Monday, August 30, 2010

Big Brother

Hi Friend,
When I got back from Europe, Eva and I began a “game” in which our tagline became “If it makes you feel better…”  For example, she told me that she had bought a monthly metro-card and then promptly dropped it down the sewer.  I told her that if it made her feel better, I had scratched my cornea.  She said she had a UTI.  I told her that if it made her feel better I had developed a mysterious something on the bottom of my injured foot that caused pain with every step.  She then sent me this picture with the caption “What is our tagline again?”

I told her she should wrap it with a wet paper towel or gauze with Neosporin on it.  She suggested she use a Maxi Pad.  I mentioned it might be ridiculous to walk around with a Maxi Pad on your pinky.  She responded with It’s a Light Days!  Eventually I called her (so she didn’t have to get blood on her phone while texting me) and said that we had better stop playing this game before one of us lost a limb or fell down an elevator shaft. (PS it took 2 hours and a trip to the emergency room to stop the flow of blood and then Eva was dismissed with an “I guess there goes your hand model career!”)

My brother came out to visit me when I got back from Europe and told me that the compound was like living in a Fraternity.  I revisited the scene of the crime (AKA where I hurt my foot in November and have never been the same) and we went Kayaking.   During this Kayaking adventure Luke and Diana managed to cause a casual fisherman to lose his fishing pole—but it’s okay b/c he said he’d get his scuba equipment out to find it later.

Luke also told tales of his travels with a pigmy yak and living in a yurt and his quest for a “Quattro Magnifico” and then swore that he would NEVER tell a lie.  We hit up the SAM for the first time and I was quite impressed with how it perfectly catered to people with short attention spans.  It might very well be my favorite museum of all time.  We also went to the Red Hook brewery and discovered that there is going to be an honest-to-goodness Sausage Fest on Sept 18th (where you should totally join me!)  My friends were particularly amusing when I introduced my brother.  I’m not sure if Sean was appalled by their running commentary and overly frank sharing or if he was just surprised that a lady would speak of such things in mixed company.  No matter what, I should it vastly entertaining.

We also discovered a wealth of RV from the 70’s on our way to Ballard.  I have no explanation for their existence or the large quantity on every street we passed and sadly I think it might be a mystery that I might never solve.

Sean also had to hang out at Redmond Town Center while I got my eye checked out so, once again a thrill a minute.  After that I took him to the Redmond Dog Park where, apparently, they have over 700,000 visitors a year.  I have seriously never seen so many dogs in one place.  They also had a mini-agility test which was much more interesting than the dog competition we watch every year after the Thanksgiving Parade b/c everyone’s hands are covered in food fixings and can’t change the channel.

Sean told a whole bunch of really funny stories, but I’m only going to tell one of them.  His co-worker was going on a trip and his friend, knowing what flight he was on, made a phone call.  He told the airline that his friend would be traveling first class and would inevitably ask for a scotch on the rocks and asked that the stewardess not give him the scotch, that it was a very sensitive issue but his friend really was not supposed to be drinking.   The airline understood perfectly and did not serve alcohol to the man on the plane.  By the end of the flight they had to arrest the man because he was so outraged by the treatment that he went a little crazy.  To this day, the man does not know that it was his friend who caused the airline not to serve him.

Alright… I’m almost caught up.  Well if a week and ½ behind can be considered caught up. 
Much Love,

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