Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Weight a Second...

In the epitome of getting news from other mediums other than the news, I was informed of the elections via a facebook post by Jen of a video from the Daily Show http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/mon-january-18-2010/mass-backwards  , which I then followed with this someecard.  A trifecta of my absurdity—and yet I am the wiser for it. 
When my sister and brother in law were plagued with stomach flu, my 7 year old nephew Patrick got his younger brothers up, fed them breakfast, entertained them all day and put them to bed.  When Mo asked what time they got to sleep he replied “I got the kids to sleep at 7:30, but I had to keep going in to shut the light off so I didn’t get to sleep until a later.”  
Kristy Kreme texted me today, and ya I’m making that a news item.  The conversation went like this:
KKB: Is donating blood a weight loss technique?
TO’B: Nope.  It regenerates too quickly.  And by too quickly, I mean it’s a miracle how God has created such an efficient vessel.
KKB:  Darn.  There’s always a blood bus on campus.
TO’B: It’s still a nice a gesture but one of the questions asks about tattoos and traveling to Africa.
KKB: The tattoo thing always disqualifies me.
T O’B: They are pretty picky considering they are just going to test the blood first anyway IMHO.   I think a good stomach virus is still the way to go.
KKB:  I agree with both points.

If only we lived closer to Mo and Pat.  (And yes, we are always looking for the easy way out.)  My friend just lost 80 pounds (the hard way.)  She told me that she keeps pictures of her old self on her phone, and when waiters give her a hard time about the way she is ordering she pulls it out and says “Listen buddy, I just lost 80 pounds—do you want to be the reason I go back to looking like this?  I didn’t think so.  Now get me that grilled chicken with the sauce on the side.”  


I invited myself to hang out with some friends on Saturday.  I’m starting to think I need to do this more often.  Waiting around for an invitation is depressing—imposing oneself on others, not at all depressing.  Before we got to their place, we stopped for dinner.  When we arrived they asked if we were hungry (we did say we had eaten) and would we like to go to Cactus (where we had just walked from.)  I immediately said that was totally cool (careful not to mention we had already been.)  We walked over, waited for a table, were telling funny airplane stories when the manager walked by and said “are you planning on staying here all night?”  I casually said, “I think I just might” and asked Shane to continue his story.  I still think I could have gotten away with the plan if it were just Shane and I, but Cathy got curious.  Apparently now Cathy believes I can’t be trusted.  I can’t believe it took her this long to figure that out. 
Hit up the aquarium this weekend.  It is a lot less stressful when you aren’t losing a kid in there (it was just the one!)  I took a picture of the puffin’s and sent it to Evivova b/c when we first went to Maine as kids we thought a bird named “Puffin” was hilarious—and those “No Puffin” with the cigarette sign on it sent us into fits of giggles.  I asked if she needed me to get her the onesie that said “Stud Puffin” now—she asked if it was versatile… b/c the way her life was going she might be able to shove it on a cat.


Dawne and I couldn’t find Benodryl Quick Strips anywhere (apparently they stopped making them which is a travesty b/c they are so convenient and work so incredibly well)—so naturally I begged my mother to look in NY for them.  She asked what I needed them for—and when I told her sometimes a get all itchy when I touch dust she said okay.  But when I said and then sometimes Dawne stops breathing, she said she’d take a look.  She woke me up this morning at 7 with the amazing news that she had found 14 boxes to which I said “thanks mom”.  When I called her back at 9 (when I was awake) I enthusiastically said “THANKS MOM!”  I told her I haven’t been getting any sleep and she said she didn’t care at all.  I said kinda figured.  She also complained that I had yet to give her the pictures that the wonderful and perfect Dawne had taken of their anniversary party.  There was some minor back and forth with me threatening to not send the Valentine’s Day card I made her, and she threatened to send Dawne some Benodryl and she would cut all of my Benodryl into cute (but unusable) heart shapes.  Can you feel the love?


A new guy is staying at the brown house.  He’s basically a stranger that is going to work for Jordan in some capacity while staying here and using the van for three months (oh and he’s married so he’s useless to me.)  Jordan introduced him to Dawne and I as we were in pajamas in her bedroom.  When Jordan asked her to drive new guy to work, she (jokingly) asked is that what time I usually get up?  Then… the next morning she got a really bad migraine and couldn’t drive new guy.  AWK-WARD.  We haven’t actually seen him since. 
So… I know I stole the term “Hurty” from Shana, but after using it with my new PT—it’s now going into her vocabulary—FTW! At first I was ashamed and embarrassed b/c I do have a larger vocabulary—but then I realized she thought it was cool.
And I’m going to sign out with this invitation:
Time: 7:30PM Friday, January 29th
Location: 3223 15th Avenue West, Seattle WA
The show order is:
The Head and The Heart
The Barefoot Contingent
Lower Lights Burning
Cost: $8

Hope you can come!

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