Monday, May 18, 2009

That's how she do.

On Friday I popped down to Cafe Europa for an Iced Coffee around 2pm, and given the hour and the lack of patrons, my buddy spoke to me it went like this:
"One Large Iced Coffee Please."
"Those two large coffees you get in the morning, they are both for you?"
"I thought you would never find out."
" I always thought you were getting one for a friend."
"And now you are having another large coffee?"
"That's a lot of Caffeine"
"And I've been cutting back too."
Last night I fulfilled my sister's request to call her house and pretend to be the "Bedtime Master" and then tell her small child to get to bed.  He laughed the whole time, got off the phone and said "That wasn't the bedtime master, that was Aunt Tiffany." Once again, I fail at being stern, authoritative or effective for that matter. 
It is Monday, and every muscle still aches from whatever fun activities I was involved in at my Niece Jackie's First Holy Communion--Party that is.  There was a brief soccer game, a kettle bell demonstration, and more than my fair share of trampolining--but seriously.  It's Monday. 
Oh, and I watched my 11 year old niece Bailey take the limes from empty corona's and then eat them (rind and all b/c that's how she do).  She is the awesome.  I didn't have the heart to mention how unsanitary it was. :)
Congratulations to Sarah Beth Bianco who just got engaged last weekend... This might be premature... but eh... timing wasn't always my best suit:
How did I make your day about me? it was remarkably easy actually. 
I tried to get Roy to go on a last minute vacay with me this weekend but I must not have presented the options in the best light b/c now I think I'm going to end having to clean in order to get ready for the anniversary party... b/c as my mother sternly told me last night, she likes to prepare early... and Sean and I with our crazy notions of "we have plenty of time" will not be heard or tolerated. 

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