Monday, March 9, 2009

Jam Tomorrow, Jam Yesterday, But Neva' Eva' Jam Today!

I was sad to see that there were no someecards that referenced Carol Channing... seems a real shame if you ask me.  I've had numerous Alice in Wonderland references lately... Curiouser and Curiouser.  My father was complaining about my Alice in Wonderland tea set that is taking up space in the play room and completely ignored my argument that it was the only China that I owned.   We had a merry unbirthday last weekend, Nate auditioning, and Roy told me about Johnny Depp being the Mad Hatter in an up coming AIW movie, and then to top it all off we were quoting the very best version of AIW, which is obviously the made for TV, 1985 rendition starring such favorites as Carol Channing, Sammy Davis Jr., Red Buttons and I think Telly Savalas and Sally Struthers might also have made appearances.  Seriously good entertainment for one and all... until  the Jabberwocky comes on the screen and then, I think I might have peed myself.  What? You don't know what I'm talking about? Ugh!
I was waiting for a good time to use that one... mostly b/c while I refuse to watch SW b/c I know it bothers people, it still drives me nuts every time I hear someone hasn't watched a movie that I have deemed "classic" or a "must see."  You would think that I would make myself immune to such mental attacks prior to vowing never to watch a highly acclaimed and obsessed about Sci-Fi series... but no.  Instead I buy revamped versions of Pollyanna and force my friends and family to watch it hoping that they'll never ever return the favor. 
I didn't mean to make this all about movies and entertainment... but you know how much I love movies and being entertained... so I'll press on.  Watchmen: Loved having 5 hours off of work to go see a movie with lots of blood, violence, sex and nudity... oh and some comic book characters as well.  I am a lil concerned that I can actually describe some of the bloody fight scenes as gorgeous and am digging deep to discover if this is b/c the film was really good, or if I have become completely desensitized.  Ah well.  If my employer asks, I'm just going to say it was really good and call it a day.  Though... I still say none of the Watchmen posters adorning the office walls make any sense.  Speaking of which... if you want to see Watchmen for free with me on March 12th, just respond to me with in the next hour or so. 
I saw the Irish Tenors yesterday... so I'm totally ready for St. Patricks Day...
Oh! and I took a ride down to Baltimore on Saturday to chill with some friends from college... and I am very pleased to note that I still think that they are wildy entertaining and amusing... So I guess that buys us another year of knowing each other.  And now I can say I got away for "Spring Break" with the excuse that I didn't go to Mexico b/c of all the crazy warnings that my mother has repeated to me from what she learned on the Telly.  And, I used the term "Telly" twice in one email.  Hurray for me!
K--I'm looking for a good Laser Tag and/or Bouncey house for adults.  Eva said life was all about having goals and accomplishing them, so I've made myself two goals, and now I was hoping someone else would help me accomplish them... LMK, k?

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