Monday, February 1, 2010

Calendar Girl

Sometimes people get lonely and sad and they mope around all day being pathetic and whiney about how they wish their lives were different.  These people never shared their google calendar with their nearest and dearest and pushed the responsibility off of their own solders and onto those people who are always saying that they love me (I mean “said person.”) Dawne is out of town for basically February.  Something about being allergic to the state of Washington and needing “sunshine” –as if my charming personality wasn’t enough sunshine for her.  I hope she has a lovely time.  But this does mean that the burden of keeping me entertained (that Dawne has thus far been carrying virtually all by herself) is now falling to you.  I don’t expect any one person to take it all on—I think it’s fair that you take shifts.  Whatever you can fit in to your schedule—and to help coordinate, facilitate, and to ensure I don’t forget, I’ll get the calendar ready.  
Luke has really been wanting to have someone show up when we are talking about them so we can say “Speak of the Devil.”  This seems to require us to talk about people all the time… which I think is the real flaw in his plan.  
Hey Julie! I want to be the first one of many to send you this card:
Becky hosted a lovely Pajama Party (Roy suggested I show up naked and say “Hey, this is how I sleep.”) where I sufficiently proved that not only do I know Clueless in and out—I also still use several key phrases on a daily basis.  Speaking of which… why was I not told that Brittany Murphy died!?  And more importantly, why didn’t anyone make any someecards or witty facebook comments about this?  I don’t like knowing that my news source has some cracks in it.  At least I knew about Salinger…
I feel like I have been finding out a lot of information lately that I was the last to know and not just with Brittany.  I feel like Pheobe “Yuh-huh! I was the last one to know when Chandler got bitten by the peacock at the zoo. I was the last one to know when you had a crush on Joey when he was moving in.  Looks like I was second to last.”  I think you all could help me out by just reaching into your lives and just writing me about whatever it is you think I might not know… or just something that’s interesting—b/c chances are I’m completely clueless about it and would like to hear about your life.  You can start thinking about it now—I won’t be insulted that you didn’t respond until at least tomorrow.
In return I’ll share with you something I found in my old diary.  I was reorganizing and found the diary that basically I write in once a year—but in college for at least 2 weeks I was pretty diligent (mostly b/c I wanted to see how long I could write like Bridget Jones.)  As I was flipping through I saw “I did the most embarrassing thing today—I told Erika but I definitely can’t tell anyone else.”  I know! I had to read further too! Apparently I was tutoring one night and I must have had a cold b/c I ran to get a tissue before the next student came in and put it in my pocket just in case.  As I was tutoring, my nose started to run so I reached into my pocket, wiped my nose, and kept helping with the speech.  Ya—turns out I reached into the wrong pocket and wiped my nose with a dollar bill.  And I didn’t even blink—I don’t even want to know what the other person was thinking.  Okay… now your turn. 
I did a couple FIMO projects yesterday—I remembered it being a lot more fun the last time I did it.  But the three serving spoons I got at goodwill have been far improved from the dull life that they had been leading.  Next project is Batiking… I’m hoping that it captures Luke’s attention beyond the first session… but we’ll see—I gotta pick up the fabric today.
Pink was pretty amazing last night on the Grammys (though she did all that and more at the concert—I think I need to see her again—I simply cannot get enough of her.)  Actually it was a double hitter of favorites as TBC was also amazing on Friday night—so was hanging out with the lovely people who came out to see them with me.  Maybe when you start filling out my calendar you can add concerts b/c I need more music in my life (see? Even though I’m high maintenance I’m also very helpful—there are worse combinations.) 
Oh! And my lil kid story for the week…. Kevin came into the kitchen the other day with his red hair spiked straight up singing in the deepest small child voice “I’m Mr. Heatmiser…”  I can’t believe Mo didn’t get a picture but I’ll let you make the connection with this doppelganger image:
The last one was just for fun… ya know—my godson with a box on his head.  Comic Gold.
I’m also stealing something from another little kid and not only will I be using it all the time… I’m going to claim it as my own (as if I didn’t just tell all of you where it came from.)  From now on the word “Evil” will be replaced with “Voldemort.”  As in… “Oh man, that was SO Voldemort.”  Now you can go forth and have a lovely Monday--

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