Thursday, September 14, 2023

Do Your Best and Forget The Rest



Hi Friend!


I jumped in the lake! And convinced most of the boat to jump with me.  I also went to great lengths to try to find the right color leather upholstery patching to fix the boat, and then through some miscommunication and a real “whatevs” attitude from Dawne, part of the boat looks amazing and the main, most seeable patch work looks like I used black duct tape.  I’m still learning that its okay that not everything has to be done exactly how I want it to be done. 


I also went to see Kane Brown at the Puyallup Fair Labor Day weekend with Marissa.  I had high intentions to get a couple dozen scones and bring them home to share with the fam, but that’s not what happened.  It was raining when we got there, so I pulled out the ponchos that I brought with me (people were offering a $100 for them, but I think I could have gotten them to go higher.)  I didn’t want to carry around soggy scones, but I also wanted a scone, so I made Marissa wait in line with me.  If only I had captured the photo of the chicks face when I asked for a single scone. Total and complete shock (and dare I say, pity?).  She wanted to call me an idiot, but what she did was say, “How long did you wait in line for a single scone?!” Both the scone and the concert were delicious.


hahaha this guy... 

Over the summer I took a road trip with my siblings to Montana. For months before we left for this trip, Sean was training for the hikes we would hike, and heavily encouraging me to get ready.  After one of these calls, I spoke to Erika who oh-so-helpfully pointed out that I could be miserable for 6 weeks (of getting in shape) or be miserable for 3 days. I think we all know what I choose.  Sean warned us that we’d need to get up as early as 6:30, but also warned us that “bear drink in the morning.” 


I told Morgan about the above, and she told me that she went on a hike with Sean and Dave, only she worked out a head of time thinking that it was be a nice little jaunt up Anthony’s Nose (funny every time), but when she walked upstairs from her work out, they were dressed in like all of REI and then had to scale up the side of the mountain (but she couldn’t complain b/c one guy was carrying a 4 year old.)  And then she got to the top, and she doesn’t like heights, so it was decidedly not worth the trip.  Then when they went back down, they just used the trail with the STAIRS. 


We stopped in Leavenworth, consuming pretzels, sausages and beer from one size of the town to the other.  When we actually got to Whitefish, we stopped at a tourist information booth.  They looked at our group and suggested we get there at dawn for the sunset and that we absolutely must hike the “Highline” trail.  Discussions were had, and suddenly we were all up at 2:45, to get in the car by 3:15, armed with bear spray (because that’s when the bears drink!)


At 3:19, in the car, in the driveway.

Sean: The days a wasting!

Maureen: I brought my donor card so people know what my blood type was.

Stacey: I hope my uber app works.

Pat: You don’t need bear spray as long as you aren’t the slowest.

Me: That’s why I said I should carry it!!


So, we get to Glacier National Park, it’s still pitch black out, Sean is driving.  We are the only ones there.  We park, and its dark and freezing, and we locate the sign for the Highline trail, and start walking down… and then stop and go, “we shouldn’t be doing down to behind the mountain to see the sunrise, we should be going up.”  Maureen walks a little further, but then turns around, and we all cross the parking area to walk up a different trail. Sean was sooo nice about how incredibly out of shape I was. “Do your best and forget the rest!” is now going to be one of my new go-to phrases.  He also, super sweetly, stood in front of me on my way down so I wouldn’t pitch forward on the stairs (which is seriously a big fear of mine.)  When we got back to the parking lot, and found Pat, who had been sleeping in the car the whole time, he asked us if we saw any wildlife. We had not, but he sure did! b/c he there were mountain goats… in damn the parking lot!


The Highline Trail

Oh, we also rented a boat and did THE most white trash thing ever... in that we took all of the beverages out of the fridge and made a "cooler" with ice and a trash bag.  Pic for proof: 

I drove through the rest of the park, only now it was light enough to see the road, and Sean was no longer laid back about the drive, because he could actually see where we were.  I swear I was going slow and being careful, but I think Sean would have preferred to be blindfolded and had his own brake system in the passenger side.  We also drove back and finally got to see what the “Highline” trail that we were supposed to be on looked like… and it was very narrow pathway on the edge of the mountain with very steep drop off.  That is when we realized had we followed that trail, when the sun had come up, we all would have been too terrified to turn back.  I’ll never know what about us made those information people think we were tough enough for their advice, but I bet they had good laugh after we left. 


I obsessively watched Yellowstone when I returned from our trip.  My love of Rip and Beth has no limits.  And what I learned from all that is I’m not tough enough for Montana, and even if I was, they don’t want me living there anyway.  But it sure was nice to visit!  


Over Labor Day weekend I also read the Deadly Education series, per Dr. Rach’s suggestion, and then had to call her at 7am on a Sunday to tell her I was FURIOUS at her for suggesting that I read it.  But, actually, it was great.  So, feel free to read it and call me after book 2 with the same reaction.  I’ll take your fury.  Totally worth it.  Last weekend I finished 1883 (as depressing as any Oregon Trail themed show can be, but also excellent!), and I read Fourth Wing. I will be accepting any and all calls from people who want to talk about Fourth Wing (or Deadly Education, Yellowstone – but I haven’t finished 1923, so you’ll need to give me some time on that one.)


And I’ll wrap up by telling you that there’s this thing on TikTok that is happening this week where women are discovering that men think about the Roman Empire way more than we could ever imagine.  Weekly, sometimes DAILY.  To test the theory, I called Zach and asked him the last time he thought about the Roman Empire. His response? “An hour ago while we were at Portillo’s.”  Case closed; no further research is needed at this time.


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