Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Life is Drawsome

Zach went to visit Nate in Chicago for his 21st birthday on the 16th, and at one point, Zach had a window fall on his head.  He was telling me that half his body was intermittently numb, his head hurt, and he had tingly fingers.
Me: Did you go to the doctor?
Lucas: When I had a concussion, I don’t remember having tingly fingers. 
Lucas: Get it?  Because I had amnesia? Heh.

Mariana was over getting guitar lessons when she asked Lucas if he wanted to go snowboarding with her.  He quickly and emphatically answered, “I’m done with winter.”  Me too.  And then he asked, “You know who benefits the most from the navy and army. It's not technology. It's Lucas. I've received stickers. Multiple pencils…”

Early last week was filled with watching Switched at Birth and playing Draw Something.  To say that it’s my new favorite game would be an understatement.  Plus, Switched at Birth isn’t amazing so Dawne and I have plenty of time to concentrate on being Drawsome.  We have all been upping our game.  Here is an example of the work I’ve been getting from Kelly:

Wednesday, we skipped our last writing class, and then Dawne saw our teacher on the plane the next day.  Dawne used packing as an excuse, but I think she might as well have said, “My dog ate my iPad.” Over breakfast, Lucas was eating some Life cereal with Zach, when he noticed, “Great.  Dad circled all the answers on the back of the box with a Red Pen.”  Way to ruin it for everyone, dude.  Later, I was driving Lucas to school one morning and there was this cute little kid on the back of a bus with the headline “Help Henry”.  Boy, is that kid going to be embarrassed if he makes it.

We were also listening to this song, when Lucas commented that perhaps a good AA meeting would also be beneficial to the gentleman:

On days when Dawne and Jordan are out of town, I have to get up a lot earlier and be a lot more helpful to other beings outside of myself.  One particularly early morning, after getting ready for the day, we stepped outside and it was decidedly sunny out, and Lucas informed me that it was the best day of our lives.  He then proceeded to just dance in his seat with joy over how awesome life was.  It was right around that moment, that I accidently ran a red light.  Maybe the camera didn’t get my face b/c I was reaching up to touch the roof of the car? 

On Thursday, I bailed on Husband Hunt Day in favor or lounging about doing very little – which in all honestly, is most likely what my future husband was ALSO doing.  Friday, I got home to very excited puppies. So excited, that Casper jumped up and punched me in the face so hard I got a swollen, bloody lip.  Zach was having friends over for his birthday, so I asked Derek how bad it looked, and he said it looked fine.  But then, I went up to get dressed and put some make up on and saw that it was NOT fine. 
Me: You lied to me.  I look terrible.
Derek: Well you don’t look like you have herpes or anything.
Zach’s friend: If you’re picking up girls you can just say you were being heroic.
Me: I’m not trying to pick up girls! 

I went out with some people from work.  I picked up Kelly on our way to the Garage when we saw this 90 year old woman walking.
Kelly: Aww, look at that woman out on the town.
Me: She’s probably going to the Garage. 

I carefully waited until one of the uber managers had done at least 4 shots before I introduced myself. (She said I had a fabulous Outlook photo, which is almost as good as being recognized for my good work.) Then, she introduced me to the Vodka & Frangelico shot – which tastes like cookie, and next time I want a cookie, I’ll just have one of those.  But not at work of course.  She said it was okay as long as it was after 4pm.  I can hold her to that, yes?  I then got into a conversation with her husband that eventually led to him saying, “I’m a MAN!” So, that was a good first impression. 

Given that Zach had a party at the house, and I was up until 3 and Lucas was at a sleepover, we all got anywhere between 0 and 4 hours of sleep on Friday night.  I got up at 7 and then soon after got a call to pick up Lucas in Seattle.  We had a pretty mellow day.  I got donut for all the college students, met Becky at the dog park, came back to the house and crafted a bit (I only made two cards, but Becky looked like she was being productive) and then maybe watched some TV?  I don’t know, everything was a bit hazy.  I do know that Zach, Luke and I all got anywhere between 12 and 17 hours of sleep Saturday night. 

