Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Ants

I seriously need to buy more sweaters.  Not because of the carbs, but b/c I think winter coats are just so uncool that I would rather wear a pretty sweater under my leather jacket.  And, maybe when I get over the concept of wanting to rush through my commute, trying every possible way to cut down the time, I'll stop by one of the fabulous shopping opportunities and get appropriate attire for the chilly NY weather.

According to my records, I haven't sent a single  thing to you people since the beginning of Nov.  NO, I do not have time to recap my lovely, but clearly not long enough, spout of unemployment.  Just imagine fabulous trips to foreign countries with lovely people, enjoying friends, family and fun mixed in with a healthy dollop of denial and you'll get an idea of what I left out.

Which brings me to last weekend, when, after a tearful good-bye in Seattle, I was welcomed home by not only my parents, sister and nephews, but also Roy Boy and my cousins from IL.  We went down and saw the tree and what not, then saw Hair Spray.  Day 2, Christmas Party, Sarah arrived to entertain us followed by a surprise visit by the 22 hour driving, only got 4 hours of sleep on the side of the road, but still stayed up until 2am, Kristy Kreme Bardwell.  I thought it was one of the better parties that we've had, and not just b/c of the floor length prom dress I was wearing.

DC Comics.. and work life.  It's an hour and forty-five minute commute.  I think I might have shaved off a couple minutes this morning, but it's unclear until I test the route on the way back.  I got a free HP DVD just for sitting through the Warner Brothers new-employee orientation.  My office was newly painted, on Monday, so I couldn't occupy it until Tuesday.  That's right, I have an office.  It has a view of the David Letterman show.  Before you get all green with envy please let me note that having an office is dreadful.  My office isn't even on  the DC Direct floor, its on the DC Comics Licensing and Bus. Dev. floor (although every time I walk up the two flights of stairs I see a beautiful depiction of Tom Welling from Smallville.) Having an office is sad and lonely, and the fact that no one understands even the small bits of my humor that I have used to test the waters, does not help.

Other than that, I have my first "screening" of Four Christmases today, and the first weeks stack of comic books is like 5 inches thick.  I think I might have found something that will eventually take up more space than WK product.

I thought this was going to be mildly humorous,  but they might be sucking that out of me.  :)
Missing you all dearly, and drop me a note when you get a chance!

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