Monday, February 23, 2009

It's the A in CAPE!

Chosing what I am going to give up for Lent is always such an intense decision.  Remember when I tried to give up sarcasm and Luke started missing me even though I was still living with him?  One year, Maureen tried writing to someone everyday... I sent out a couple packages this weekend, and I'm exhausted for the rest of the month.  Promising to work out is always a nice healthy, yet painful way to show that I love the Lord.... maybe I'll just agree to do that. :)  Or maybe I'll think about it some more....
I messed up making coffee today at work.  You would think that my addiction would make me a pro at creating the rich, hot, tastey beverage... but I can't be trusted.  In fact, 15% of my coffee making is a disaster.  If I ever say I know what I'm doing, tell me anyway.  Sure I'll act blustery, but deep down, I know its for the best.  Today's brand of catastraphe was in the form of not locking the filter mechanism properly, so when I returned to the office kitchen nook there was DD Hazelnut coffee all over the counter--and I needed to try to mop  it all up with these sad, virtually unabsorbant paper towels before a co-worker spotted my blunder. 
I made Brookie's for the people on my floor at work, as well as my mysterious roommate, in an attempt to bribe them into liking me.  If this doesn't work, I guess I'll be giving up office friendships for lent. 
Did I tell you that my uber boss genuinely thinks that I single handedly got everyone sick last week?  Meanwhile, I got it from at least two guys the week before, but b/c I got hit the hardest, I'm officially the plague in her eyes.  After seeing me with my nephews, she actually came up to me and said "it it okay for you to be hanging out with them?" 
I've been in NY for 2 1/2 months now and have basically not gotten together with any of the people I said that I would try to hang out with.  Apparently its easier to be friends in theory than in practice.  
k... seeing as it's only been 1/2 a week since my last correspondance, I think I might have to end this one early.
I hope all is well... and you're all planning a crazy Mardi Gras tomorrow night!  

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