This meant that I was incredibly productive on Sunday.  We got up, went to the park, got groceries, went to the bank, cleaned the house, took down party decorations, put up Easter decorations, and did laundry.  I also paid Lucas to bath Nala and Casper.  I nearly choked on my coffee when, at the park, Nala rolled in leaves and dirt and looked at Lucas like “I just want to make sure I’m extra dirty for when you clean me.”  Casper was less happy about bath time.  Lucas picked him up like a baby and brought him upstairs.  Casper then ran back down and sat next to me.  Lucas picked him up, only this time I heard Lucas giving him a chat about trust, and how he had broken that bond of trust.  I firmly believe that Casper understood every word, because as soon as Lucas got him back into the tub, Casper peed all over him. 

I also introduced the boys to the wonder that is Goldie Hawn in a little film called, “House Sitter.”  They must have liked it, because as soon as it was over, we played it again.  Next up? Overboard.

Also, Dawne and I have had over 100 successful turns in Draw Something in less than 9 days.   But they don’t go into triple digits.  Prepare to receive a letter of complaint, OMGPOP.  I literally don’t know if I can keep up with my additions to Facebook, Words with Friends, & Draw Something AND keep writing your guys.  Quality is definitely going to go down because I know for damn sure quantity is not going to decrease. 

I hope you havea phenomenal week – I’ll try to get my act together and be on time next week.  :P

Monday, March 19, 2012

Five Minutes On The Clock Please

 I’m going to try to rally right now.  I went to the doctor early this morning and while they were drawing blood (from my hand because my body likes to make it difficult for anyone trying to steal from it) I not only passed out, apparently I started to seize.  THAT’s a new development. 

We went to lunch on Monday for Kelly’s birthday and naturally someone started about inventions for gamers (that I’m going to talk about until after we’ve made a prototype and I’ve trademarked the idea. :P) Then someone started talking about the new dorito taco from taco bell, and we lamented that we hadn’t gone there for the special birthday lunch, when Tyler asked, “Wait.  Are these Nacho or Cool Ranch?”  (I still don’t know – maybe for MY birthday.)

We were at dinner last week when Dawne told us that there was one thing that she would demand that our future mates have.
Me: Is it that they aren’t sterile? Because I don’t know if you can guarantee that.
Dawne: No.  But that’s a good one.  You all have to find someone who is your equal.
Lucas: How am I supposed to find someone who knows that many yo-yo tricks?!
(and later when I told Rach)
Rach: That REALLY sets the bar high for us. 
True Story.

Rach has a new roommate Jason and I asked him what it was like to live with two people who are so neat.  He said he was fine adjusting to whatever level of clean his roommates liked.  They are a no shoe house, so often shoes are placed by the door.  Jason woke up one morning looking for his shoes only to see them lined up on a shelf so he yelled out, “Who OCD’d my SHOES?”

I decided to go out and be social on Thursday instead of making Irish Soda Bread (or Green Muffins.  Remember when I used to bring 8 dozen green muffins into school and they’d be gone by 4th period?) Ultimately, I think it was a good decision.  I hear Sean stayed up until 1 making our grandmother’s recipe – he doesn’t have the social pressure that I do.  Thursday evening I was pretty wrapped up on the work front, waiting for Kelly to finish up, and texting my brother when Tyler said good-bye.  I must have given my “if you’re doing something fun please please please invite me” look, because all of a sudden I was on my way to the bar with him and Nick.

Tyler: Do you want to go down to Central or do you have to pick up a kid at a school.
Me (totally confused): Why would a try to pick up a guy at a school? Gross.  No.  Today is Thursday.  Husband Hunt Day.  I go to a bar for that silly. 

