Thursday, December 24, 2009

Given the Boot.

Note: This was written on Sunday night but I couldn’t send it out.  I’ll write a second one for events post Sunday night and get it out to you…eventually.  Consider this “Monday Email 12/21” kthnxbye. 

I got the boot on Thursday.  Literally, I got a boot for my foot.  So I unpacked all of my left shoes which made room for things like sun block (which wasn’t really needed given that I geared with three sweatshirts my entire trip to FL.)  I think I may have mentioned spraining my ankle about a month ago—well it was still hurty, and the top of my other foot had hurt also.  I assumed it was just bruised, and the other foot hurt so much that I didn’t complain about it.  Then I was like, um, I’m going to be walking around Disney, perhaps I should get the other foot x-rayed just in cases.  My doctor scolded me for not seeing an orthopedic guy and sent me to the hospital for x-rays.  The specialist asked for additional x-rays on my other foot and then kept staring at them for something broken—then told me I had actually sprained my left foot and something about tendons, and sprained the top of my right foot—but he still wasn’t ruling out that something might be broken that he couldn’t see.  He wanted to put a cast on the left foot, but since I’ve made it this long in my life, breaking multiple things, and never needing a cast I asked for some alternative solutions… and wa-la! I got the boot on Thursday—just in time to be patted down by security in the airport and hobble around in Florida.  The nurse helping me with boot said she could feel me sighing and saying “You’ve got to be kidding me right?” even though I know I didn’t make any sounds.   I think Dawne is just excited about a wheelchair at Disney so we can scoot to the front of the line—but I’m not being used.  No, not at all.


I told Dawne that Roy wants me to move back to NY and get an apartment with him.  I think I opened up the Roy vs. Dawne debate of 2010 which I think will entirely consist of Dawne calling Roy to sprout the delightfulness that is Seattle, and Roy saying “who is this?”


I hung out with my uncle and cousins the other night.  Someone said to me “You don’t drink that much.  I mean I don’t remember you drinking much at all at Sean and Maureen’s wedding’s.”  I was like “Uh, that’s b/c I was 14 when Sean got married.”  Jennifer, the youngest of 8 kids, works for the sheriff’s department.  She and he sister were having an argument about what constitutes violence.  Jennifer ended the conversation with “Listen, if I punch you—that’s an assault.  If you punch me—that’s a felony.”  What little sibling hasn’t wanted to say those words? (Other than myself of course b/c my siblings always knew me to be fragile and respected that sweet weakness. J )


Speaking of my siblings knowing me well… My brother got me and Dawne appointments at the Bibbity, Bobbity, Boutique.  Ya know, the one for 5 year olds?  I am so excited to be going, and even more excited that Sean knew that Dawne and I would be excited to go.  We’ve been bragging about it so much that Jordan’s cousins are going to join us. We always were trend-setters. 


Zach needed textures for his 3-D projects so Dawne was clicking away.  She got some beautiful shots at the Lion Country Safari—and one adorable picture of an Impala had Luke saying “That is gorgeous.  Makes me want to skin it and put its pelt on my wall.”

(I’m not inserting a card here b/c all searches for “Furry” and “Pelt” were inappropriate and gross.)
I read the Vampire Diaries, now you don’t have to. Yw


Did I mention Janette is moving?  B/c she got an amazing job with those guys that make those super great games like Mafia Wars? And Farmville?  Ya—and now she wants me to start playing games OTHER than Scrabble with Sheelin? 


Annnnnd Merry Christmas!  Here is your holiday dose of inappropriate cards b/c the baby Jesus knows I didn’t send you anything in the mail.


This one is for Marisa…


…and in saying that I mean, I have no respect for you at all.


Happy Birthday to Sean, Kristy, Doreen, Sarah, Marisa and anyone else that has the mis-fortune of competing with Jesus for attention this holiday season!

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