Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Trivial Pursuits

Got to have a snow day with the parentals on Tuesday—which meant Canasta and trivia shows (I know, you’re jealous.)  I personally prefer Cash Cab b/c I can answer those questions.  The one episode had a guy get in the cab and not only was it his first time in NY but it was his very first taxi ride, and then he got three strikes and ended up being kicked out of the cab.  Welcome to New York!
Stacey called outraged that Sean’s company was having everyone stay in the city so that they could make it to work which means that while she was taking care of the kids and shoveling the snow Sean would be gallivanting all night with tasty dinner and Ranger games… I replied “and work.”  She said that wasn’t the point to which I said “actually I think that is the point.”  She actually sounded surprised that I would defend him… and even more displeased when my mother called 5 minutes later to say “I heard my wonderful son is being forced to stay downtown and go to a Ranger game.”  Hello Salt, meet Wound.
We all went over to Sean and Stacey’s for dinner on Thursday.  Mo had called Stacey and offered to make cookies-- that it would really be no trouble at all.  Mo proceeded to show up with a package of Keebler’s (while Stacey was making homemade cookies for Jackie’s cookie exchange) saying that Stacey had rushed her by moving the start time up by 15 minutes.  God love her.
I headed out to PA on Friday.  My parents had taken their extra car in to be checked and fixed up before I left so I was surprised when I got 10 minutes on the Taconic and the engine light went on and my speed dropped to 30mph.  Now I know what “limp home mode” means.  I don’t know about you, but I have a tendency to speak to my car like a beloved friend with lots of “Come on Baby, we can do this” and “Remember all of those good times?  The blizzard of 08?  The trip to such and such? We got through that and we can get through this, just a lil bit further honey.” And we did.  When we got to the mechanic the guy who looked like he was my age asked if I was on my way back to school.  (SCORE!)  Technically I was headed back to for my first time back to State College since graduation, but I just said naw.. wedding actually.  24 hours later I was served at the bar, while Julie next to me was carded. 
Watched the Opening Ceremonies on Friday night with Nick and Julie—and reached new lows in my morally incorrect remarks, so I basically had a blast.  We then headed out for my first time out to Pittsburgh for Sarah B’s wedding.  I got to meet her whole family, and while it might not be politically correct for me to say so, Sarah is definitely the most attractive of her whole family—and with her being the 2nd eldest of 10, that is no small feat. J  The wedding was lovely—perfect. Really and truly.  But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to complain about something.  Her sister’s speech opened up to confirm everything that Sarah has ever told me about her older sibling.  The speech recited how Sarah was 12 months and 6 days younger and how all growing up Sarah had always  done everything 12 months after Alaina. So when Sarah wasn’t married 12 months after her sister (Sarah was 22 at the time) everyone was just so surprised! And 7 years later… she finally found the perfect prince.  I think I can definitively say that actually the freaky schedule was actually her older sister and that Sarah in fact has had perfect timing. 
Mo takes the kids to the club with her and puts them into the energy center while she works out.  Well she puts the older kids into the energy center.  5 and below have to go into a different location with a place for babies and toddler and younger toys.  Kyle calls this “The Crying Room”—and basically can’t wait until he graduates to the other side. 
After sitting on the tarmac for 2 ½ hours before flying back to Seattle last night I got my bags and then got a call from Erika Jane.  I was still on the phone when my ride showed up so I asked her to hold on before I said to the driver “I need to go to the Weisman’s.  Do you know where that is?”  Erika immediately asked “Did you just ask a taxi driver if he knew where the Weisman’s lived?  I knew you got a lot of visitors but DAMN!” (And just like Seinfeld I just brought it around full circle.)

Hope you have a great weekend—love ya!

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