Monday, July 20, 2009

What do you know about it?

I’ve taken to mixing lemonade and cold brew iced tea, and it is delic.  Feel free to follow suit. 
The beautiful and talented Shane and Cathy brought up a subject on the 4th that has truly haunted me (at least every time I’ve thought about how I should tell you about it, and then I think whoa! I still haven’t looked anything up!  What if something happens to me before I get to the internets!)  The question raised was, If you were sent back in time (you don’t know when) but let’s say the middle ages, what knowledge do have that you could revolutionize the world with?  For example: Do you know how make a steam engine?  Build a plane?  Make a printing press?  Electricity? The denim jeans?  Rach, as a doctor, I am sure could bring all sorts of information (if she didn’t get burned on a stake of course).  I could probably drum up a rough sketch of the world, MacGyver some Velcro, but every earth shattering, revolutionary item I could think of required a trip to the store first.  Now I need to do my homework, just in cases. 
Shocking! But I almost got into a fight with my Uncle Ray this morning.  I told Matty and he asked “Was it politics? Religion? …” “Worse! Harry Potter!”  I don’t know how he manages to get my biscuits to go from cold to burning every time he talks about books.  Partially it is because he thinks any and all novels should be used as fodder for fire, and partially b/c I persist on learning things the hard way. 
I kinda can’t wait until the economy picks up so that employed people everywhere can go back to complaining without guilt.  Oh look this…
…is what they call a “segue”.

We went to Portland over the weekend, and on the three hour tour we got to, in the words of Zach “hear a fat old guy tell us all about his strip club experiences” along with all the other shady bits of Portland that sounded remarkably like Seattle only with less class (if you can imagine.)   The trip down was lovely, we took Dawne’s car b/c uh.. my car failed the emissions test, which is just so sad.  I had to go into various repair shops with my head down in shame to tell them I had FAILED and I needed help.  Quite the humbling experience.   The baby is going in tomorrow am… turns out if you spend $150 in an attempt to fix the problem, they’ll automatically pass you.  So much for the hard core environmentalist of WA. 

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