Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cap'n Crunch to Walk the Plank

Me: I can’t believe when your parents called worried about the Tsunami you decided to tell them it has been hurricane weather when it isn’t even raining right now.
Luke: But it was raining yesterday.
Me: I wonder if the bomb shelter in the house would even protect us.  It does make me want to watch blast from the past though…
Luke: Yea, while in the bomb shelter. 

 Also I forgot to tell you about what I watched last week—and I know you were curious.  While looking for Amélie and French Kiss, we ended up watching Earth Girls are Easy.  I had low expectations, which were met.  A thoroughly silly and ridiculous film.  

And, I also introduced Lucas to Daria.  You’ll be pleased to know that it held up over time and he thoroughly enjoyed the 6 episodes available to us on

I also forgot to recap my facebook news—which was very remiss of me.

First: Cap’n Crunch is retiring!?!  How else will a shred the roof of my mouth in the morning!?  (Seriously, though.  V. v. upsetting.) This isn’t the first time Cap’n Crunch has upset someone: They aren't REAL Crunch Berries?!

Second: Tom Hanks’ (See what I did there Cristi?) humorous exploitation of his Daughter reminded me of Will Farrell’s exploitation of a baby and there was much laughter had by both myself and Shana… and now you!


F: Omg. Katzenberg, Elton John, Jamie Murray, Scarlett Johansson, Sean Penn, Sharon Osborne all at the same restaurant at the same time. And others. Ugh. And me and J. Hihi
T: I hate when that happens... in that I hate sharing the attention.
F: I know. I almost went up to Elton to tell him to wear more discrete glasses. Attention grabber.
J @Tiff: whaddayameansharing?
T @J: If you've never had to do it before, far be it for me to explain to you the horror story that is "to share." I still have nightmares about when I first got the talk. Big Bird... total jerk.
J: "Sharing" sounds plebeian. What an interesting idea. I shall ponder it. But not for long.


  1. Well, yeah, but mine uses a lot of quotation marks. Example: I fully expect my "shelter" under the stairs will protect me from "bombs".

  2. Ah! Well, I have bomb shelter that has 3 feet deep walls b/c a previous owner was paranoid. No idea how well it would really hold up--but I'm better better than your stairs. Let's hope we don't have to find out.