I was telling Tyler and Nick that my brother was texting me pictures of his new Guinness tap for “Guinness Season” and how it must have been an odd day because he never lets me talk to him on the commute to and from work.  After chatting away on our walk to the bar, Tyler said, “I can see why he has such a strict policy of not talking.”  Harsh Tyler.  Harsh.  Kelly met us down there, but then I promised to go back to work with her and help her write an email.  (I acted out a scene in which I was pretending to grab a gun and shoot things and I described in detail what I was doing and she wrote it all down.)  FINALLY we were done with work and could meet Rach.  Kelly was telling us about having brunch with an old bo at a restaurant and showed us the exact booth where they once gazed at each other over some eggs and toast. 

Rach: Which booth?
Kelly: That one, right there.
Rach: Let’s burn it. 

This is what I think of every time I’m with Rach:

Friday night, I went to see Jordan’s niece Rosie in Oklahoma at the 5th
Me: I already saw the REAL one.
Dawne: This one will be BETTER.
Me: No. Freakin. Way. 

But actually, they did cut out some of the dull parts, and Rosie was captivating and hilarious so, I guess it was worth it. 

Saturday morning I met Becky for breakfast and then went over to a friend’s son’s funeral.  When we left there, we went immediately to the Celtic Bayou.

Me: Does this feel weird, ordering Jameson and Guinness?
Becky: People will be like, “Why do you smell like booze?”
Me: Mormon funeral.
Becky: With an Irish friend on St. Patrick’s Day.  Makes perfect sense. 

Thus, by 11:30, I was already being mocked but they singer at the mic for drinking Jameson.  Becky says it was actually for NOT drinking Jameson, and I think it’s because I took one sip and said, “Yeah.  I am not drinking that.”  Unfortunately, I had to ditch Becky early because Lucas told me his performance was starting at 1 not 1:30.  I dashed down town, just barely making it to see Allium perform at the EMP.  Then, I ran back to the house to change out of all black and into my St. Patrick’s Day get up.  I told Lucas, that every year I get all excited and St. Patrick’s Day and then I’m totally disappointed because no one else cares like I do.  Anyway, I changed and then picked up Kelly and met Diana, Jason, Lauren and Rach at a St. Patrick’s Day/Sounders tailgate.  As we were looking for parking, a random guy told us to park by the pole.  So we parked by the pole.  Only, I got my white and green shoes, that I only wear once a year, dirty.  L But we DID get to park near a pole.

Rach: I was walking down the street when some guy asked me if I wanted to buy his hip hop album.  He didn’t ask anyone else.  That’s when I knew that I was really pulling off this hat.  I also wore this Sounders shirt this morning during the race and I didn’t wash it before I put it back on.  Don’t worry, it was a short race and I used Fabreeze. 

Kelly: Did you see this picture I took of Chris Harrison?
Me: Yes, three times.
Rach: Who?
Kelly (showing the picture.): Chris Harrison from work.
Rach: Oh.  I thought you said, JEFF Harrison.  I’m not interested any more.
(Names changed for funsies.)

We had someone take a picture of us, but then someone photo bombed the picture, so Kelly pointed out to him that his cameo featured significant snot – gross, guy.  gross and now embarrassed.

As we were leaving the tailgate of food, green beer, and multi-colored jello shots, back to the car parked by the pole, Kelly said, “I’m pretty drunk. I didn't think this was going to happen again today.”  When we got to the car, I didn’t want to get muddy again, so Kelly MacGyver’ed the situation for me. 

Then we met up with a guy from work at Fado’s, and Irish bar on 1st.  There, you could hang outside, in the “beer garden” for free or go inside the bar.  We eventually went in, then came back outside so we could hear each other.  Our co-worker’s dad was in town from Boston – and the co-worker grew up in Connecticut – anyway, turns out the dad went to Lakeland.  The same high school I went to.  What are the chances?  He didn’t believe me either.  But I didn’t really believe him b/c he grew up in Peekskill, but I guess that was before Panas even existed.  Weird.    Anyway, Kelly and I tried to get back into the bar, and the bouncers stopped us.  We said we would be right back out, we just needed to use the restroom, and they were like. NO.  FIVE MINUTES.  That’s when Kelly proceeded to put a 5 minute timer on her phone and hold it up in his face.  When someone else asked to go in, the other bouncer glanced at Kelly’s timer and said, 2 minutes.  When we finally got into the bar Kelly said, “Boy. That timer really pissed off the guy with the gold tooth.”

