Tuesday, March 2, 2010

POTUS Dreams

I told one of my friends about the trampoline gym and they went and had a party there on Friday night—which could have been amazing if I had a happy foot that let me jump.  I took pictures of the tom foolery of others though, which is almost as good as enjoying it myself.
I started reading Pride & and Prejudice & Zombies.  I’m torn between laughing at the new twists in the story and being angry that the author didn’t think the subtle humor of Jane Austin had to be re-written to be more obvious. 
(Same picture.  Entirely different message.)
Last week I talked to Kevin on the phone b/c he had a really rough day.  First he had to spend an hour and ½ on the bus “sitting still and quiet” only to be returned home.  Then he told me about playing Monopoly with Patrick and how Patrick got tired of making change and would only accept exact amounts which led to a discussion about Math Skills and how forfeiting is the same as losing (no one likes to learn that lesson).  Then he couldn’t find the wii game he borrowed from the library. And how he was “naked on top” b/c he got really hot taking the laundry out and left his shirt on the floor in the living room.  I asked if he regularly left things on the floor and perhaps that’s why he couldn’t find the wii game.  Then he hung up on me (“accidently”).  Being 6 is hard. 
When I was younger I wanted to be President of the United States (my parents even got me the book on how to do it.)  I later switched and said I wanted to be Press Secretary (ignoring the fact that I often lie under pressure).  After re-watching some West Wing I think the only real impediment that I hadn’t anticipated was the fact that no one in the West Wing gets more than 4 or 5 hours of sleep every night.  Yes.  This is the only reason why I wouldn’t be able to be President.  I need my shut eye.
I told Nater that it would be a good idea to dress up to go to Alice in Wonderland for his birthday event on Friday—but everyone looks so scary in the new movie.  I wonder if Mary Ann still looks like a sweet but annoying older sister b/c I’m pretty sure wearing a big sign that says “Eat Me” is going to be entirely inappropriate.  Ideas are welcome folks. 
Saw Legally Blonde on Saturday at 5th Ave Theatre and was sad I forgot my pink boa to complete the evening.  Rach ran to get to the play on time—and seeing as on Monday the doctor told her she had a (foot) stress fracture from running too much—was probably not her best move.  I do think it’s awfully sweet of her to take herself down closer to me physically, but even friendships should have their limits.  (I don’t really mean that.)
I was going to try to tell you about this hilarious conversation Dawne and I had about multiple appliances in the house that don’t work, which are sitting next to other appliances that do work, and how we have no real intention of getting rid of any of the broken appliances…but we are willing to spend hours cleaning out our closets to get rid of stuff just b/c we haven’t worn them in a while.   But I tried telling the story out loud and no one laughed.    It’s a slow news cycle.  I hope it’s not b/c I’m wasting time talking about appliances.  Naw. That can’t be it. 
Lucas tried YooHoo for the first time so that he could be more like Chanandler Bong.  I don’t even think he liked it, but I told him he would never be as cool as Chandler if he didn’t drink it… so we’re getting a case tomorrow. 
Happy Birthday, Birthday Boys and Girls! Especially Nater, Ja-ne-tte, Banana Head, Zach, Matt Robinson, Bryan with a Y, and anyone else who I haven’t gotten a fb reminder for.  Dawne says we’re not allowed make any new friends with birthday’s in March b/c it’s just too much…TOO MUCH! So I’m glad we became friends before now or else I would have to toss you over board.  Have a great one!
Vegas this weekend—I’ll try to do something stupid and/or irresponsible so I have better stories next week.

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