Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blizzard Bunny

I cannot believe you all missed the opportunity to send this to me before I left for NY:
As you may already know, I like to wait until the last minute to pack and prepare for travel.  So, when Monday morning came around and I realized (okay my mommy called me) that there was a blizzard headed to NY from two different directions on Wednesday and I had to move my trip up by a day, I was completely thrown into a panic of shopping, canceling, scheduling, packing and calling--while enjoying the last moments of 58 degrees and sunny.  All so I could arrive in NY and wait for the storm. How funny would it be if it never even arrived… oh how we would laugh! 
(This of course was written last night before I actually did get snowed in and played canasta all morning with Mo and my parents.)
That was for you Kristy.  Had a couple people over for the Super Bowl—primarily made up of ladies, which didn’t surprise me all that much b/c I only asked people over b/c Jen knows how to make an amazing cake. J
Last week Rach and Jen really stepped up to the plate to entertain me.  Rach took me out on the town which is when I realized that I am incapable of sitting at a table when people get up to go to the bathroom without checking my phone, facebook or email.  I am sure this is connected to some deep rooted insecurity and that kills me! I now admit that I am a self-proclaimed slave to technology.  I am deeply addicted to my phone and it has nothing to do with the fact that it is a crackberry.  I also went for an ill advised walk with Jen at Discovery Park (it was sooooo nice out!).  I had a lovely time…but then when I went to stand an hour afterward I almost crumbled under the pain.  It was totally worth it. 
While we were grabbing coffee after the walk—Lucas texted me to tell me that he was going to be giving a girl some guitar lessons.  Jen immediately ask “Is that what they are calling it these days?” which I then stole and sent to him as if I was the funny one. 
Seriously—I can’t believe how much I want to snack every time that show comes on… Speaking of snacks, based on our recycling bins the only thing Luke and I eat is Pizza and Special K respectively… and a whole lot of it.  I accidently fell into an argument with Lucas the other day.  You never want to get into an argument with a teenager if you can help it—but I just couldn’t help myself.  He said that people like Beyonce who perform the same concert every night aren’t real musicians.  He continued to say that if they practice than they have no power, and if they don’t improvise than there is no emotion.  Can you blame me? He was clearly poking the bear.  And not in that way that Mike “Gonzo” Mulvihill does when he’s mocking how single I am.  And that leads me to a Valentine’s Day Wedding…
I feel like I have used this someecard before… but really? I can’t emphasize it enough.  Mo suggested I get hammered and then compliment a hot guy’s eyes and then fall out of my chair.  I told her that just b/c it worked to land her a husband… it doesn’t mean it will work for me.  Although, that doesn’t mean I won’t give it my best shot. 
I gotta be honest with you—I’ve been watching Runaway Jury the entire time I’ve been writing this… so I have a feeling it’s not all that great—in fact I’m so afraid that it’s not very good… I don’t want to re-read it and find out… so I’m just going to flit out saying Happy Early Valentine’s Day folks!

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