Later, we met up with Diana, Jason and Rach at Sluggers, which is appropriately named, I suppose, because a heated conversation broke out between Jason and the bartender.  While that was going on, Rach whispered to me, “I'm just saying if we're starting a brawl I'm freakin IN.”  There was also a situation with some French fries, but mostly the bartender should not work on St. Patrick’s Day, or in a bar, if she doesn’t like drunk people, IMHO.

Sunday, I slept in, and then proceeded to sit in the kitchen all day working on some Wikipedia entries and playing Draw Something (I really can’t get enough of this game!!)  I also went to the grocery store with Lucas on Sunday, and he picked up this pinwheel I had in the car and was playing with it by spinning it, and I said, “Oh yeah.  That’s from the funeral.”  Lucas: Way to take the fun out of it, Tiffany.  I didn’t mean to… I was just trying to add another layer to the action.  I was about to head over to Laina’s for a pot luck when Casper came to say good-bye to me.  I put my phone on the banister so I wouldn’t drop it, when it slipped off the banister and shattered.  I showed Rach at the party.

Me: I put a case on is so that I wouldn’t cut myself, see.
Rach (running her finger along the glass the whole way and then holding up her finger to me): Aww I got glass splinters.
Aimee: Some of us learn by doing.
Kava (Laina’s friend): Did I hear you’re a doctor?

Serious props to Shana who made a delicious cake—and when it didn’t come out of the pan properly, made a switcheroo by breaking up the cake and serving it in a cool bowl:

Okay, that’s about all there is for me today.  I hope you had a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Jen Sure Knows How to Ruin a Baby Shower...

We were all scheduled to go to a “Sing it for me, Baby” shower for Jen on Sunday (I was going to sing a beautiful rendition of “Papa Don’t Preach”) when we got a call telling us that Jen decided to have a baby 5 weeks early instead.  Juniper Amelia was born last night at 8:08, at 6 lbs 3.7 oz and 18 Inches long.   I can’t wait for her to see what I got her.  J

Me: Jen had her baby last night.
Lucas: Already!?
Me: Well that's why we had to cancel the shower.
Lucas: I know, but that was REALLY quick.
Me: I don't think Jen thought so. Her name is Juniper Amelia.
Lucas: Like Benny and Joon. NICE!

Rach: Here is something that might cheer you up.  As part of the unending saga of Rachel doing ridiculous outlandish things…I honked at a police officer today because he was driving like a jerk.  Then I pointed at him and gave him a stern look.   Then I got nervous that he’d pull me over for it.  So I smiled at him as a passed by. 

I saw a post from a friend from HS last week, who has 1 year old twins and is pregnant with another set of twins. “My original goal to get to 32 weeks and still be working out was accomplished. Currently 34.5 weeks and still doing 20 mins of cardio and light weight training daily. I've had to modify along the way but feeling healthy and happy! New goal is 36 weeks!”  Dude.  I worked out once this week and was so proud of myself; I took the rest of the week off. 

Alright, so I went to class on Wednesday (nothing too exciting.  I did write a story with, “Whore’d herself up” in it and decided it wasn’t quite “Children Story” worthy.)  Thursday, Dawne threw Jordan a Toy Story themed party (complete with themed goodie bags, decorations and cake) in which we had a game-a-thon of games from when we were younger including Sorry, Kerplunk, Operation and Pin the Sheriff Badge on Woody.  It was around 10, we were all still hanging out around the table when Zach said, “Man, I can’t believe Nate didn’t come down from his room for this.”  (Nate is in Chicago.) 

