Monday, May 18, 2009

That's how she do.

On Friday I popped down to Cafe Europa for an Iced Coffee around 2pm, and given the hour and the lack of patrons, my buddy spoke to me it went like this:
"One Large Iced Coffee Please."
"Those two large coffees you get in the morning, they are both for you?"
"I thought you would never find out."
" I always thought you were getting one for a friend."
"And now you are having another large coffee?"
"That's a lot of Caffeine"
"And I've been cutting back too."
Last night I fulfilled my sister's request to call her house and pretend to be the "Bedtime Master" and then tell her small child to get to bed.  He laughed the whole time, got off the phone and said "That wasn't the bedtime master, that was Aunt Tiffany." Once again, I fail at being stern, authoritative or effective for that matter. 
It is Monday, and every muscle still aches from whatever fun activities I was involved in at my Niece Jackie's First Holy Communion--Party that is.  There was a brief soccer game, a kettle bell demonstration, and more than my fair share of trampolining--but seriously.  It's Monday. 
Oh, and I watched my 11 year old niece Bailey take the limes from empty corona's and then eat them (rind and all b/c that's how she do).  She is the awesome.  I didn't have the heart to mention how unsanitary it was. :)
Congratulations to Sarah Beth Bianco who just got engaged last weekend... This might be premature... but eh... timing wasn't always my best suit:
How did I make your day about me? it was remarkably easy actually. 
I tried to get Roy to go on a last minute vacay with me this weekend but I must not have presented the options in the best light b/c now I think I'm going to end having to clean in order to get ready for the anniversary party... b/c as my mother sternly told me last night, she likes to prepare early... and Sean and I with our crazy notions of "we have plenty of time" will not be heard or tolerated. 

Monday, May 11, 2009

And then I did this...wait let me go back... and then I did that...

Sending a "Happy Birthday, Birthday Girls" to Debina and Mo!! (and to HB,BB Frita, who will eventually hear this when my mother makes me read it out loud to her even though she's heard all of my stories in person, and real time.)
While the original intention of sending emails on Monday was for you to have something fun in your inbox when you are dragging yourself to get into the work week, I find clearing my head for the writing for said emails takes a bit of an effort on Monday's.  I actually just physically shook my head to try to get my thoughts in order hoping against hope that my brain isn't one big etch-a-sketch clearing more than I need. 
Let's rewind a bit.  My coffee chick recieved 5 gold stars last week when I entered downstairs and there were 20 foriegners in line (there seems to always be an influx of non-americans at the apparently appropriately named Cafe Europa) and as I was in line I heard "Miss! Excuse me Miss?" and I was beckoned to the other side of the register where my coffee was ready, transaction occured and I walked out without a hitch or inconvenience of a line.  I have been racking my brain for a good present to give her, but so far I can only think of a Starbucks gift card, and I'm not sure if our relationship has progressed to a point where she would understand the irony of the gesture.  Ideas are currently being accepted.  I'm going for this kind of reaction:
While I gave my sister the extended "wait, let me go back, oh wait there's more I'm not done yet" version of the story (we were in a car and you KNOW how much I love a captive audience) I'll try to cut it down for you.  I went to see/hear Jen Lancaster on Thursday, author of "Bitter is the New Black: Confessions of a condescending, ego-maniacal, self-centered smart-ass, or, why you should never carry a prada bag to the unemployment office."  Marisa thought that this might be describing myself, but I protest. I am not condescending.  Anyway, after chatting with Jen for the two minutes it took her to sign my book she said "Man, you are on FIRE!" so basically, I win. 
I started to feel bad about being mean to the mean chick at work.  I mean granted I was not being mean to her, just about her in my email threads and then in my head with my lil game, I still felt like an unkind human being.  So I tried extending an olive branch in way of an invite to coffee.  She all put lit it on fire and threw it in my hut.  I then got this from another co-worker, which I'm not sure is entirely fair... but eerily on topic. 
I am making a formal apology to Doreen Matthews
More specifically for a) not telling her to wear black for laser tag and then b) for telling her she would have to be on a different team b/c she was wearing light blue.  That was wrong of me, and I hope this does not end our laser tag friendship.  Though, we need to find a better place... the one at the Palisades Mall was just mediocre in its terrain, and I need more to satisfy my lust of the game. 
Going out on Saturday for Debina's birthday reminded me that some things never change.  The reputation and roots of families like the Halls, McDonough's, O'Brien's and even I would say the Galvin's runs deep, Chris Hall will always think of me as that stuck up brat from when we were three, the elder members of my tribe will be revered as funnier, better and cooler than I will ever hope to be, and seeing old friends is always a blast.  I use these families as my personal examples, but I think its universal.  The people we grew up with, that we spent time with mainly b/c our parents were friends when we were younger, or b/c we lived down the street from each other, will have a unique bond unlike any other childhood friend.  And within that bond, the youngest of us all, we'll always be the brat. :) Them's the breaks.
Lastly, we hit up the Bronx Zoo yesterday (39 year's of mother's day going strong).  People watching is strong, the stuff parents say to their kids is classic (remember "Spit it out ya filthy animal?--well I know I got to say "Next time food falls on the ground, lets not eat it."), the prarie dog portion of the children zoo is still awesome, and I yet to master Parseltongue (though I did try.)