfect!

It was a lovely ceremony, and lovely party celebrating one lovely little girl.  When everyone left, Xavi got real close to Daphne, holding her face with his hands and told her, “You. Got. Baptisimed.”

Erika tried to tell me that Tulips keep growing after you cut them and put them in a vase.  I remain unconvinced.

Erika and Kenny we're telling this story about when they were dating and how Kenny was kinda stalkerish.

Erika: You were kind of a stalker.
Me: Stalking is alright...
Kenny: If it works?
Me: I was going to say if they like you back.

We were also talking about stealing accidentally and on purpose.  Erika told me she brought pine cones home from WA once, and the next day, there were bugs covering her room.   This totally reminded me of the time when we drove cross country with my parents and drove into CA.  CA Border control told us they needed to confiscate our fruit.

Frita: We don’t have any fruit.
Border Control: Um, what about that apple right there.  I’m going to need to take that.
Eva (whispering to me): Don’t tell them about the caramel apples!!
Me: This is so weird!
Eva: I know they probably have a fruit stand on the other side to sell us back our own fruit. 

Friday, May 16, 2014

Leave the Pig

I need a favor.  Can you click on this link/picture and like the picture? My parents just got a new car and 100 likes on the BV Westchester side will give them a discount. Thanks!

This here is the problem with being behind on these emails, I have absolutely no idea what happened last Monday and Tuesday.  I'm pretty sure that Monday night, D&J went to IKEA and got chairs and picked up a nightstand like table for me while I vegged with the pups and caught up on the Mindy Project and Hart of Dixie.  And on Tuesday I ordered presents for the birthdays of Frita, Mo & Kyle and Mother's day (there were a lot of co-presents happening, but I think it was a good decision.)  I also worked a lot, which is a lot less interesting. 

Dawne did find this gem when cleaning out her stuff though…

Wednesday it was a gorgeous day out, so I went to the park, naturally.  At one point Casper got a little friendly (read humped) another dog.  He then ran out of the tall grass, but the other dog was delayed a moment. 
Owner:  She's getting dressed.

During another park visit, Kelly and I were walking a long when this woman from Finland unloaded a tale to us.  I guess she was driving to the park in her Audi, when a Pruis passed her in the right lane and then cut her off.  This caused her to slam on her breaks, nearly hitting him.  He then stopped, and got out of the car to yell at her, calling her a gas guzzling monster who doesn't care about the environment.  There was a dispute about ecological foot prints as well as shear rage over driving safety.  The story continued to the very end, when the woman realized she had wandered farther than she wanted to in the park and turned around.  Glad we could be an ear! Hope to see you again soon on YouTube!

Laina asked me to go to an event, and I said, "I'm in!" without even knowing what or who it was (as is my usual.)  But when Laina asked if I was ready to see the comedian, I felt like it was my responsibility to tell her that we were actually going to see his rap/musical performance rather than his comedy routine.  15 min later, I had not only posted the tickets for sale, but I also had someone respond that they wanted the tickets.  Here's me happily excited about how easy it was to sell the tickets, and how much I heart those beautiful moments when I have the top down, SBUX on hand I'm headed to meet Percy and Friends at the park!

I think I might have mentioned a while back that both Dawne and Sean have similar tastes, and that independently of the other, have made design decisions and purchases that are nearly identical.  Like the time Stacey asked for a birdhouse and Sean bought her a metal pig bench instead.  Then, a little later, Dawne brought home a slightly longer version of the same pig.  As we were packing things up, Dawne suggested that now that she was moving into a smaller house that she should swap pigs with Sean.  Hahaha until I have to find a way to check that on the plane, right?  As the real estate people were walking around the house, they were asking if Dawne was willing to leave the furniture.  My first thought was a potential buyer saying, "You're leaving the pig, right?"

Did I mention that Lucas will be participating in a program called "Rite of Passage" this summer?  In the briefest terms, kids go out into the wilderness, without food (water is okay), and no contact with others (outside of leaving an "I'm not dead" message) for three days.  He said he was only going to pack a guitar.  Ever supportive, I told him, "You bring more for an hour plane ride."  I also mentioned that I've never been completely alone for three days, even with entertainment.  Plus, he gets real cranky when he isn't fed. But you know, I'm trying to let the little birdie fly, so...

