Monday, March 29, 2010

On Fire For The Lord

My friends’, friends’, friend was driving along when she got to a corner that homeless frequent to pan handle (is that the right term?)  She was just about to avert her eyes and pretend that she needed to change the radio station when she noticed that it was her neighbor—and she ever so sweetly rolled (ok pushed the button) down her window and yelled “Hey!  You’re not homeless!  You live next door to me!”
Went to the Zoo on Monday with the Rachanator after which, when our injuries started to be bothersome, we both tried not to whine and decided to heal ourselves with some adult beverages.  This outdoor refreshment took me on quite the roller coaster ride of emotions as I learned about two sincerely significant milestones in Rachel’s life.  First, that trading in her car after her lease was up was the absolute worst decision of her life.  And second, just that day, she found a tub of chap stick from High school that she finally finished which was the single greatest accomplishment in her entire life.  I’m still overwhelmed with emotion.   

What does it say about a person when the massage therapist says to you “Okay, That is the exact opposite of relax”?  Seriously.  What does that say about me?
In the middle of the night, I heard the balcony door (of a room that is never entered) fly open.  I was completely terrified, but knowing that I was the only adult in the house with the sole responsibility of keeping Lucas alive (though I hear if I accidently kill the mouse that’s completely okay) I braved the darkend room hoping that as I crossed the floor to close the door a mad man (or woman) would NOT jump out and slit my throat.  I think you can all guess how this story ends. 
Lucas decided to do some spring cleaning today.  In fact before 9 am I could actually see his floor.   This forced me to do some spring cleaning and not only did I find some seriously awesome clothes I forgot I owned… I also made a momentous decision.  I cleared out a drawer in my bathroom for my under-things.  Honestly, I don’t know why more people haven’t done this.  You get out of the shower, dry off, put the first layer on and then decide what you’re going to wear that day.  First the pumpable shower products and now this? Ladies and gentlemen I am on FIRE. 
Not literally on fire—thought I did have to leave the house for an hour for an appointment and again, responsible me told Luke that if something catches on fire, we don’t have a fire extinguisher, but I hear on the internets that baking soda works.  So I put a box next to him and said if that doesn’t work run outside and call 911.  We’ve been doing some serious guitar building and voo-doo/magic/spiritual cleansing research.  We also went to radio shack so many times we had to go to a different one the last two times so we didn’t look “weird.”  I’m not sure if anyone in the history of the world has put their weekends to better use than we did this weekend. 

We were buying candles and I found a bunch of “Christmas scented” candles and Luke was like “Christmas scented?  Why isn’t there a Chanukah scented candle—we’re the ones that actually use candles.” Good question, buddy.    
Happy Early April Fools & Happy Birthday to Erika Jane!
Other than that, I booked a trip to Austria with Evivova for August, I helped hand make invitations for a 50th anniversary party, and dodged some “winks” from 50+ year old men looking for ladies 21-35 (did you just get a shiver too?) 

OH! And my birthday is April 7th

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