I don’t know if you remember when Zach slept in his parent’s bed and proclaimed that their sheets were like Unicorn Skin.  Well, my friends, I invested in some Unicorn Skin and it is all that he promised and more.  I blew off Rach on Friday night (she gave me an out… never give me any reason to stay home, especially when I’ve just put Unicorn Skin on my bed.) As I was nestled snuggly swaddled by the finest Unicorn Skin in the land, I texted Rach to tell her how happy I was to not to be hanging out with her –I’m sure she loved that.)   I was discussing my Unicorn Skin when I went over to hang out with Shane and Cathy, and Dawne told me that 1600 thread count wasn’t the finest in the land.   That in fact what I had was essentially old decrepit Unicorn Skin, and that she had baby Unicorns that were made of 2000 thread count.  WANT.  We told Cathy that Unicorns come in all different colors and patterns (it’s not a wildly known fact.)  Cathy asked us if we owned Snuggies .  I actually do, but I think I might be the only one.  She was disappointed because she imagines us all sitting around in our own snuggies in front of the TV.  That’s when I had a brilliant idea.  I’ll make my own Snuggies (improved because they’ll have a little pocket on the bottom to ensure the warmth of your toes).  Also, they will be made of Unicorn Skin™, with some kind of warmer (soft fuzzy Reindeer?) material on the outside so you also have the weight on top of the silkiness.  Cathy suggested a hood with a single horn, but that’s clearly absurd. 

On Saturday night I went over to Rach’s for her roommate Kyle’s birthday.  I met one chick who didn’t have facebook, so we made verbal agreement to be friends.  (I actually said, Do you accept my friend request? and she did.)  I don’t know many of you are familiar with life in Seattle, but I have encountered many openly disapproving judgments when I have let it be known that I’m Catholic.  Rach and I were chatting up Kyle’s friend Chris who was not pleased by how amusing we found one another.  Chris was telling us about one of his friends and dropped in, “He’s Catholic” like it was a bad thing. 

Rach and I simultaneously: We’re Catholic.
Chris: Ugh.  Okay, well he even wears one of those Catholic Medallions.
Me: Like a cross?
Chris: No like, a Medallion.  With a saint and everything. 
Me (showing him my necklace with the virgin Mary medallion on it): Like this?
Chris: What is that? A bumble bee?

Kyle’s Friend: I ain't whipped.
Me to Rach: Where are we?
Rach:  “I also don't know English.”
Me: Let’s just sit back and judge, my friend.

Bryan: What is your website called?
Me:, but it’s mostly sarcastic.
Rach: Even the sweet part is sarcastic.
Me (outraged): I can be sweet!
Rach: Oh.  Sure.  But I just figured the name was because your mom wants you to be sweet, but you’re actually sarcastic. 
Me: : ) That honestly never occurred to me.   

As usual, there was a lot of giggling and a lot of jealous stares.  It’s just what Rach and I have learned to live with. 

I have every intention of rewriting Jordan’s Wikipedia page.  As we were reading the current page out loud, and his sons were learning all sorts of things about their father, Lucas paused and said, “I can't believe they let you have a Wikipedia page and not me. I’m not trying to be insulting.  It’s not that I don’t think you should have one, it’s just that I am so overwhelmingly awesome that I can’t believe I don’t also have one.”

Lucas doing vocab: Indolence.  This describes my relationship with school perfectly, and Arda’s relationship with life. 

Seeing as my schedule was completely free on Sunday, Lucas and I decided to go hunt down where the Uwajimaya is located.  We eventually found it (it’s twice as big and twice as awesome.)  On our way back to the car Lucas commented, “This wind is vicious… especially with my cut offs.” 

Me: This baby really messed up my plans for the day.
Zach: I don’t know what you’re complaining about.  You’ve been hanging out with me all day.
Me: And what have you done to entertain me?
Zach: We watched TV.
Me: You didn’t put that on, I did. 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Jack Sparrow Finally Did it!

Today is Nathan’s 21st birthday.  I’m sad I wasn’t there to take him to Hooters this morning for breakfast like my siblings took me on mine.  J Happy Birthday, Birthday Boy! (I thought I’d put this in early, in case he makes a drinking game out of my weekly update and doesn’t make it to the end.)

Me: Do you remember when Whitney Houston Died?
Christy: And you listened to her station, disliked the Titanic song and became a racist? Yes.
Me: Right, so I’m doing it again with the Monkees in honor of Davy Jones.

