Monday, January 10, 2011

Almost a Magical Weekend

At one point on Saturday, Zach turned to me and said, “Man, you are going to be able to write an entire segment on Monday just on what we did today!” That’s when we paused to see if we could even remember what we did, and realized that sometimes when you have a perfect day, you don’t remember what made it perfect.  I think this is the main cause of pessimism in the world. Here’s what I do remember of this week…

Luke’s teacher’s teacher in high school was foreign of some kind (I didn’t know how funny the story was when he started telling it to pay attention to the details.)  She was explaining migrant workers and border patrol, but unfortunately confused her terminology during the lecture by replacing “Manual Labor” with “Hand Jobs.”  Which led to a long class period of kids muffling their giggles as she explained the trial and tribulations Mexican’s risking their lives and liberty to cross the US border only to get Hand Jobs when they arrived. 

It was someone’s birthday on Facebook, but only one of my friends knew b/c he doesn’t make that information public.  When I exclaimed that I felt uncomfortable wishing him a HB without solid FB proof—my other friend mentioned that she remembered his birthday b/c in 5th grade her best friend Jackie was in love with the birthday boy.  After I got over the shock that I was not, in fact, her best friend in 5th grade, I realized that while I don’t remember any of my crushes birthday’s Eva sure would.  I asked Eva to confirm this statement and she said, “And their license numbers!”   It’s scary ‘cuz it’s true.

Eva: so Joe and I aren't friends on FB... but I just looked him up... and his profile pic is a picture of me and him! It means a lot! :)
me: Do you suppose it means more or less than the fact he wants to house up with you in the suburbs?
Eva: good question.   I can't decide.   FB is huge. I got teary eyed when I saw my pic!

(I threatened to friend him, mostly to rile Eva up.)

me: I can’t friend him, I don't even know his last name
Eva: I know your crushes from middle school’s bdays.. and you don't know my bfs last name?! Again… beside myself ;)
me: wait!   I do know it
Eva: yes
me: Hecht? Heit?
Eva: haha you were right with hecht.

And now I don’t have to remember anything again for another 5 years!

Becky: So you know how after knowing someone for a long time you can anticipate what they are going to say just by their expression?  While I was home my best friend had gotten her underwear stuck on her button when she was pulling up her pants in the bathroom and I could tell what she was going to say just by the look of frustration and panic on her face so I was like “Do you need help with that?”
Me: Wait.  Go Back. Why were you watching her pull her pants up in the bathroom?

In our house, when it is your birthday, you get to choose where we go for dinner.  Day’s before his birthday, Lucas asked me to guess where we were going.  I failed miserably.  I should have known he wanted to go to IKEA for dinner.

Zach and I had 24 hours together… which is the first time I had really gotten to hang out with him on his winter break.  We woke up early and naturally wanted to do workout videos.  Thinking that walking down to the exercise room was too much work, we decided to just do the workouts on Nate’s bed (I’d apologize here, but I don’t think Nate will actually read this. :P) We did everything from P90X to Billy Blanks, Pilates to Capoeira.  Naturally, Zach worked harder, but he has to show his abs off at the beach more than I do. 

I almost had a magical weekend.  Our big plan was to go to the Harry Potter exhibit at the Pacific Science Center but the place was packed.  We ended up parking in a lot a couple of blocks away.  When we got to the entrance there was a huge line (and I of course was not wearing a jacket and had not dried my hair.)  We waited in line, tried to buy tickets on line, and then announced that it looked like it was sold out.  My proclamation elicited sad faces and moans from the kids around me and parents saying that they had driven so far to get there… etc.  It turns out they didn’t have tickets until 4 so we decided NOT to steal tickets from small children and head to Chipotle.  At the parking deck, we did our second good deed by giving our paid parking ticket to a family arriving.  (Sure, we didn’t tell them that HP was sold out, but at least they didn’t have to waste 10 dollars.)  Feeling like we had “enough adventure” for one day, back to Bellevue we drove. 

We also watched City of Ember—which Zach rated it as “Almost as good as Garfield.” Grabbed some Thai, and then saw Narnia.  Perhaps, the reason why I can’t remember anything from my perfect days is b/c  our hilarity stems from mocking movies and television shows and that is simply too much, and too trivial, to explain to you.  You’re welcome for not trying.     

I had to get up at 5:30am yesterday to drive Luke to ski club.  When I called my mom she said, “You’re up early! Or are you still up from last night?”  Really, Mom? Does that sound like Tiffany behavior? She replied "I can keep hoping can't I?"  The rest of the day was a little blurry due to the fact that I was so sleepy.  I went to this French place for brunch with BDug, Charles and Missy—and I believe all three of them gave me unpleasant looks when I ordered eggs and bacon.  Do I judge you when you order? No.  Had I asked for everything on the menu and bucket, sure.  Judge away.  Otherwise, to quote the late hilarity of Chris Farley, LAY OFF ME I’M STARVING!”

Brunch was followed by another round at Wade’s.  Honestly, I think I’m over it.  I mean I was over it before, but I really mean it this time.  I am clearly never going to earn a place in the NRA. Glad it wasn’t on my bucket list.  Then I tried to host movies and lite-brites but it ended up just movies.  Could I be that wrong about the luster and appeal of lite-brites?

Lucas: How do you suppose Shane would say “Bucket?”
Me: I think he would pronounce it the same way.
Lucas: No, ya know.  Like how he says “Chuckens” for chicken.
Me: Ah yes.  Then definitely he’d call it “A-Drop-In” or some version of “Pail.”

(This, for anyone who knows Shane, can be your homework assignment.  And then, maybe if we are really lucky, he’ll answer the question for us.  I know! The excitement never ends!)

(PS: At least 2% of me is really kinda freakin’ out about this.)

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