Monday, March 16, 2009

Little Lucky Leprechauns

You know I once saw the end of a rainbow.  It was the single most tragic thing I have ever seen related to rainbows.  First, I thought it was basically impossible to find the end of the rainbow, which would explain how the gold and leprechauns were protected.  So to just look out my window and SEE the end of a rainbow without even trying was for a moment (I must admit) exhilerating (!) until it was very clear that I could also see only solid ground.  My only comfort is that I had not a shovel handy to investigate the occurance to the fullest once and for all disproving a most be beloved belief.  I think I shared this moment with Wade, but his emotions were comparitively flat to the internal turmoil that I endured.
Speaking of Friendships, I have some up dates.  Despite the fact that the Weisman's have been encouraging me to stay clear of making any new friends, I went out with my sister-in-laws sister on Saturday.  I know, I know, I shouldn't get a pat on the back for making friends with practically a relative, but how about a slow clap?  
I also got to hang out with the infamous Markus Tuttlus, formerly from the WK clan, on Thursday.  When he called and said he was staying on Chruch street, I could only remember that it was in the financial district--and even with my limited knowledge of the city, I was able to get down to Wall street and Broadway and then I promptly called my big brother and he walked me to my destination.  No matter how small, insignificant or even assisted my travels are from here to there within the city boundaries I am continiously elated--and if I use public transportation?  Well then I practically feel like a goddess among... well I guess I don't really care about anyone else at those particular moments. 
I chatted with my neighbor Danny over the weekend.  We did the normal boring chit chat that comes with with friends who've known each other since we were 5, and yet haven't hung out socially in forever.  At the conclusion of the conversation he was like, alright well if you are ever going out in Yorktown definitely call me I want come out.  And I said "Totally!" even though as the word was coming out of my mouth I knew I didn't have his number, and he knew that I didn't have his number, and I knew I should ask for it... but didn't b/c that would put the onus on me to call him. It was one of those rare book moments.  You know what I'm taking about right?  In a book, you can  read what someone is thinking, and if you ever really thought about it, no one takes that long to think / run an internal dialogue about something without the other person in the conversation knowing that something is going.  But in books, we accept this time lapse--even the author noting that the character has "covered up the his thoughts with a blank expression" or whatever other literary non-sense.  I can tell you right now, I did not summon up a blank expression... and as I have always been overly senstive about awkward situations, I did what any respectable person would do... I gave Danny a hug and said "It was was SO great talking to you... talk to you soon!" and ran to play baseball with Mo and the boys.  I know...
When I moved out to Seattle I started having these wicked headaches and I was convinced that I was allergic to WA. I soon learned that it was just a seasonal change, an allergy of sorts that many people got.  I bring this up, b/c while I may be "mental"  I was still correct in saying that I was allergic to my new home.  Once again, I find myself allergic, I just haven't found the source yet--so for now I'm just assuming that it is New York.  I thought it might be work... or something at work, but when I had to pop benedryl again last night at home... the whole state of New York has been put under close scrutiny.  Though I hear itchy palms means you're coming into money... and I did find a dime on the floor today...
I wonder if I could convince my boss that I got forcibly put onto a float in the St. Patricks Day parade on my way to work which made it impossible to show up until 2 in the afternoon.  It could happen!
And yes, the duller I think my content is, the more someecards I insert into emails.  Eventually I will be forced to go back to a string of someecards linked with 2-3 words in between, and then you can stop complaining that I write too much... but until that day... :)

Twitter has also come up a lot this weekend and I need a vote on whether or not this is something I need to get involved in... I mean isn't it enough that I send out emails every week to everyone I know detailing every last tid bit of my life? 
And this is totally random... but on my way back from Baltimore I stopped to get coffee (shocking! ) and this guy stopped and said something like "So where was the pretty convention that you were at all day?" and was completely dumb founded.  Which reminded me that I am so rarely the recipient of pick up lines, compliments and random flirtations that when it happens I am so shocked that I actually think I sputtered as if from a cartoon.  I'm surprised I didn't turn around and see if he was talking to someone else.
okay.. I'm really done this time. 

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