Monday, December 29, 2008

A Farewell to 2008

I thought this was funny...

Until I realized I didn't even have someone I could jokingly pencil in for the evening.  *sigh* Maybe I'll put it on my new years resolution list:
1. Find a man to pencil in for next year.
2. Include my wonderful and amazing big brother into more of my emails.
3. Start actually writing people instead of taking the easy someecard route.
4. Actually... Lent will be here for I know it, I don't want to go overboard.

To be honest, what I really want to do is find a service that will come, pick up my laundry from work, clean it, and bring it back to work so that I can easily have clean clothes for the gym without hauling it back and forth... oh... and to actually join a gym.  Wait, now I remember!

I'm not directing that to anyone in particular, b/c I don't hate any of you enough, but man I wish I did. :)
In case you were wondering, officially, I am not doing anything for New Years Eve, though I am taking a trip down to MD on the 2nd and 3rd b/c I like buck tradition.

Now, this morning, instead of waking up at 5:30, I woke up accidentally at 7... and when I got to the office no one was here to notice that I got in here nearly 2 hours later than usual.  I'm not sure how I feel about that, except now I realize, should this happen to me again, I have the time to stop at Starbucks instead of the local "europa cafe" downstairs.

Okay--that's enough for one Monday, I don't want you to get sick of me from miles away. :)

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