Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Travel Hangover


I got rejected from SpeedDating.  Not like the guys rejected me… no, they didn’t even get the opportunity.   While I had a lovely time with Janette and Rach, chillaxing at the bar—there were 20 very attractive ladies and only 10 moderately attractive men.  I suppose the fact that we looked like we were having a wildly good time on our own instead of sitting sadly alone made us prime candidates for the “round 2”.  Round 1, however, lasted two hours so Janette demanded our money back… or at least the ability to reschedule.  When she inquired the second time she saw the chick writing “There are always a couple of whiners…”  so Janette said, “I know we’re whining…” J   That’s how I got rejected from the entity of SpeedDating.  On a simply FABULOUS note, as we walked into the bitter cold I started to say “BRR.”  And then Janette and I, simultaneously and immediately sang “its cold out here.  There must be some Torros in the atmosphere.”  This left Rach flabbergasted—and I, myself, pleased as punch that Janette and I are still so perfectly aligned in our thoughts.  Shame she has to go off and leave me for some great job and awesome boyfriend in a rice-a-roni town. 


Last weekend was the annual O’Brien Christmas Party.  A couple of my friends made the trek into NY for the event… so we all took the trek into NYC to see the lights on Friday night.  I decided to drive down.  We first went to meet up with Sean and his buddy Hammer.  I found parking a block away for only $2.  And then we went from there to a BBQ place, where I found parking 2 blocks away for FREE.  And then, b/c those combined 3 blocks were too cold for my nearest and dearest, we decided to pick up Sean from his concert and do a drive by of the lights.  So basically we got Rock Star parking, for a Rock Star evening, all from the comfort of my parents Rock Star mini-van.  To top it all off, we hung out with “Hammer” for at least an hour and half, and as we were in the car, and Sean was saying something about me, Hammer said “Who’s Tiffany?”  Again, adding to the warm glow of my self-esteem. 


I took Kevin to TRU to pick out his birthday present… he beelined to the DS games… and when we returned home to show off the goods Maureen asked “And where is your DS Kevin?”  Kevin: “I don’t know.”  Details.


Basically the one job my mother gives me for the Christmas Party weekend is “Don’t make a mess.”  Easier said than done.   We took a trip to the mall, and then met up with Sean at the Stadium, and then I had to go down to Sean’s to make my “Tiffetti” pies (could you imagine me trying to bake in my mother’s kitchen at 5pm the day of the party?) and of course. I also demanded that we play Band Hero—specifically Eye of the Tiger.  Someone had cut the connection to the top two drums, which made it a lil more difficult to be successful—but we worked through it.  After I left, Jackie said to Stacey “Man, Aunt Tiffany is basically just a big kid huh?”  Frankly, I can’t believe she just noticed now. 


The party was delightful… I heard about Kenny and Dara going to EPCOT and Dara pulling out a sharpie and writing right on Kenny’s arm “If found, please return to parking lot….”  And now I will make sure I will pack a sharpie tomorrow before I leave for Florida.  Briana told me that on their trip to get a Christmas tree, someone accidently tied all the doors shut and they had to climb in through the hatch back.  And at the end of the night, when 4 ft sump’m Christine couldn’t see a picture on the wall and took it down to take a closer look… Scott yelled “this isn’t a freakin’ grab bag—you can’t just take home whatever you want!”  I know there was more… but if I remembered everything, then it wouldn’t have been all that great of a night … right? 


The roads were icy on Sunday…so we couldn’t get to the Kenny Rogers concert.  Sad face.  Despite the fact that the picture box depicted green flowing arrows on all the road ways, Roy ended up just sitting on the Taconic without moving for 3 hours.  While I received word from Julie “Made it out of NY.  Taconic was the worst.  Lost track of # of accidents we have passed.  Now in PA where roads are maintained in the winter.” 
I got a haircut… I now have bangs.  I asked Luke what he thought and he said “Not a good decision.”  The honesty of teenagers just warms the heart sometimes.


I haven’t seen the show…but that doesn’t mean I haven’t heard the outrage…


I leave for Florida on Thursday.  I’ll try to send out updates in the next two weeks… but I might be sketchy due to all of the crazy fun I’m having.  Happy Holidays—just in case.

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