Monday, March 22, 2010

Met Your Match

Whilst the fam was attending yet another Sky High party that I could not participate in this weekend, I responsibly did my taxes before April 15th.  I always think filing in two states is going to be so hideous, but then I remember that nothing is difficult with the GPS like TurboTax that makes everything simple and pain free! 


I called Doreen on Saturday and her first reaction was “Is this your annual call to remind me that your birthday is coming up?”  Shockingly, it was not the reason for my call, but it did trigger this reminder to you that my birthday is on April 7th.  As you know I won’t be specifying a year to attach to the birthday, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t want to party like I’m turning 21. 


Also, on my wish list are a couple of these:

I got invited to Shana’s House of Whores to drink wine and make profiles.  Nothing says sexy like a bunch of ladies getting boozy in front of their laptops.  When the pizza guy arrived we just pretended that we were really into our MMO.  Eva called me in shock.  She said she has been trying to get me to drink wine and join Match for the last 6 years… and honestly I think me drinking wine was more shocking that anything else.  See I still have the ability to change. 


St. Patrick’s Day was a total success IMHO.  I like when people grudgingly go out with low expectations so that whatever we do seems like the bees knees.  The first stop was to meet up with Diana and Jason at Murphy’s—which was ironic b/c it was there that I spent my very first St. Patrick’s Day in Seattle on a first date with someone from work (yea I do that sometimes).  We looked like this:


I found that sweatshirt in the laundry room.  I am positive it belongs to one of the boys’ friend who misses it dearly, but finders’ keepers.  We then made it over to Boxley’s of Belltown where we scored a private room in the back.  Boo and Ya.

My post-accident headaches are getting better.  Whether it’s the Massage Therapy, heavy drugs or time that’s healing me, I don’t know.  But I like that we’re moving in the right direction.  So did you know that you aren’t supposed to sign your title?  Where in the handbook does it tell you not to do this?   The insurance lady was not very nice when she told me that EVERYBODY knows that you’re not supposed to sign on the line that says “Registered Owners Signature.”  I ended up sending the wrong document and had to go into the DOL for more paperwork and ended up with the same lady who had originally given me my title 5 years ago.  I should have gotten her # and then maybe I wouldn’t have to wait in line next time.  You might want an in at the hottest club… I’m just looking to cut the line at government agencies. 

And b/c I’m politically neutral on the subject:

(why does that guy remind me of someone I know?)

I woke up this weekend and it was so lovely out that I had a strong desire to play some basketball.  D&J had a strong desire to do some online shopping, so I ran around looking for a basketball, pump and then that teeny needle.  I nearly gave up until Jordan mentioned that he had seen one on a window ledge 2 years ago…and wouldn’t you know it, it was still there!  I had to magyver the industrial air compressor b/c the old school hand pump was a no go—but it was worth it for the 20 minutes of nearly professional style B-ball we performed.  That’s my version of March Madness.


I found the Alice in Wonderland made for TV in 1985 version as a DVD in a store yesterday.  How awesome is that!?  I ended up buying Alice’s Restaurant instead (which was not very good) but Luke told me that he believes no movie watching is ever a waste of time b/c at the very least you have more pop culture knowledge.  I could not agree more, though I wish I had used that same time to watch Alice in Wonderland 1985 again.  Who doesn’t love Carol Channing?  Remember that time I stood on the steps of the Spark building proclaiming loudly (and with signs) the awesomeness of Carol Channing?  Good times.


Speaking of wee kids here’s my “Kid Quotes” of the week:

Mo:  Mrs. Magley knows everything.
Kevin: Oh yea? Does she know that US troops took over Alaska?
Mo: Yes, she knows that Alaska is a part of the US but that isn’t what I meant when I said that Mrs. Magley knows everything.  I meant she knows everything that is going on in Yorktown.

Mo after pulling out a root in the yard: Man, who’s stronger than your mom?
All three boys: Dad. 
Kevin: Maybe.  Maybe not.  I think they should fight.  Then we’ll know who’s stronger.
Patrick: Yea, definitely fight.  And then you can kick him in the balls b/c it really hurts when you get kicked in the balls and then maybe you can win. 
(Maureen assured me they did not fight.  They are waiting for Easter so I can be around.)


Alright folks, I’m just about to finish off this pot of coffee.  It’s a gorgeous day and I have so many ideas on how to waste it.  

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