Friday evening Nater arrived from Chicago for the weekend, so on Saturday, we gathered as a fam for brunch and games.  I think the general consensus of the house was that it felt like a super fun tree fort.  Brunch was yummy, followed by a game called "Ladies and Gentleman."  Basically, the women shop for the perfect outfit for the ball and then them men have to pay for it.  Kinda great.  We hung out some more, then grabbed "linner." Then I got to hang out with Harper for an hour or two, giving Diana and Jason some time to play Ticket to Ride: Europe.   So, Diana and Jason (who are my age) are Aunt and Uncle to Matty and Dawne.  Matty is a big fan of calling Jason "Uncle Jason" b/c, why wouldn't you.  However, we were thinking that they next time they play soccer together, Jason mention that he's bringing his "Little nephew, Matty... I hope you don't mind..."

Sunday, was both Frita's birthday and Mother's day.  On the west coast, we started the day with a breakfast of blueberry pancakes followed by a visit to the zoo.  Zach is convinced that everyone on Mother's day is going to the zoo, so on our way to and from, he kept saying things like, "wrong way to the zoo guys!" and "wow, kind of late for going the zoo guys."  We ended up parking in a spot that only a Fiat or a smart car could fit into, thanks parking fairies!

Me: I love how Flamingos are always standing on one leg.
Lucas: They are really into yoga Tiffany.

We pasted by an informational panel with an elephant skull and I overheard a tween girl say, "There are dinosaurs in here?!"

I also got Dawne some scratch off tickets – and it turned out to be her FIRST EVER scratch off tickets.  Glad I went with the Dog vs Cat ones!

In the upper right hand picture…that is the cockroach exhibit with real live cockroaches from New York, NY!

Then we jumped in the pool, an event that Percy especially was pleased with.  After wards, Lucas wanted to watch this show called Cosmos, and Zach said he was going to go home instead of watch it with him.
Lucas: You're in a box right now called "unwillingness to learn" and I didn't put you there.

Friday, May 9, 2014

St. John Baptist de la Salle, Pray For Us

On Monday, I got up early, put on my best, “I hope you like me!” outfit, and headed off to New Employee Orientation.  I said hello right away to some folks when we were in the lobby.  Then later, at station 2, while in line, I decide to test to see if we *really* needed to wait in line.  We did.  That’s when people started sitting near me “just in case” they needed my help. One of the stations was to take a picture for our badge.  After she took the picture I asked, “How do I look?” so she offered to let me see.  I was told later that this turn of events created a trend in which everyone wanted to see their photo.  Whoops.  Next I was off to get a latte and meet my orientation team for the day.  I tried to be passive, I did, but before I knew it, we were changing our team name.  Before long, despite saying that I didn’t want to, I was running up to people to ask questions on behalf of the team, creating a presentation and then taking the mic. 

My first day was exactly like all my other days, only they took my picture again.  It was also a gorgeous day and I was super happy.  I’m pretty sure that Kelly and I went to the park every single day this week which made for a really awesome week.  There was even a lot of park + dinner evenings that made it feel like we were uber cool adult creatures.  Monday night was like a “ladies night” complete with margaritas and Tuesday was the Tipsy Cow with Kelly, Dawne and Jordan.  Oh, and I got home and saw Lucas working on a new logo. My only comment was, “good thing Earth Day was last Tuesday.”

Wednesday morning was a scary day but I’m marking it down as one of the best days ever.  It started out with Frita getting into an awful accident.  He was t-boned on Lee Blvd, the impact of which caused his car to roll over.  He then was stuck upside down, until the emergency crew could arrive to break the window and cut his glorious lifesaving seatbelt off so he could crawl out through the no-longer there windshield.  After being checked out at the hospital with a full battery of tests, he only had some minor cuts and bruises.  I’m sure this very lucky occurrence (both that he was okay and that my mother wasn’t riding shotgun where the impact occurred) is entirely because of how tight my parents are with God, which I am ever so grateful.  Interesting side story, my parents have always, at least since I can remember, started any trip, even small ones, with a prayer to St. John Baptist de la Salle.  April 30th was his birthday.  Later that day, I called to see how Frita was holding up.  I guess he hadn’t wanted to say anything but his chest was hurting, like something was pulling.  Finally, he decided to check and the hospital had left all the EKG sticky tabs on him complete with wires on, what was, a very rainy day.  Here’s a picture of the side of the car that didn’t get hit.