On the same day, my friend Jason (it’s so hard not to say his first name without his last name) said, “I can't be the only one who saw all the RIP Davy Jones updates and thought "good job Captain Jack Sparrow!" And the pregnant Liz, who started the two day tribute tradition, said this week, “I announced to a judge and 45 strangers that I have to use the restroom often and I was freed from jury duty...”

I actually made it to my story writing class on Wednesday, and then on Thursday, I got up bright and early to have breakfast with Becky.  Over waffles, she told me that her brother stole the audio book of the Bible from the Library.  She’s thinking that wasn’t exactly how God wanted him to learn the Word. 

Thursday night, I saw Oklahoma with Rach and Laina at the 5th Avenue Theater.  There were a couple really funny moments, but for once, I’m going to keep it to myself.  Friday, I felt super accomplished both at work and in my personal life.  I even booked three trips that I had been deliberating on (booking a flight, knowing that to change a flight is such a hassle, always makes me feel like I have done a herculean task rather than clicking some buttons for the opportunity to sit for hours on end.) Ooh! And I joined a gym which is totally half way to working out.

Friday night I had zero plans, but then all of a sudden, things started looking up.  Jen came over to go for a late night swim in the rain.  She is around 7 ½ months pregnant, and because she is such a tiny person, she’s been getting a lot of “You must be about to pop!” comments.  Dawne tried to make her feel better by telling her own stories (like the time Nathan, age 5, thought his mom couldn’t fit in the car so he said, “Don’t worry, Mom, we’ll just tie you to the roof.)  Just as we were trying to make her feel better, Jordan walked in and said, “Wow Jen!  You’re bigger than your car!”  Luckily, Jen wasn’t even standing up for him to see her size and she drives a smart car, but still.  His timing could not have been more perfect (or terrible?). 

Saturday was a long one.  I didn’t get to sleep until around 2 Friday night with the swimming and the Eclipse watching, and then Nala (the Yorkie) woke me up.  At first I thought maybe she was left all alone in the house, but no.  Everyone else was awake and in the kitchen.  She just wanted ME to take her outside.  It’s fine; I had to meet people at noon in Fremont anyway for the Hard Liver Festival.  After waiting for around a ½ hour with no movement in the line, and no fast pass options, we decided to grab lunch.  

Rach told us that she had a patient that was a 13 year old girl, who also tended to give Dr. Rach a hard time. She made the teen get on the stair machine, and after 5 minutes she was struggling, while Dr. Rach was smiling and encouraging her to do keep going.  Rach: I was so proud of myself for making her do it.  It might have been my greatest accomplishment all week.  Oh, and I taught a guy to walk.”

Some people on my team at work have wanted to have a team building / night out.  I suggested we go to Sky High (the trampoline gym) and play dodge ball.  Kelly told Angel (who is originally from Mexico) and said, “You’ll be like a little Mexican jumping bean!”

After lunch, we went over to check on the line, only there was still a two hour wait. At that point, Rach and her roommates decided that they were going to go for a run to Greenlake.  We (Kelly, Natalie (Kelly’s cousin), Lynn and I) politely declined and walked back, full circle, to near where we had lunch.  As we were sitting outside for an adult beverage, we were all, “See, we don't need Greenlake!”  (4 blocks, four miles, same diff.)  I asked Kelly about the facebook poll she took the night before on whether or not she should become a blonde.  Despite the fact that everyone discouraged her, I thought it was fabulous idea. So, I called Heather, who is a fantastic hair dresser. 

(That’s not Heather’s; I just thought the HARD TO LEAVE bit was funny.  Do they catch you with their quartet?)

Me: Hi Heather!  First, we’ve been drinking. Second, do you have time to dye my friends’ hair red? 

