Monday, December 28, 2009

Were You Naughty

I trust you all had a lovely holiday.  I didn’t quite get in all of my holiday cheer in time so I am watching the new version of Miracle on 34th Street (the B&W we watch on Thanksgiving so this is a nice full circle) as I recap the whirlwind of last week.  First I’ll jump into my way back machine to last Monday when we drove up from West Palm Beach to Orlando in time for a lil wheel chair action in between rides at Universal.  After getting yelled at as we tried to sneak peeks at the upcoming Harry Potter attraction we hit up the E.T. ride where you can enter your names so that they’ll be repeated back by E.T. himself.  We went with Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comit, Cupid and then Lucas was Blitzberg, the Jewish Reindeer.  As we were leaving one ride I replied to Nate—“What? Heinz 57?” “No, I said its 10:57” I thought it was a new hip thing to say like “Whoa, that was so totally Heinz 57.”  I liked it so much I’m going to try nudge it into sweeping the nation.  Pass it on. 


Oh! I forgot that while in W. Palm Beach, we had the opportunity, had we needed the service, to exchange for cash our guns, swords, and daggers.  Now I’ll know for next time.


Day 2 was a lil Tower of Terror at “Hollywood Studios” which is pretty much always awesome.  We pack
ed in a bunch of rides before Princess Dawne and Princess Tiffany had to catch our pumpkin over to the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique where we brought the average age being sprinkled with fairy dust to about 7.  Don’t worry—I got pictures of the dazzling diva’s that we were transformed into (and yes that is a crown on my face and yes that is pink hair):

We also gave a Royal thank you to the King and Queen that bestowed this honor upon us… which they wore all through the opening of presents. 


After dinner at the castle with our fairy godmother where we were able to watch the fireworks from our royal thrones—we went out for more of the happiest place on earth.   Jordan tried to race Nate to the Pirates of the Caribbean with me in the wheelchair—but Disney puts up these tiny ropes to direct traffic at Parade time.  These same tiny ropes caused us to run over Zach and nearly decapitate me in our efforts to win the race. 


Later, Matty and I tried to foil the system by getting into Space Mountain with the Wheelchair before it closed—but it was Space Mountain that foiled us.  The all powerful space cadets made us wait in the handicap area.  We offered that we could go as single riders seeing as many empty seats were passing us—Space Cadet #2 told us that was “Okay, looks like you’ll be the last ones tonight.”  We didn’t realize he meant it.  He had us stay and wait until everyone else on the line had gone and then told us “careful with the wheelchair—8 out of 10 people roll back on the ramp b/c they don’t lock the chairs.”  Thanks SC#2 for those very precise statistics!


Kyle was very excited Christmas morning.  He told Lisa McDonough “We got presents from Santa even though we were naughty!”  I got to play with Baby Vivian, Cristi’s bundle of adorable this morning at Mo’s house.  I heard she got a baby gate for Christmas… but I don’t *think* she’s had time to be naughty in her very short 7 months. 


Over a game of LIFE, Kyle also learned a big life lesson.  Mo asked the boys a question, and Kyle obediently answered despite his mouthful of hot cocoa.  Maureen explained that perhaps next time one should wait until they have swallowed before answering so that liquid doesn’t flow out ones mouth to dribble onto ones shirt.  I thought it was so funny I had to spit my coffee out… but Kevin was adamant that he “Didn’t think it’s funny at all.” 

Some other random quotes from last week:
(After watching someone open a present that was most definitely not theirs) Kevin: and THAT’S why it’s good to read the label.
Morgan: It’s a box to wear on your head!
Momela: What is it?
Kyle: It’s this thing.
Mo: This is your present that you opened this turn, you have to wait to open the next one.
Kyle: I don’t want that.  I’ll just open this one. 
Kevin: If you’re giving out rooms—I wouldn’t mind having my own, Mom.  (He currently shares with Kyle.)
When Patrick asked who had given Kyle a present, Kyle responded “Elizabeth gave it to me.”  Did I mention that Elizabeth is Patrick’s girlfriend? That’s what I call a “lil squirt.”


Morgan had to go to the emergency room Christmas Morning b/c she accidently pulled down stocking holder off the mantel with her stocking and it wacked her in the head.  Stacey said she needed to go to the hospital b/c she’s a girl and needs to look pretty.  Sean was like “Uh does that mean we wouldn’t go if she was a boy.”   I hear Morgan fought off three adults, refusing to have stitches until they agreed to slap some super glue on it and send her on her way.


Last night we celebrated the Carla moving to Boston.  I learned what the “Three Wiseman” is.. Jim Beam, Jack Daniels and Jose Cuervo.  After avoiding actually finding out what it tastes like I bid the real rock stars adieu with the advice that they could stop drinking at anytime, especially Carla who was the only one who had work this morning.  I only took a teeny tiny bit of satisfaction from Carla’s text which simply said “I should have listened to you last night.”  Just a tiny bit.


I’m sure there was more—but then what would I tell you next week… right?  Happy New Year’s! 

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