Monday, February 10, 2014

Peanut Head

Valentine’s Day this week, people! I know this because the number of messages I’ve received from men/dating sites is out of control.  I haven’t responded to any of them, b/c well, I didn’t want to.  But I like knowing that other people in the world are panicking about their Friday evening plans, and I’m not.  Don’t be confused, I don’t have a date or anything.  I just accidentally planned a trip to Reykjavik instead.  Maybe someone will call in love with my beautiful blue, sometimes, green, and sometimes grey, eyes while I’m there.  You know, because that’s the only part of me that will be visible during my trip. 

Unfortunately, this update is going to be a short one for two reasons, one because I can’t delay it’s delivery, and two because nothing really of note happened last week.  Some things happened that if you called me, I’d totally whine about, and at the time, they felt very important, but not update worthy, surely.  I also got whined to.  These are also very good stories, but are definitely not for public consumption.  Too bad, so sad.  I also spent a ridiculous amount of my time washing my hands and disinfecting things b/c I am a germaphobe surrounded my sick people.

That leaves me with, Tuesday, showing up to the dog park, and to my utter delight, found a surprise guest, Becky!  I guess she decided to wait until it hit 25 degrees and then put on her walking shoes.  She got to see my mothering/disciplinarian skills in full effect.  This consisted of me saying, “wrong way, Percy” every time he tried to bark at another dog, until he realized I was leaving him, and he decided it was a good time to stop.  We’re working on it.  The only way this whole walk in the morning this is possible, is that Dawne takes the pups back home after the walk, and I go directly to work.  I take Percy’s coat off, and put him in the back of the Jeep – and normally, I put my empty coffee cup next to the crate.  On Monday, I was feeling bad about Dawne carrying my empty cup, so I took it back in my car with me.  But then, Dawne told me she spent ten min looking for the cup – and I don’t want to do that to her ever again…

Dawne and I proceeded to opt out of walking for Wednesday – Friday because it was super super cold, and we don’t need to do that to ourselves (despite what my previous update said.  That was then, this is now.)

Percy also got pretty knotted up last week, and I tried to brush him myself, but I’m soooo bad at it.  Instead, we went to the groomer, and they got all the knots out and proceeded to give him a haircut that I hate.  Dawne loves it b/c she likes that he’s showing off what a peanut head he has, but I regret that they cut his long eyelashes, adorable paws and that he looks like a peanut head.

Oh! We had a little parade on Wednesday.  700,000 people showed up, or so I hear.  I went to work, and heard the parade news on the big screen behind me for hours on end (warmer, but not quite the same effect.) On Friday, we had did the Sabbath, and Zach’s friends joined us.  Saturday morning, I asked Kelly to meet me at REI for last minute shopping.  She proceeded to pick up a bunch of items she may or may not need, and I walked out empty handed.  I did pick up these at Bartells:

I text Becky and Kelly: I got these for all three of us, YW
No response
Me: I can’t believe no one responded to this.
Kelly: Thank you
Me: I thought you were going to make fun of me, but thank you works.
Kelly: I struggle with hygiene issues.
Me: I was going to say something but…

Then I walked around taking pictures of the remodel progress, and packed a bit.  Watched a couple of movies with Zach, very exciting.  On the recommendation of Matty, I watched “John Mulaney,  New in Town” and it was humorous, but also weirdly reminded me of Roy when I first met him.

And this describes a lot of my weekend:

Then it SNOWED! So I had a great excuse to do more of the nothing and it was SUPER.   Also, how cute are Casper and Percy (Yes that is Percy’s head in Casper’s mouth.):

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