Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mailing Stuff is Hard

Update 12/2 - 12/8

I put my Christmas cards in the mail Monday morning, and only made a couple of mess ups.  I am always weirdly excited about sending holiday cards.  Part of this is because I get to take pictures of Percy, partly because I get to watch Love Actually, and partly because I think sending things in the mail is just super fun.  Let me rephrase.  The idea of people receiving things in the mail is super fun, the part where we write addresses, stamp things, and then go to the post office, not as much fun.  There have been years where I made the cards. And there were years that I made the cards and then never put them in the mail.  This year, I bought cards, and then they arrived in two different sizes.  One size was perfect, the other was too small to hold my pictures.  Also, I couldn't decide on which picture, so I sent three which meant no matter what there was going to be extra postage.  Anyway, I ended up having to put the little cards into big envelopes, and it totally looked ghetto, and I'm sorry for the batch of you that got those cards.  Know that I could have just sent the little card alone, but then you'd be denied the cuteness that is my pup, and I can't do that to you during the holiday season.   As I said, mail is not my forte so not only did Pam get two cards, Julie and Kathi might never get theirs because sending anything to Germany is hard.  While writing out the cards, I asked Becky what her address was, and she started looking for her address labels to tell me.  I did the only logical thing. 

First, Laina has an 8ft tall glittery painting of Gene Simmons.  We received this text from her last week. Finally hanging Gene. We have a mattress on the stairs and I told Mo I have already dialed 911 and just need to hit send. I asked Mo if he would have to go back to Afghanistan if he broke his arm. Sort of made me want to remove the mattress from the stairs....

How did this get in there?

On Wednesday, I went to see Jimmy Fallon.  I was supposed to go with Laina, but she and Mo weren't willing to leave their love nest, so Becky joined.  When we got there, I though, "I'm not sure I can handle two hours of Jimmy Fallon."  I was so very pleasantly surprised to find that he was just hosting the evening and we got to listen to some seriously amusing comedians including Julian McCullough, Nate Bargatze, Nick Thune & Seth Herzog.

Zach tried to find us something to watch on TV. 
Zach: I thought this said unpopular shows and I thought they made a category for us!!
Sad but true.  We ended up watching Doctor Who. Zach told me I couldn't watch this particular show from the beginning because I didn't have time to catch up on 50 years.  I conceded, and just told him I had to at least get a feel for it so that my first watching wasn't the anniversary season.   We came to an agreement.   We have cherry picked the episodes (all Matt Smith) so that I would be prepared for the 50th anniversary episode... which I think we'll be watching tonight!

On Friday evening, I went down to the brown house to take a shower and get ready for bed.  It felt a little chilly, so I checked if the heat was on, and was surprised to see that the temperature was 45 degrees in the house.  I figured I could tough it out though, and climbed into bed.  After about an hour of shivering, whilst I tried to convince my body to get up and go up to the yellow house, I finally fell asleep.  Turns out, three large windows were taken out to make space for sliding glass windows.  That would explain the temperature drop, I guess. 

Lucas: You know what is a great song?
Me: Fast Car by Tracy Chapman
Lucas: No, three blind mice by classical.

On Saturday, I went over to Pam’s and took pictures of the adorable snuggle bug that is Lucy.  Percy also got to play for a bit, which he super enjoyed.  Although, I don’t think Pam appreciated all of the fun “tricks” that he taught Lucy, like walking along the top of the couch or running behind the TV and other furniture.  We just love to help!

Later the same day, I met up with Elan, Kelly, D, J & L for the Urban Craft Uprising, followed by a coffee chat.  And on Sunday, I went over to Raymond’s for bit, and did some other stuff I can’t remember… and a little bit of Doctor Who and then the week was all done!

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