Monday, November 10, 2014

Heroin Addicts Stole My Costume

(Update 10/27 - 11/2)

Okay, so where was I? Ah yes, the power had gone out at the house and I was up all night with the dogs continuously barking, then taking turns on who got to sleep with me on the couch (heaven forbid one of them got more time than one of the other guys), and in general having a restless night trying to manage the situation between the brown and blue house.  The next morning, I got the pups situated back in the other house and then went to work.  By the time I got home, I was exhausted.  I showered and got into bed before 8.  Which is probably why, when a cop showed up at my door at after 10, I was a little apprehensive.  She asked me if we had had mail stolen, which we had.   She was also very vague, mentioning the edmonds police department (45 min away) and not giving me a lot of information.  I tried to explain that there were actually 4 different houses, and that all of them had mail issues.  When she went to call the other police department, I noticed that the lights were on in the yellow house.  This is when, had I felt more comfortable with the cop, I would have asked her to go up there with me to check it out.  As it was, I didn't feel comfortable at all.  Jordan and fam arrived from the airport 20 minutes later.  I told them the story, and ask Jordan if he wanted to check on the yellow house.  Everyone decided they were too tired and we all went to sleep.  The next morning, Zach received a call saying that someone had found his luggage filled with electronics. This is when we went up to the yellow house, and found out that it had been ransacked. 

Cop: There's this metal helmet...
Cop: And this weird weapon thing.
Jordan: That's my steam punk gun!

All electronics had been removed, every drawer and cabinet were opened, every piece of art & TV were down from the wall, waiting for someone to load it into a car.  Trash cans had been filled (on top of one was a file folder... with all the manuals to all of the electronics.) There was a bunch of stuff outside in the rain, as if someone had been interupted. As we were taking that stuff out of the rain I exclaimed, "THEY DIDN'T GET THE WEST WING!!"  There is something so weird about how insulted you are about things that weren't taken in these situations.   You're half relieved, and half like, Oh yeah? The Twilight Action Figure wasn't good enough for you!?

They had lots of time, it would turn out.  The CSI like investigation told us that they had been able to sleep in the beds a la goldilocks, and take showers.  They seperated the perscription drugs from the others, made neat baskets and bags of all the soaps and toothbrushes/tooth paste, another of hats and gloves, another of button down shirts.  There wasn't a room, nook, or cranny left untouched.  Remind you of anything? 

"Then he slunk to the ice box. He took the Whos' feast, he took the who pudding, he took the roast beast. He cleaned out that ice box as quick as a flash. Why, the Grinch even took their last can of Who hash." Dr. Seuss

And, ironically, they did steal the signed cell of the Grinch.  Reminding us, that maybe happiness doesn't come from a store. Maybe, happiness perhaps... means a little bit more! 

They were able to recover some of the stolen things actually.  I guess the tale began with four heroin addicts.  The one had stolen a porche, got into a chase/race, and flipped it.  In the trunk was a bunch of eletronics that had been in old shipping boxes from the house (this is why the cop asked me about stolen mail.) From there, they were able to put two of them in jail, and because heroin addicts don't like to go through detox in a cell, they told as much as they could to get released.  From there, a warrant was issued to search their place and car.   A lot of the "good" stuff was sold right away of course, but at least the Grinch cell, Rocketeer helmet and Cinderella slipper were returned. 

I think this went down because the power was out (as was the alarm system), and because it was one of the few houses that didn't have a generator on.  I'm super glad I didn't go up the yellow house on the 8 or so times that I almost did that weekend because I'm not sure Casper and the two Yorkies were going to protect me against 4 robbers. 

Almost daily, Nala barks in the morning to get one of us to distract Casper so she can run over and eat.  I don't have a picture of this event, and the video would be as annoying to you as it is to us in the morning.  Instead, here’s one of the littles playing.

On Tuesday, I called the doctor, thinking that I might have an appointment coming up soon but it wasn't on my calendar.  It was indeed soon, as in it was in an hour.  When I got there, I was informed that I was getting a cortisone shot.  The doctor basically told me he knew I was going to need one, but let me try to heal without it to placate me.  Super.  He was really kind and explained the whole thing to me, and I wasn't too worried because I only really pass out when I'm giving blood.  2 minutes later as announcing the eminent faint I was about to participate in.  Luckily, I didn't actually pass out. 

Doctor: What do you do again?
Me: Product Development
Doctor: Oh! I thought you were a nurse!
Me: And now you know I am definitely not.
Doctor: Actually, I know a lot was happening in your head, but you didn't flinch or move at all.  So that's something.

It's certainly something. 

On Wednesday, it was national cat day, and Uber was bringing around kittens to play with again.  And again, there were no kittens for me.

Did I mention to you that my co-worker Ryan carries around my subway punch card because I can't be trusted to keep it with me?  He's the best.

Speaking of coworkers, Logan came up to take pictures of people that dressed up for Halloween.  None of us had, that is until we remembered that we had samples...

Kelly asked me if I wanted to watch Harry Potter on Friday, which I TOTALLY did.  Stopped by to get some Halloween themed dinner and snacks, and we were ready for a night in. 

The boys were looking for costumes.  Tristan had planned on being Captain America, but then his girlfriend decided to be Captain America instead.  His solution was to go as Black Widow, which his girlfriend did not like.  They got into a bit of a fight, which he ended up winning, but then felt bad about acting on.  We totally encouraged him to be Black Widow (he looked really good!) but always the nice guy, he went as Indiana Jones.  Every time someone went to look for something for their costume and it wasn't there, we blamed the robbers until our 2014 Halloween Motto was "Goddamn heroin addicts stole my costume."

On Saturday, we went to a "Super Awesome Party." I mean that is what it was called.  Kelly decided to go all out because she just happened to have a wedding dress in her closet.  This picture has no filter, if you can imagine:

And our friends Mukul and Mary insisted on going out after the party for an impromptu photo shoot:

Meanwhile, at the party, we were talking about what to pack for our trip, and Zach said, "Oh yeah, I'm only bringing two outfits.  One will be an Indiana Jones costume and the other will be Lara Croft." Kelly and I fell in love with this idea.  The whole idea of costumes and packing only two outfits.  We loved it so much, we started shopping for it the next day. 

I hope your week is going well! I hope to catch up real soon!

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  1. Laughed about the subway card...they do make some yummy sandwiches. Blessings.