Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I Wake Up When I Need To.

On Tuesday, we went to IHOP for dinner.  As we were waiting for our food, Dawne commented on how tan Luke was looking.
Dawne: You're almost as tan as I am.
Luke: Wait-a-minute! That's not all tan, those are freckles. You should have those checked out.
Dawne: They aren't freckles, and I don't need to have anything checked out.  They are age spots.  Everyone gets them as they get older.
Luke: Oh, Like bananas?

He then proceeded to pull out his wallet and whip out some medication like a magician, saying, "I can eat dairy tonight; I have protection."

After dinner, we went home to play some Skip-Bo.  Jordan continually asked about the discard pile.  Something about a game designer not being able to remember the rules of Skip-Bo was driving me Ca-Ray-Zee.  I can't remember the subject matter, but I made a "back in the day" comment. 

Jordan: Yes.  But that was when men were men and sheep were scared.
Dawne: That's disgusting. 
Jordan: It's a saying!
Dawne: A disgusting saying. 
Lucas: I don't get it.
Dawne: You explain it.
Jordan: You know, there are the birds and the bees...
Matty: ... and sheep.  

On Wednesday, I had a pretty awesome day.  First, I booked a ticket to come home for Christmas.  I actually accomplished a lot of work and writing.  I bought a new pair of shoes at lunch.  And then... I saved $240 dollars a month on car insurance.  I was thinking that my bill was high, but when I had asked them about it, they just said that because I had a new car, my insurance had to go up.  As I had never bought a new car, I just assumed that was an expense I hadn't planned on.  On Tuesday, I decided to ask some people if they thought what I was paying was high and everyone was pretty floored with the number I threw at them.  On Wednesday morning, I got an envelope in the mail, that not joke, said, "Are you paying too much for car insurance?" and I was like "YES!"  So I called, and the guy actually mocked me.  Hard.  I told him I already felt bad in between his, "What is wrong with you? You could be driving a Porsche for that!" Either, way, I saved some money and feel pretty good about that.   Oh! And I got to go to the dog park with Diana and Matty on Wednesday too!

Thursday evening, I squeezed in two events. At 6, I met Aunt Pat, Dawne and Jordan over at a Pet Partner's open house where we learned about how to get our pups registered to volunteer at hospitals and the like.  (How much fun would that be right?)  Then I picked up Becky and we met up with Laina and Shana for some Maria Bamford, where I laughed real hard. 

Co-worker: Um, Buddy pronounced Cortana, CorTANa.
Me: Maybe that's just his accent.
Co-Worker: That's not an accent, that's a problem.

And THEN I found out that all those weird accent things I have like not pronouncing my T's and mis-pronouncing my sister's name are all Midwestern accent traits.  Thanks Momela!

On Friday, I picked up the proper Skip-Bo (previously, I had been using Simpson UNO cards) and when I got home, I found the table set beautifully for the Sabbath AND Dawne had COOKED.  And it was delicious.  :)  Way better than the ghetto Sabbath celebration that Matty and I put together for Luke the week before.  Plus, the real Skip-Bo was way more balanced (imagine that!)

On Saturday, there was Yom Kippur, so I got some errands and chores done. 

Then, when folks had gotten back from services, we went to the Puyallup Fair.   It took about two hours to get there and park, then we spent 7 hours you know, fairing.   We also compared the fair to Disney far more than anyone should.  I know, I know, we're snobs.  But the lines, and the organization, and the way the fair handles money is so redonkadonk.  Despite everyone telling me every year how amazing the scones are, I don't think I had ever really tried them.  This year, after having a couple of fries, and feeling nauseous because I'm not used to fried food anymore, we opted for something not fried.  And the legend is true, those scones were amaze-balls.  My favorite part of the fair is always the animals.  This year one of the horses made me think of Roy Boy.

"Luminasia" was pretty - though the name reminded me a little too much of euthanasia, which is not pretty. 

On Sunday, I got a ton of organizing done - which is always awesome.  And went to the dog park.  And went to Diana and Jason's for some football watching.  So basically, not all that interesting.  The fam met up with Elan to do a 5 hour walking tour of Ballard that turned out to be some awesome scavenger history hunt of Ballard that was super awesome and fun.   So, I missed out on that, but also didn't have to run around in a thunderstorm.  :)

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