Monday, August 23, 2010

7 in 2010 Part 2

Hi Friend,
Where were we? Ah yes.  Croatia.  This was the first border that cared enough about its visitors to check their passports.  As we handed our passports to the patrol they immediately held them up yelling “Americans! Americans!”and walked away.  I looked at Eva and said “It’s a good thing we aren’t carrying anything bad in here.”  And Eva replied “Ya, they probably won’t find that spear in my luggage.” 
We drove through the gorgeous mountains of Croatia, down to the Dalmatia Coast and stopped in Split, where Evivova scored us an apartment right inside the Diocletian Palace.  I know, very cool.  After walking around checking out the sites, we went back to the apartment prepared to cool down.  Only the a/c was not sufficient for the extreme heat.  We opened up all the windows and watched a true story in which people hundreds of people were being surrounded by and eaten by sharks for 4 days.  I then looked up whether or not there were sharks in the Adriatic (there are.)  I also took one of the most complicated showers of my life with ten different water sprouts shooting in three different directions and 2 swiveling handles.  I got out and simply said “I’m not telling you how that works.  Good Luck.”  When Eva later, from the shower, “Give me a hint!”, everyone, due to the open windows and the surrounding bar outside the apartment, could hear me say “Okay FINE! I’ll give you ONE hint!”  (She ended up flooding the bathroom and taking a freezing cold shower btw.)  When we tried to go to sleep, the noise and smoke from the bar was like actually sleeping in a bar, but louder b/c the noise reverberated against the ancient walls of the palace directly into our room.  Awesome.  I might have taken a nap the next day on our ferry/bus travel to the island of Bol… and another nap on the beach. 
Right, Split rocked, and then we drove up to the capital Zagreb.  We managed to see all of Zagreb in three hours and then went to see a movie.  After grabbing a drink and some people watching, Evivova needed some chicken nuggets and fries.  (What were you saying about wanting to travel with us again?)  After dinner, we walked along a very long street looking for the private garage that we parked our car in by just clicking the clicker we were given by the chick whose apartment we were staying in.  I took a picture of everything else so I don’t know why I forgot to take a picture of where we parked the car.  (The following pictures are of the cool looking fries, the view from our apartment including the car that brought us all over Central Europe, and view of our drive through Slovenia)
And Bled Castle, where I may have had trouble starting the car.  I even got out of the car, and got back in the car as if that would suddenly trigger my memory on how to turn a key.  When that didn’t work, we had to ask a couple bus drivers until we found one that understood the word “Go.” When he so very easily made the car “Go” we asked him what the problem had been and he said “No problems. Go.”  As he jiggled the steering wheel indicating that it had been locked.  Perfect.  Our next stop was Salzburg, Austria where we were oh so pleased to finally be in a country where we understood at least some of the language. 
I didn’t take a picture of the funicular b/c my camera ran out of batteries, but it lived up to its name.   Right, so clearly we did a church/palace combo here with the Hohensalzburg and the Dom and then had a traditional Austrian dinner.  The next day we drove through the Alps on our way to Grandmother’s house. 
…to be continued…

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