And what do you know? She DID have time! Naturally, the four of us ran and got beer and mimosa fixings from 7-11 and sat back to watch the metamorphosis.  Oh wait.  First, we got there, and I forgot where exactly Heather’s place was, so I made a full circle around the building (who needs Greenlake!?) and then before we sat down, we decided to use the rest room, which was down and around the building (because friends that pee together…) Then, on our second trip down to the restroom, I took this snap shot (before entering the restroom and yelling, “SAME STALLS!”)

Kelly ended up looking SMASHING, and Heather told us we could call her anytime we were drunk and needed a change.  We came full circle back to where we started the day, at the Hard Liver Festival, to find there was no longer a line!  We ordered some Barley Wine, and while my friends were taking instamatic works of art, I took a meta picture of them taking the picture. 

After deciding that Barley wine is not really my thing, I left the ladies to go to Rach’s for dinner.  The runners were already playing yahtzee, but I jumped in so that someone could cook the steaks (I’m a giver.)  When we were done, one guy said to Rach, “You weren't focused on the game.” To which Rach replied, “I was busy cooking your dinner” and then complimented this statement with a death stare (that I had to take twice because the first time I was giggling too much.)

There was another guy, Bryan, who also didn’t help cook.  After doing some dishes, someone (not Bryan) finally brought his plate over.  I suggested in my subtle and kind way, that it was his turn to clean something, and we handed him the mashed potato pot.  Bryan invited me to inspect his work, to which I obliged as a joke.  However, I had no problem pointing out that there was still a bit of potato clinging to the side of the pot.  He gave up, and Kyle took over.  Back in the living room, Bryan explained to us all that getting things 90 percent clean is perfectly acceptable – and really, close enough right?  To which I said, “You’re right.  People love when a nurse is only 90 percent clean.”  (Did I mention that Bryan was a nursing student?)

Famished from all of the giggling, we needed some gelato.  Rach, her roommate Jason, and I piled into Bryan’s car.  Jason and I were in the back, and Jason decided to “Check us into” the back of Bryan’s Car. 

Bryan: It wouldn’t be the first time.
Me: Oh! “Friend me” first, so your newsfeed will know we just met.
Jason had some technical difficulties so he checked us in, but didn’t actually tag anyone. 
Me: That’s pretty half-assed Jason.  Sounds like something Bryan would do. 
When we arrived to the Gelato place, there wasn’t any good parking so Bryan parked illegally.
Bryan: When you got one of these, you're fine.
And then he placed a handicapped sign onto the rear view mirror. 

When we got back to Rach’s we played a little Pictionary.  I don’t think Rach and I have ever played Pictionary, but that didn’t stop us from calling, “Rach and Tiffany Vs!”  We rocked that game, though maybe it was over board when Rach knew I had drawn a Parrot, but she just yelled, “Polly wants a cracker!” then giggled until the time was almost up, and then said, “I knew it was a Parrot.” 

I got home a little after midnight to see a bunch of college kids hanging out, so I went upstairs, real quiet like.  I don’t know why I bothered, because I could hear their entire Truth or Dare game upstairs.  The next morning, Lucas woke me up with a knock.  When I asked, “Yeeees?” He said, “I’m lonely.”  I got up to keep him company (he said he was starving because he was afraid to eat dinner the night before with the strangers in the house), and eventually everyone got up and made it to the kitchen.  Then we took the dogs to an indoor play area followed by a restaurant that serves both humans and dogs.  Norm's Eatery & Ale House is located in Fremont and it is a sight to behold.  I wish I had taken a picture – but there were dogs at every single table.  One great dane had his head resting on a table,  and they were all getting along and just chill.  The waitress explained the rules to us.  If dogs start barking, both dogs need to leave (just like if humans got into a fight), if there was an accident, they would immediately clean it up, and if the dogs wanted to order chicken or hamburger from the menu, they would it cut up and bring it out a dog bowl.  So cool.  I’m pretty sure Dawne was more excited than Casper and Nala were, to be honest. 

Unfortunately, I got carsick on our adventures, and it lasted all evening, through 7 loads of laundry and several episodes of My Boys and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I honestly thought I had the flu, but was pretty pleased to wake up feeling much better.  Maybe, it was just my time to get some rest.  J