Monday, March 28, 2011


I made a cake for my cousin’s 50th birthday.  A three tiered, vanilla, chocolate and vanilla cake with layers of strawberries and banana’s covered in whip cream.  It only took me 7 hours.  Not to mention the time it took to make a practice cake last weekend.  And then Nate made fun of me for wanting to show it off at the party.  Who are these people who wouldn’t want to show it off?  Here are the before and after pictures:

The surprise party was a successful surprise—plus I got to meet Mac of Mac and Jacks.  I learned, once again, I don’t like to gamble even when it is fake money.  15 games of connect 5 though? Don’t mind if I do. 
Becky got a text from a friend saying that she had to cancel plans due to the fact that she horribly burned her hand and was headed to the emergency room.  I guess the burns didn’t reach her thumbs. 

When I was talking to my brother the other day he casually said, “Why does he have to get a job? I mean you only work every other year.”  To which I replied with the award winning comeback of “HAAAAAAY!!” followed by his slightly better “Are you or you not about be unemployed?”  Speaking of which… Had an interview last week and at one point one of the people interviewing me exclaimed “You’re like a Brand Ninja.”  Surprisingly, not the first time someone has told me that   I hope three hours of my delightful mix of honesty and sarcasm is what they were looking for in a future employee.   I did tell them my finest quality was the fact that I was, and I quote, “Super fun. Seriously.  I’m a good time.”  It’s totally in the bag.

If not… I started playing Pokémon last week.  I could probably fill up my days with that and Bejeweled Blitz for at least a week or too.  Lucas has forced me to actually read the text book sized guide while playing Pokémon as Jordan continuously reminds me that this game is intended for 8 year olds.  Helpful, so helpful.    In case anyone was wondering, I named my starter “Tepig” “Licious” as in this pig is delicious. 

I bought 5 P!nk CD's and French Kiss at Silver Platters last week.  I'm telling you this to demonstrate my total lack of shame in my actions. 

I went over to Becky’s again on Friday to make sandwiches for the homeless over a couple bottles of Riesling and Love Actually.  Other than accidently spreading jelly all over her carpet, it was relatively event free.  I thought I had chosen one of the hardest Lenten promises this year—but it has been surprisingly easy—and even easier with alcohol.  

Becky broke hers to spend 38 cents on twilight decals—one of which she hid in our coffee people’s tip jar under two dollars with a note of love from both of us.  I’m betting they didn’t need the note.  We imagine the conversation to have gone like this
-What did we get?
- x dollars and twilight sticker.
-Those girls.

Lucas was telling us a joke from a stand up that Steve Martin had done and when we didn’t crack up Lucas followed up the joke with “get it mom? Because white guys have smaller penis’.”  

Here’s one of my favorites from Steve Martin:


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