Sunday, October 31, 2010

Death by Slim-fast Shake

Sean told my parents that Bailey's principal is recommending her for a scholarship at Johns Hopkins Summer camp, or as my dad interjected, "Camp Janette" as it's referred to in the O'Brien household."  I'm so glad someone in our family is finally following in Janette's footsteps.  

The other day Becky was so funny that I almost choked and died on a Slim Fast Shake.  I am trying to think of a sadder obituary headline but I just can't at the moment.  I returned the favor in kind five minutes later, but I still think choking on a cherry tomato is an exceedingly more respectable way to die. 

I don't have a trash at work.  I do however have a stapler (without staples) and a tape dispenser (without tape) and a stapler remover (perhaps I could reshape the used staples and recycle?  I've decided that, rather than as for a trash, I am going to use it as my method of making friends.  I'll for sure have to walk to the kitchen to use the trash... or I could be bolder and continually ask other to use their trash as a bit of a conversation starter.  My boss doesn't know anyone in the office b/c she hasn't been here for that long so I offered to introduce her to any cool people I met.  Just another service I provide.  

I sit in the web development area.  I met someone the other day and they said "Good to meet you and Congratulations on getting the worst desk in the office!"  The desk is very deceiving.  See it is on the edge by the corner which seems like it would be ideal only there is a 3 foot by 3 foot vent between me and the window that cuts into ¼ of my desk space making 3 feet unusable.  I’m thinking the lack of trash was primarily due to the fact there isn’t any space for it.  I cleared out some boxes from one area (to be stored) and temporarily put them in my area and this VP guy just looked at them, laughed, and said “So you thought you had TOO much space?” Who am I kidding, it’s just nice to have desk.  

The guy next to me hums.  It’s week one, so clearly I think this is adorable, but I’ll be sure to give you regular updates in case this is another of those “Isn’t Jerry (of the Tom and Jerry web-team duo)’s Pink Panther ring tone the coolest thing ever!?” situations.  

There was this sweet email from one of my Japanese co-worker re: Halloween that basically said I am not wearing a costume b/c this other guy is visiting and isn’t wearing a costume not b/c I hate American culture.  Awesome!

I came back to my desk and said:
Me: Did you miss me? I’ve been gone for like an hour.
Him: Uh. No.  I didn’t even notice.
Me: You could have just lied and said yes.
Him: I try not to lie.
Me: This is not going to work for me.

Becky doesn't think my cube mates will ever be ready for me.  

Random Co-Worker: Are you a fangbanger? 
Me: I was going for Pam from True Blood.
RCW: You should be wearing a polyester pink suit.
Me: But I’m working Pam.  Ya know.  B/c I’m at work. 

I probably shouldn’t have gone with the bright fuchsia pumps and matching "lady of the street" Fuchsia Fusion lipstick to work huh?  At least I left the Fuchsia Bustier purse and mini-skirt at home. 

Alright… this was Tuesday to Friday afternoon.  The last 2 ½ days will be continued so you aren’t overwhelmed. :)

T O’B 

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