Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I hope you’re having a lovely December and that no matter what stage you are in your preparation craziness, you are taking time to enjoy the special magic that comes with the holiday season.  I am feeling so happy, and blessed this year to have some many amazing people who love and support me.  I was talking to Lucas last night about how much he adores his grandfathers.  Really, truly, loves and respects them with all his heart and soul.  I was reminded of so many things in this conversation.  I reflected on my own grandfather, and how Lucas would have enjoyed him so much, and it’s a shame that he never got to really know him.  I thought about my own relationships, and like so many people during these days of Christmas and family, I am missing so many people who aren’t here, or who I’ve just simply lost touch with (some of you even get an email from me every week!)  And mostly, Lucas reminded me that you truly do get what you put into a relationship.  And it’s hard to be best friends with everyone, to have meaningful relationships with a multitude, but the ones you do make special, truly are.  So no matter how you are spending your December, please know, that you are truly special to so many people and take time hug those who you so have the good fortune to see. 

I’m not really sure where I left off last week.  Monday, I got to have lunch with Fred and Jay, which a total delight.  And it was a company celebration day, so we had donuts and lattes in the morning.  That same evening, I went to Diana’s made fudge.   On Tuesday, it did NOT snow.   Wednesday was the launch of the new comic book I’ve been working on, so we had a launch party at a local Comic Book store for a signing and what not.   Pretty sure I caught one of my co-workers doodling inside one of the comics, but that’s what I get for giving artists a marker and asking them to sit still for two hours. 

We’ve been trying to get me “educated” enough to watch the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who, so on Wednesday, we were final ready.  Only, by the time I got home, Zach was hanging out with friends.  Lucas also wanted to watch it, but didn’t think he could stay up long enough for Zach & Co. to finish their game. 

Lucas: Zach….. You know how you like mornings?
Zach: Uh… not especially.
Me: and Doctor Who?
Zach: What?
Lucas: We’re gonna watch the 50th episode at 6:30 AM tomorrow. Good night!

And we did.  Despite all reason.  J 

On Friday, I was invited to go to the Harebrained Schemes Holiday party at K1 Go Karting place.  I had high hopes, but was very disappointed to find that as soon as I put the mask and helmet on, I got hella claustrophobic. I was able crack a small space to enable easier breathing, but overall, I didn’t have any need to win the race.  Some other guests got much more into the competitive nature of the race – including Nate and Zach who got *too* competitive to the point where everyone watching looked at Dawne and said, “I wouldn’t want to go home with those two.”  Lucky us!  After the KI portion of the evening, we all went to see the 2nd Hobbit movie.  Dawne and I hadn’t seen the first Hobbit, but Jordan did a synapsis of the three hour move in two sentences and we were good to go.  

The next morning, the plan had been for half the fam to go up to Steven’s Pass to go skiing, and then I was going to meet everyone on Sunday at Leavenworth with the pups.  However, the fam woke up beaten and bruised from the “fun” they had the night before on the track and couldn’t even consider a day at the slopes.  Instead, we all piled into the car and went straight to Leavenworth.  Oh wait! Before we did that, we sold the mini-quarter pipe that had been sitting in the garage.  Thanks Craigslist!

On our way up, we stopped at Safeway.
Dawne: We better pick up a magazine for the long trip.
Clerk: Oh! Where are you going?
Dawne: Leavenworth.
Clerk (calculating that it was only about a two hour drive from that point.): Where are you from?
Dawne: Bellevue.
Me: For us, that’s a serious road trip.  We’ve packed snacks and juice boxes to go to Renton (a 20 min drive.)

We stopped on our way to let the pups run around in the snow which was nice.  Now, last year, when the fam went to Leavenworth, they met up accidentally with Rach and Anders, who got engaged on that same day.  Naturally, when we saw them again this year, we all presented them cards to celebrate “Our” anniversary. :P  We tried to run into them, but Leavenworth was packed, like could hardly walk, packed.  Some people thought it was because of the Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony, but we all know the real reason, “Switchmas.”  I movie currently available on Netflix about a little Jewish boy that ends up in Christmas Town, AKA, Leavenworth.  I don’t want to ruin the soon to be classic for you, so I’ll leave it at that. Unless you do want it ruined, in which case here’s the trailer:

And… on Sunday, I finished Christmas shopping, did laundry, packed, and wrapped to a point where I was feeling gosh darn good with myself by the time Monday morning rolled around.  J

I hope are feeling great about your upcoming holidays! 

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