I also had breakfast with Gabo and his wife on Wednesday morning at Brown Bag.  I told him about going to the Mexican place on Tuesday.
Gabo: That place is terrible.  That is NOT Mexican food.
Me: So… how do you feel about Taco Bell?
Gabo: !!
Me: Taco Time?
Kelly (Mrs. Gabo): I’ve never been to Taco Time. Gabo won’t let us.
Me: OOOH! We can go together!
Kelly: And bring some back for Gabo in an unmarked bag!

I told this story to some co-workers when we went out for a celebratory lunch at another Mexican place and minutes later this was being sent to Gabo:

Gabo: Tiffany want to get on my nerves.  I wonder what you had. 
Me: A Cheese-a-dilla and a bud light.

Wednesday night, instead of the park after work, Kelly and Piper came over to swim.  She was telling Piper that our house was “the other dog park.”  We didn’t quite jump in the pool right away though because Jordan had an impromptu work bbq, which was kinda nice b/c then I got to see Sharon and Mike. J  Eventually, we stopped caring about the strangers and jumped in the pool anyway – which Percy boy LOVED.  So pleased with his new swimmer-friendly haircut!

On Thursday morning at around 7ish, I got a text from Gabo “We need counter measures for today’s weather.  Let’s get ice cream for lunch.”  Ben & Jerry’s by the lake? Don’t mind if I do!  Kelly also grabbed some shots that encapsulate a day at the park with Dawne for your viewing pleasure.

We also had an office monster pop up around here last week… and he appears to be fed.

On Friday, I really wanted to go to the park, again.  But by the time we got there, it had started to rain.  Luckily, die-hard, PNW, dog park lovers are rewarded with rainbows!  Kelly brought Alicia’s ten year old lab to park because she was dog-sitting.

Kelly: Violet!
(Violet keeps walking.)
Kelly: She's not a very good listener.

After the park, we went to the Malt and Vine for some adult beverages and food, but had to sit inside because of the rain.  Afterwards, we headed back to the house where Matty and Lucas entertained us with a mini kitchen concert. 

Matty: Do you have a pick?
Lucas: Yes, in the Box of Jewish Mysticism

Kelly: Why aren’t your dog’s chewing on all these bones?
Me: Oh, yeah.  Those are old bones. 

Piper and Violet had no such reservations. In fact, Violet is a “real” dog that straight up devoured those bones. 

Me: Check out the tiny hats next to the fish tank – they are Nala’s.
Kelly: Someone is going to where this hat.
Immediately, Percy jumped in my lap.
Me: He knows someone is in a dress up mood.

On Saturday, I was trying to find a back pack online that I’ve been borrowing from Dawne.  Percy really loves this back pack, and I feel bad borrowing it all the time.  Dawne insisted that she didn’t mind, but I kept searching anyway.  After intense googling, I FINALLY found the exact bag… but I think I might take Dawne up on that borrowing option…

After breakfast, I met up with Diana and Harper at the Redmond Farmer’s Market where I purchased honey and bee pollen.  Supposedly the bee pollen is supposed to help with your immunity if consumed regularly.  I’m not sure how you measure this, but the woman was not very nice to me.  And yet, I still bought things from her which just encourages her behavior.  I’ll let you know if it works, if I manage to use it more than once. 

Saturday evening Becky had her dance mania party.  I’m not going to lie, I had a blast – and not just because my favorite gem of the 90’s played, “Shoop.”  Becky told me she didn’t care about what type of cake, as long as there was a lot of frosting.  Her wish was granted with an icing tub with her name on it. 

