Tuesday, October 24, 2023



Hi Friend!


Walked to my car this morning to see a neighbor standing and staring at her car. 


Me: Are you having trouble convincing yourself to go to work?

Her: No. Someone hit my car yesterday and I’m just mourning the damage.

Me: Well, that’s much worse. 


(Even though I was actually torn between saying, “It wasn’t me!” and “Do you need help getting vengeance?” I really don’t know her well enough…)


We had an in-office physical day last week.  Never having had a physical in the office, I was moderately nervous, which didn’t help when Frita was like, “are you going to have pee in a cup?” because then I just kept imagining carrying said cup o’ pee through the office.  Bracing myself, I walked into the office, armed with three, 24 oz bottles of water, ready to get physical’ed. The new HR Director was in the kitchen, near the box of delicious blazin’ bagels, so I shared my anxiety.  She, wisely, told me it wasn’t that kind of physical and offered to share a bagel with me.  I, neurotically, refused saying I didn’t want anything messing with my numbers.  5 minutes later, someone else in the office pulled up the page with what was actually going to happen in the physical, and I came back in the kitchen and had a bagel.  This is what happened AFTER I had a “physical.”


Me: I PASSED! Nearly perfect.  But I do regret that bagel.

Everyone proceeded to stare at me, as if it isn’t a competition, and that I’m the crazy one. 


Several hours after the physical.

Me: I really want a bagel, but only half of one.

HR: You had your chance.

Me: I know! I’m sorry! We can totes be bagel buddies next time!!


So, making friends in the office is going well. 


I finished the ACOTAR series.  And then I might have read it again for good measure.  Then I booked a last-minute flight to NY for the coming weekend because I heard Kevin’s Godfather was going to his game, and I am not one to be shown up.  Also, it sounded like a lot of fun, and since D&J are out of town, I didn’t have a lot going on for Halloween.  But also, the godparent thing.


On Wednesday, I went for a walk with Marissa, but instead of the park, we just decided to do a loop on the main streets.  This is actually the same loop that Percy has been doing with his new dog walker, and he was genuinely stoked to show me where he goes. It was adorbs.  As we were walking our of our space, these two kids told us that someone had stalled out right by our entrance and was blocking up all the traffic.  They told us this news with just buzzing energy, that we stopped to ask if we could help, or just push him out of the way of traffic, but I don’t think the guy understood English very well and our hand gestures only got us so far, so our attempt didn’t go very far.   He was not there when we got back, so hopefully, help came soon after.  I guess it’s the thought that counts? Anyway, not sure you can see it in this picture, but I was followed by a guy on a motorcycle this week with the head of a Predator.  Just another day in Kirkland, I guess.



I went to Becky’s Spooky Tea Party on Saturday.  I even dressed up as Ted Lasso! Becky was a super hostess, especially because she encouraged boozin’ up the tea and hot apple cider, and I think there is nothing classier than whiskey in teacups.  I got to meet some of her new neighbor friends, and chat about books and other delights. 


Jared: Did you get another Christmas Tree?

Becky: Good Sir, I would never.  We already have 5 large Christmas Trees and 3 miniature ones!

Jared: Amazon says it’s pink.

Becky: However, if I did, I would definitely put mermaids on it and it would be fabulous.


Becky has been concerned that she’s been drooling more than usual in her sleep.  When she asked Jared about it…

Jared: Yeah. You have been breathing wetly lately.

Becky: Why aren’t you concerned about me!?


On Sunday, I had every intention of being lazy and reading, but then Lindsey asked me to come over.  It took everything I had to put pants on and leave the house.  I picked up lunch on my way, while catching up with Erika.  And then, we played two more games.  These games were intended for 6 year olds, but I enjoyed them immensely, and I have a feeling they might find their way under the Christmas tree this year for people.  Zach agreed, but I also think the fact that I only made him play 2 games instead of 20 might have helped the equation.  Before long, I was back on my couch with Percy, reading and not doing any of my chores.  A perfect Sunday. 


And with that, I wish you all the very best week.


Love you, Mean it. 

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