Monday, October 26, 2009

Wish I was reading about Sookie Stackhouse right now

I started the Sookie Stackhouse Novels on Tuesday.  In those 6 days, I’ve read 7 of the 9(?) Books in the series.  Thus, while my happiness levels were VERY high week, my social activity was at a minimum.  What does this mean for you?  More someecards, and less stories—but I’ll do what I can. 
I went to see the infamous Da’Feets indoor soccer team play—at an 11 pm.  The De’Feets are what some of my friends who have named their team after a rocky first season with a perfect record of non-winning games.  But then, I heard a rumor that in their second season they began getting some wins in… and so I knew I had to see them live.  It was an added bonus that I got to yell and cheer with Diana as the official spectators of the game.  This game, unlike the last game I watched when Bails scored and her mother and I totally missed it, I saw every single goal scored… for both teams.   As fun as it was… it sure was hard to leave my buddy Sookie Stackhouse.
On Monday, Luke told me he searched the drawers in the theatre and couldn’t find a single chick flick… everywhere he looked was another war movie popping out at him.  Answering his plea… (the genre of Chick Flicks happens to possibly be the only hobby that I have any real knowledge of)… We have watched a movie every night. (Thank goodness, b/c distracting me from not watching any of our good TV so we can wait to watch it with D&J is killer. And no, I don’t want you to tell me what happened.)  Some classics that I have exposed Luke to are Singles, Empire Records, Never Been Kissed, Saved, Can’t Hardly Wait, Clueless, and America’s Sweethearts.  Turns out, I still quote Clueless on a regular basis… but it has been so ingrained in my vernacular that these phrases have become a part of me.  Next on my list are Reality Bites and Ten Things I Hate About You (which is a bonus HS and Seattle Movie.)  Ideally he would like HS, Seattle, or early 90’s –according to Luke anything after 94 is lame(Naturally.)  We also like to watch during dinner.  A dinner that has continued to be very yin yang for Luke b/c Mariana likes to cook.  She asked me if I eat Cereal every night… to which I said no, I had Pizza last night!  But the truth is… when left on my own I totally will just eat cereal at every chance I get.   And now you know, I love hanging out with Luke, Love Romantic Comedies, and Love (tipping my hat to Outburst) “Things that can be eaten from a bowl”… but man is it hard to tear away from Sookie Stackhouse.
I went to my first gallery opening at the Henry Art Gallery in UW.  It was pretty awesome—I am totally glad I went—and I plan on going again so I can get some culture and karaoke all in one night.  I was the DD… and had 5 people crammed into my 4 seat convertible.  I tell you this… b/c when I got pulled over AGAIN the officer asked if I had been drinking and I was like NO! as he said “cuz your car smells a lot like alcohol”.. and I replied.. “oh! Yea! We’ll (with a finger to the back) they’ve been drinkin’. “  I got pulled over for my tabs… which I promptly showed him the sticker was in my hand… I just hadn’t put it on my car b/c it had been raining so hard when I picked them up… and so I was off with a warning. But ya know, none of this would have happened if I hadn’t stayed home with Sookie Stackhouse.
How much do you hate it when someone reallllly annoys you and it turns out that not only do they like you… but they start telling you how funny and smart you are?  And as you are hearing the lovely compliments you become increasingly uncomfortable b/c you know what you’ve been thinking about them.  It makes you feel sooooooooo guilty.  It should also make them less annoying, but life isn’t fair like that.  No what avoids contact with all annoying people and doesn’t make you feel guilty at all?  Sookie Stackhouse. 
Agreed… watching the movie and TV versions is kinda crap… but what’s not crap? reading about Sookie Stackhouse.
Jason asked me if I was wearing a NY shirt in honor of the Yankees—or was I totally clueless.  I informed him I knew what was up with Philly and NY b/c I read Someecards everyday thank you very much.  He asked if Philly was like our rivals and then I had to explain that New Yorkers really only truly care about our own teams.  I would venture to guess, and maybe I’m wrong, that even the Boston Red Socks don’t truly give us a headache… b/c then we would have to admit we have to worry about something outside of our stateliness (granted I think the Jets/Giants are technically in NJ) but you get my drift.  (I’m sure Lisa will have something to say about this)  I could be making this all up… but it was funny at the time.  Almost as funny as reading Sookie Stackhouse. 
And yes… even now… I wish I had spent the time it took me to do this… reading about Sookie Stackhouse.

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