Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"S" is for Sick

ooooh I don't know where to begin!
I don't care if you question my work ethic, #1 worst part about a new job is not having any days off.  So while you're planning your spring breaks... I will be looking up more someecards to bitterly send to you like this one:
Yesterday was my first day back to commuting, so naturally we had the biggest blizzard of the year.  Remember when you used to play soccer, and at the end of the season, it was so cold out that when a soccer ball hit your thigh a nice lil' pentagon pattern would adorn your skin for a week?  I think, had a soccer ball hit my thigh yesterday on my walk to work my legs simply would have shattered.  End of story.  Oh wait, not end of story. (silly me.)  Sean thought it was completely foolhearty of me to hope that a business in Manhatten would close due to snow.  Granted, he was right, my office did not close...  but I did make up one of the three people in my entire department to show up.  What was that about taking days off?  Oh and some chick from Pakistan won a tour of the office which was scheduled for yesterday... and they had to reschedule for a day when people were here.  I asked to be in on the tour even though I didn't enter a contest b/c I still haven't gotten one yet.  Don't worry, I promised to not ask too many questions.
I've noticed a trend of mothers wrapping their strollers with plastic bags, I mean "covers", which I'm sure keeps out that the inclement weather, I'm just worried it's also keeping out that nasty oxygen as well.
I don't know how mothers aren't sick all the time.  I mean kids get all sweet and cuddly when they're sick, and they just want to be held, and then all of a sudden you're looking up the symptoms of scarlet fever.  Which I think is ironic given the fact the last issue of my emails we discussed my uber boss looking at me like I should be wearing a scarlet "S" around the office... If I actually caught the brilliantly named virus... I really would make myself a lil outfit for work.  (To hell with the Puritans, my S would be velvet, outlined with gold, and I think I would pull out the bedazzler for good measure--or maybe I could modify my Superman shirt..)
Zach actually got me to purchase books in the Sci-Fi section of Barnes & Nobel.  Sure, we've all picked up an odd book with sci-fi undertones in the Fiction section, but I found myself willingly going into the area of geekdom that I thought was just where people went to read books without having to pay for them.  I'm reading it covertly on the train.  We listened to the first audio book, and then Zach read the cliff notes of the second book in the series, but I can't bring myself to cliff note the books I want to read... so hello Sci-Fi section!  (And yes, Julie, that's the book I sent you... if it was good enough for me to to dare the depths of a new genre, it's good enough to send to you.) 
In honor of Nate auditioning for Alice in Wonderland (or at least a part in the play, he didn't mention a blue dress or a wig) Sean and I had a very merry un-birthday party on Sunday... b/c nothing says fun like pushing your neice out of the way in musical cushions, or spinning around lil kids 8 times before pushing them towards a clown with no nose.  Top that off with a cupcake... and you've got entertainment excellence going on.
You all know about my affinity for TV on DVD... but I have a confession to make.  I also keep IMDB handy while watching so that if a character appears to be in trouble, I can look up to see if they live. Also, if a character actually dies, I scan the future episodes so that I can see if they are really dead, or they are coming back later.  I can't help it... if I didn't, I wouldn't be able to sleep at night.  Oh, and I heart Sydney Bristow.  She is so B.A.
Finally--(and perhaps this should have been first.)  I spoke to Zach on Sunday... he told me to call the next day, but last night I just forgot. This morning, I find a facebook announcement saying that Zach is married with several items in my inbox to confirm...  Man! You miss one day of communication... I just gotta know Zach--did she find a razor then?
alright, alright I'll stop... even though I'm fairly sure that Zach, like many of you, only read the pictures, just incase, I'll keep my public display's of mockery to a minumum. 

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