Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sounds Almost Like I Do Stuff

This week’s news (in the loosest sense of the word of course):
The new neighbor, from Australia, enjoys wearing speedo’s and swims without a thought to the fact that he’s swimming where boats often speed by without care and are generally focused on whatever person they are towing and not what is in front of them.  I saw him swim to exhaustion the other day and cling to the buoy until someone came with a raft to help him to shore.  Did I mention that Tina and I are working outside today… oh hells ya!  First day of autumn and it is supposed to get up to 86 today! 
My obsessive personality is at large once again.  After seeing P!NK in concert on Tuesday, I cannot stop listening to her music… where prior to this moment I didn’t even know what she sang, never mind owning anything, now  I heart her.  I just wish I could dance and work at the same time.  Though I suppose this (500) days of Summer from Shana may just be what I need to distract me from the loop of all P!NK, all the time, kick.   (On a side note, every time this one song comes up on Shana’s playlist, I stop and say oh! I love this song! And ironically, I have no idea what it’s called or who sings it.)
Marisa sent me a book when I first got to Seattle, and I finally found time to start on Friday.  The Time Travelers Wife.  It was the awesome, and when I finally finished it on Sunday night, I was up for hours thinking about how much better their lives could have been if I had written the ending.  I know what you’re thinking…
Instead of going to Germany for the real Oktoberfest, I went to the one in Fremont—which is totally the same thing.  I, at one point, was caught doing push-ups..heh… okay it was just the one push up until I was so rudely interrupted.  I was trying to control my pectoral muscles, and when I couldn’t find them at all, never mind control them, I got down and did a push up… which is one of those weird things that I can usually get away with without anyone blinking, but someone decided to come up to us, and then I had to explain the situation…. And when I was laughing about the whole thing I realized that I also use those same muscles to laugh… but I still can’t control them separately which is ultimately why Shana would make a better pop-o-matic bubble than I would.  Ten Points if you followed that. 
Speaking of points, Luke and I were tallying red neck points at the Puyallup Fair yesterday—Items on the list to find were mullets, hunting camo, inappropriate bra showage, no teeth and of course if we saw and actual burnt neck you win the game.  It took 2 ½ hours to get there (I thought Jordan was going to turn around at one point in frustration with the traffic).  ½ way through the fair I started getting my H1N1 paranoia.  So when we were going to go on the Giant slide… the best and only must ride event at the entire fair, I wouldn’t go… b/c I knew it was the must ride event which meant everyone was going on that ride… and germs overwhelmed me and I took a lap.  (Mocking ensued… all the way until Luke sneezed last night in the pool and I gave him the third degree “Was that allergies? You KNOW if they are allergies! Say it! Say they are allergies!”) 
I was so good about not eating any unhealthy foods the whole time… until we were walking out and Jordan said he HAD to have a deep fried Twinkie, and I said if it were me, I would go for the deep fried cookie dough, and one thing lead to another… and you know what… it was HEAVEN… a gooey, warm, delicious piece of heaven that even though they had to roll me back to the car… I did not feel guilty about.  Really.

Stepping back to Saturday-when I went to my first professional soccer game.  No, let’s step back until Thursday when Jordan asked me if I wanted to go with him to a “Sounders Experience” and I thought he was talking about some musical performance… and he had to say, you know where they kick a lil black and white ball around?   When gave him an emphatic “Yes!” he then told me we were going to meet Drew Carey (the owner of the Sounders) and to get some games together b/c Drew likes to play Risk.   The whole event was pretty awesome, Valet parking, walking on the field to a special VIP lounge where, among other luxuries were lattes being made especially for Dawne and I, watching the players practice, meeting Drew, and then being taken up to a the VIP lounge with even more decadence and an awesome view of all the action including like 4 yellow cards and a red card for when a Chivas player high kicked a Sounders in the face.  As I was standing on the field I told Jordan that I always thought my first game would be at The World Cup, but this was cool too.  Top that off with a trip to Office Depot and Tuesday Mornings and a series of Gilmore Girls episodes, and you’ve got a perfect day. 
I did not go to see Pearl Jam last night, and I’m not going tonight.  I thought going to see Pearl Jam in Seattle would be the ultimate Pearl Jam experience, but apparently I’m the only one who thought that… so I’m going shopping with Diana instead… which will be much more productive.  J

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