Monday, June 1, 2009


My father told me to leave for work early this morning b/c the old lady walk I have developed since doing kettle bells for 30 minutes with Sean on Saturday has slowed me down significantly.  Lucas asked me once how he could develop great big muscles.  I told him it was going to take a lot of work and heavy lifting.  He strangely enough decided it wasn't worth it.  I must be a glutton for pain b/c I'm hoping for round two this evening. 
Now after I worked out with Sean (who told me if I did it right I wouldn't be sore btw) I was still feeling good b/c rigor mortis had yet to set into my thighs so I bounced upstairs to hear Stacey getting off the phone from hearing that Bailey's bff's party that evening was canceled.  Not one to miss a good opportunity I immediately asked "Does that mean we can go see UP?!"  (and yes, Stacey, I am "such a child" with very little effort on my part I might add.)  This ended in me taking 8 small children to the movies.  My parents joined as as well which is good b/c a) I didn't have room for 8 kids in the car and b) Kyle crawled into my mother's lap 5 minutes into the movie and promptly took a nap.  I proceeded to take 5 little girls to Cold Stone where I naturally told them they could get whatever they wanted to which my dear niece Jackie told me "MY MOTHER DOESN'T LET US..... " and I sweetly responded, as any fully grown Aunt would, "Then she shouldn't have let you out with me."  I made Jackie repeat my words later of course when Stacey said to the 5 year old Morgan "You just drank a COFFEE ice cream Milk Shake at 10:30 at night!?"  And my work here is done. 
Speaking of giving children... My nephew Kevin called me yesterday telling me I needed to come home immediately so that he could give me a present.  He presented to me a lovely T-Shirt with a Superman symbol,  butterfly wings and shiny hearts saying "I knew you had to have this b/c you like Superman and wearing pretty things."  So cute!  And now I promise to starve myself until I fit into the Child's Small T-Shirt.  Yes, Seriously Shana, I AM going to fit this rack into a small child's T-Shirt if it kills me.
So I know I'm talking about my nieces and nephews a lot, and also know that this isn't even my story to tell, but I'm the one with the big mouth, audience, and desperate need for a funny story to keep said audience reading until my closing... 
Maureen's 5 and 6 year old told her last week that they had seen a naked woman on TV.  Hoping against hope that they had simply seen a woman wearing just a bra, Maureen questioned further .  When she heard Patrick ask several appalled "Why's" and "Can you believe's" she deduced that her innocent boys had used the 15 minutes between when she had left for work, and Pat had come downstairs to "On Demand" some porn... porn that Kevin promised was "Free" b/c they are not allowed to watch any movies that don't have free next to it.   And like any good Catholic mom would do, my sister said "Let's NEVER talk about this, or mention it to anyone else, we'll pretend it never happened and if you see any naked on TV you shut it off right away." While Patrick had already mentioned what he saw to Victor and Michael at school, Kevin agreed that under no circumstances should they ever, EVER speak of this again.  Go ahead, you can say it...
I got to hang out with Sharon Turner Mulvihill on Friday night after work and she taught me a couple things.  1) It is perfectly acceptable to want to avoid telling your parents things well past High School.  2) being bored at work can be "a concerning habit." and 3)  I cannot be trusted to chose where to hang out, ever.

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