Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Brine Shots


My cousins returned from their jaunt into central Washington on Thursday.  We fired up the Solo Stove for some S’mores, shared some stories and prepared for a big slumber party.  I was glad I had someone clean my place before their arrival – not because you could tell after 5 minutes of their arrival, but because two of them had to sleep on an air mattress on the floor and I felt really good that it had been mopped earlier that day. 


On Friday, Erin made us all eggs and bacon, and I pulled out the honey and butter and warmed up some croissants.  I thought that maybe I had added honey to the croissant without realizing it, but actually, Erin had used the dunkin’ donuts creamer with sugar in it for the eggs, and honestly, I kinda loved it.  10 out of 10, would eat again.  Then they all went exploring Seattle, including an Argosy cruise, while I worked and then I brought them over to my favorite HH place: Anderson School.  When we returned, I offered some additional ways to entertain them, but we ended up just chatting and facetiming my mom and my sister which was plenty of entertainment.  We also asked Frita about some of the crazy-sounding dishes that they were talking about.  He kind of remembered one of them, so Erin asked what his mom called it.  He quickly replied, “Supper.”


After about 5 hours of sleep, it was time to drive Erin and Jennifer to the airport.  A couple of hours later, Marissa and I met up with my WA cousins at Stocker Farms for the Sunflower Festival and my first of many Fall activities.  So many activities for adults and kids.  Wall puzzles, bouncy areas, historic communication area, a cavity cannon (AKA candy Cannon), Tricycles, Rubber duck races, Ziplines, and an area to pick your own flowers.  My bouquet was amazing, but was also filled with bugs, and even though I believe lady bugs are very lucky, I think they are luckier when they are outside, so that’s where my flowers will remain. 




I was a pro at the puzzles, and Dawne was very amused at how very proud I was of myself when I made a mr-pumpkin-head.  Apparently, I had the same look that Dawne had taking pictures of her little Tire-neer on Tire Mountain.  I believe the expression is best described as “Look what I made!”




Interactive Historical Landmark Exhibit!



After the sunflower festival, we came back and hung out for a bit.  I tried my best to stay awake for the Lantern Festival in Greenlake, but totally failed.  But I did discover this Tension Tamer tea that has a secret ingredient… Catnip?




The weather was bordering on raining, and was def cold, but the pool was delightful.  The following day we all met for breakfast at Sabine’s before walking the Ballard Farmers Market. I’m sorry that the FL cousins had already left because they had free shots of Brine! After the market, we took the opportunity to go swimming one last time.  And then I introduced Dawne to Snapchat, so that took up the rest of the night!



Hope your September has been amazing!

Love you, Mean it.


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