Sunday, we met Matty for brunch at the Pancake House, followed by a small visit with Diana, Jason and Harper at Starbucks.  I skipped the trip with D&J to Ikea.  Instead, Sean called and helped me with my 401K so that’s at least one accomplishment.  And we ended the evening with some family games when Zach came over – complete with our very first home cooked meal in the brown house:

Oh, and this, cuz it’s funny.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Way Back Ground

Before I begin, I need to note that I had a dream that Danny, a friend from when I was growing up, in which his wife had a baby.  So, if that happens today, which would be weird b/c she’s not due for another 2 weeks, my premonition skills are on high   I started the week still in NY.  My dad handed me an envelope full of my bank statements from college.  Things I learned about myself:

- I paid for 95% of things in cash.
- My paychecks were adorable. (My mom commented, “I wouldn’t know, I never saw any of that money – you spent it all on beer.” To which I said, “Nah, I’m sure I bought some clothes with it too.”)
- I actually had checks to Verizon that looked like this:

Then my mom made me a ham to take home with me and handed me homemade Irish Soda Bread.  She’s pretty much the best.  I also made time to plant the tulips from Evivova, like a regular green thumb.  All this in between running around with my nephews and pup.  Before I knew it, we were heading to the airport for a splendid trip on Alaska Airlines, during which, Percy was perfect. J

When I arrived to work on Tuesday, I was surprised by some fun Earth Day candy and trading cards – too fun.  Though, I’m not going to lie to you, this is the only way that I celebrated the day and since I missed my ONE opportunity… maybe next year, Earth!

Wednesday… I found myself in a bit of jam because I needed to find all of my W2’s from the last ten years for an employment background check.  Miraculously, and if you could see my filing “system” you would see that it was truly an act of God, I found documentation from 2004 onwards.  I called the company and after I sent the paper work and said, “Yeah, I don’t have anything from 2003 because I was a baby, and didn’t know I had to keep any records.”  They accepted this as fact, and I was cleared for work!

On Thursday, I wrote two of these, so that kinda occupied most of the day.  :P  Followed by my “last day” on Friday as a v- (v dash).  Hip hip hooray! Did I also mention that I finished three seasons of Veronica Mars?  And every time I watched the credits, I thought:

Kelly: Rob Thomas?
Me: Not that Rob Thomas.

In a stroke of GENIUS, Dawne found a place for a pantry in the brown house.  Here is it half way finished:

Saturday, we mostly moved furniture, cleaned and I watched Dawne and Jordan change light bulbs.  Not terribly exciting, but you know, I wouldn’t want you to think we had stopped moving.  J  I also worked some Oxy Clean magic on the kitchen chairs.  Seriously, magical because we thought that we were going to have to reupholster them.  I’m not sure what an outside is going to think of the house, but I sure was pleased to see the flying contraptions hanging from the ceiling again, comic book characters on the walls, and cartoon statues adorning the shelves.  Not to mention, a bright shiny Pop-N-Fresh going to battle with a mouse inside the kitchen table.  Maybe it’s just my nostalgic nature and all the joy that I associate with the yellow house, but I keep feeling both hopeful and defensive about how people will feel when they come in to look at the house. 

On Sunday, we all went over to celebrate Baby Harper (Diana and Jason’s little one) at her dedication service. It was really cool to get to participate in their church services and get a different perspective.  Plus, they looked so happy and as always, Harper was adorbs.  Here is a terrible picture (the lighting was not on my side.)

After getting some laundry done, and finally unpacking from my trip.  Zach and I took a trip to the Bargain Market, the only acceptable place to shop according to Zach (when he’s paying.)   I met Kelly and Piper at the park followed by dinner at Outback with the fam. 

Earlier in the week, Zach was coerced into walking at graduation by his grandma.  When his grandpa got on the phone he said, “I’m supposed to tell you to walk, but I don’t really give a sh*t, so I’m probably not the best person for this job.”  He also announced that “Everyone down here are idiots” and couldn’t wait to leave PR and come back to WA.  Until, or course he spends a couple of months here and then he’ll be saying, “Everyone up here are idiots…” We miss you too, Uncle Ray.