Monday, March 30, 2009

Run For It!

But I'll see if I can drum up some things to say to you. 
I just got a call from Doreen informing me that I had yet to send out an email today.  Like an over due book that you are aware of but do nothing about, I have this draft open on my desktop waiting to be filled with interesting tid bits, and coming up with only the sad crumbs of my existence.  I sure hope that is enough for you Doreen.  (I wrote Do first, but it looks awfully silly without that lil line hat on the "o")
I don't know how funny this card really is given that I actually have taken to wearing running shoes in an effort to increase my chances of running.  In fact, when I think no one is looking, I'll make a quick dash down the block--and if I'm the first one off the train, I'll sprint to my car.  Nothing says professional like a hurried run in a parking lot. 
Oh hey! I found a super secret underground tunnel system underneath the city that makes almost all of my walk from GCT to work protected from weather... of course I wait until nearly April to make the discovery--and I only know how to get into it coming from work, but it's something.  As an added bonus, it has more shops that I will pass by in a blur thinking I should stop one day when I have more time... when I know my psychosis requires me to constantly try to cut time off of my commute by never slowing down.  Speaking of Psychosis...
I hear there will be a kickin' unemployment bbq on April Fool's Day that I am too far away to attend, so I will have to send a Jehovah's Witness in my stead. 
I fully plan on pretending to be sick on Thursday so I can play with my cousin's who are coming to visit... so naturally, today I have a genuine sore throat which seems to be getting worse no matter how many Hall's Defense Supplemental drops I ingest. 

My sister seems to think it is a marvel that I get everything that anyone has.  Turns out I'm not just weak in mind and spirit, but also in immune system.
A co-worker has asked me to give a 5 minute speech on what I do on Wednesday... I asked if he could maybe change that to 30 seconds and he has a deal. 
I bought a blender yesterday and when I went to clean it, I plunged my hand into the soapy water and completely stabbed the top of my finger with the blade.  I cannot even begin to understand my own endless ability to hurt myself unintentionally.  Now that finger will be completely out of commission for the next two weeks (See Psychosis for further information).
Remember when I said I was allergic to NY? Well today is the first day I am not itchy!  I still don't know what the cause was though b/c I finally broke down and bought Oil of Olay (not b/c my mother said to try it, but b/c my sister confirmed my mother's good idea with a doctor's opinion.  This still makes my mother right, but I feel better about it) and I also went back to protein shakes instead of granola bars... so I'm either allergic to granola bars or had dry skin, or maybe it's b/c I had over 12 hours of sleep last night and couldn't expose myself to whatever it was that makes me itchy.  this might be number one in pointless stories of the day.  No wonder it took until almost 2pm before I sent this out.
I have this flying squirrel doll from Xeko on my desk, and this guy keeps telling me I need to cut him open so he has a place the dollar bills that he pays me for visiting and grabbing hot heaven.  As if the Pirates AOE tin isn't good enough.  Sadly, I don't think my defenses are strong enough.  Point of this story? That's right, I have gotten someone to PAY me for visiting my office.  Boo-Yah!
Missing you all lots and lots!
Happy Monday!
Good luck sending me a someecard I haven't seen for my birthday next week.

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