Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Googleyed Antics

Just another Monday afternoon at the office:

I read something that had all of the facts on drinking water, health benefits and dehydration in the US.  Then it told you all the benefits of Coca-Cola like taking rust of nails - which is super helpful! I brought this up to my co-workers, as I was sipping my Coke Zero.  I just love Coke Zero so much, and I don't like water at all.  Even with a straw - though with a straw does make everything a little better.  However, we did just get an ice machine at work.   Straw + Ice made it a little harder to avoid water all together.  Taking the water bottle that Dr. Rach gave me, I filled it with ice and water and this Mi0 liquid enhancer - and suddenly I was just drinking a healthier kool-aid.  I can do that between Coke Zero's (and secretly hope that the Coke Zero, like the rust on a nail, is eroding the fat cells in my body. That's how it works right?)

Me: I need more Mi0, this water tastes too much like... water.
If Roy had been there, he would have quoted Karen: Ugh, someone put orange juice in my vodka. 

Ten minutes later, I was off to a meeting, and went to take a sip from my beverage, but the lid wasn't completely on and I spill red liquid all down my bright blue shirt.  Luckily, I have a box of sample shirts next to my desk for just such an occasion.

Co-worker upon seeing starbursts on the desk: Oh look! Someone left us fruit!

This is what I saw in the elevator:

And this is what my art director saw on his comic:

So clearly, someone has gone google-y at the office. 

I was having a bad week last week, but I got cheered up real quick when I got these in the mail:




I had a nightmare that one of my co-workers got fired.  I mean, full on panic, yelling at everyone, kind of nightmare.  When I told Corrinne about it the next day, she then got all wigged out and actually asked her boss if her job was in danger. We can all rest easy knowing that my dreams are not reality.

Lucas and I watched a mini Jim Carey marathon of Liar Liar, Man in the Moon and the Truman Show - all of which Lucas had never seen.  Can you IMAGINE!? :)

Co-Worker Ryan: So, I was eating two popsicles in bed last night... 
Ryan's neighbor: RYAN! TWO POPSICLES!? I'm going to Dr. Dentist tomorrow and I'm telling him all about this. 

On Thursday, I found out that the trip to CA to spend with Sean, Stacey and the fam for labor day weekend, was actually supposed to be the weekend before labor day.  Part of me knew that the cost, and my work schedule to change my flight 9 days out, would be very irresponsible.  But then, I thought, I really want to go, so that's what I'm doing this weekend. I'll tell you all about it real soon. 

This weekend, I decided I needed to pack up my room to make it easier for Dawne when she started to coordinate the rest of the crew to move out of the Yellow House.  First order of business was to go Starbucks and Target for bins.  As Matty and I were leaving Starbucks we heard this conversation.

Father: I can tell you're thinking about something.  You look like you're thinking really hard about something.  What is it?
3 year old girl: Chocolate.

Turns out my room is real life equivalent of Mary Poppin's carpet bag.  I pulled out/packed 10 large bins, 8 smaller bins, 6 boxes, filled a Prius with hanging clothes, 11 bags of goodwill and trash, 2 suitcases and 11 additional baskets of shoes and clothing.  And I'm not completely done.  My parents got this for me to celebrate the birth of Perseverance aka Percy. At one point, I picked up the bottle and I wondered if I drank it, my room would get packed up faster.

Here's how I *enjoy* my coffee on the weekends.  Casper (the Aussie) is sitting on my other shoulder but it was too awkward to get a good shot.

Did I mention how much Percy loves sleepovers?  This is how he wakes up his mama - I know it's hard to tell, but I promise there are two dogs here.

I hope you had a great week! 

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